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18th January 2018 - Taken another battering!

Unfortunately there is again little to report from this last week on the fishery.The only movement we have to share is that from Thursday afternoon when lots of small fish were seen topping between 'Dugout' & 'Muds'. There were no obvious signs of any larger species being present but as you know, you don't have to see them in order for them to be there. The activity came after another storm battering Wednesday evening when winds locally were in excess of 60mph. Earlier this week we also woke to a covering of snow which didn't hang around too long but that combined with some torrential downpours have accounted for the levels rising even further. This also means that clarity remains extremely poor. Springs on the way folks, Promise!

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10th January 2018 - Little life!

It comes as no real surprise that we've endured a quiet start to the new campaign despite holding off the ice for the duration. Bouts of poor weather are largely to blame for the lack of life both in and out of the water. The reservoir has taken on a fair amount of water in that time so levels have risen a few inches and the chocolate brown colour remains.

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3rd January 2018 - Storm brings colour!

Happy new year all!

Over the last 36 hours we've taken a good old battering from the latest seasonal storm, Eleanor. With the winds at their peak we saw surf like waves hammering down the reservoir whilst the heavy downpours left streams and ditches gushing. All this has led to a real heavy colour developing on the fishery, something we've not seen in quite a while. As many of you may already know, in times past these conditions during the cooler months have been known to spur-on a few of our residents. Unfortunately it seems the chances of bagging an early January fish may be short lived as an 'arctic' front is forecast to sweep down from the north this coming weekend. Hopefully we can again keep the ice at bay. Best of luck to all those braving it!

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Moorgreen Fishery, Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire. East Midlands.

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