2022 Latest Fishery News!

5th August 2022 - Red Letter Day!

Sessions like this don't come along very often for most anglers so when this member landed four fish during a short trip back in July including a new Personal Best, it soon went down as a 'red letter day'.
Following a fifth bout of spawning he located a good number of Carp on the northern stretch of the reservoir and it wasn't long before the action kicked off.
He banked fish of 13lb, 16lb, 21lb and a 36lb brute of a Mirror, 'Baby Big Girl', one of the reservoir's originals!
Excellent angling mate & congrats on the PB!

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snuff beaker

octo bbg

Tight Lines

1st August 2022 - It's getting to the good bit!

As we close in on what is probably the best time of the year on the reservoir, we've rounded off July with another action-packed weekend as anglers took several fish to well over 30lb!
Despite still carrying the algae bloom, conditions have been much better for a bite or two. Some of the feeding spells appear to have been encouraged by the isolated rain showers, more of which we are desperately in need of. Levels are rising slowly but we do need another six inches of water at least to start flushing the reservoir through.

The group of fish below were all taken during a 48 hour period late last week. 17lb 8oz to 30lb 4oz. A further four Carp were unfortunately lost whilst one member bagged a whopping fourteen Tench. Highly attractive baits proving key over quantity at present.
Great angling lads!

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Tight Lines

29th July 2022 - 'Gate 1' Access!

Can I please remind all members that vehicles should NOT be driven along the water’s edge on the 'Gate 1' bank. On two separate occasions this week, large vehicles have driven through the gate and then proceeded to reverse parallel with the bank to get closer to their chosen swim. This is strictly prohibited!
From this point on guilty parties will be asked to leave and risk losing their ticket. The bank is not designed to carry such traffic and especially not vans!
Anglers are permitted to drop their motors just in behind the gate on the hard standing and that is it. That is plenty close enough to the swims along this bank to shift your gear.
If this issue persists all access to 'Gate 1' will be revoked.

Many Thanks

26th July 2022 - More rain, please!

Despite the reservoir still suffering from a bad case of algae, the rain showers over the last couple of days has encouraged some life back into our residents. Captures and sightings on both banks have increased since Friday with fish to over 35lb being caught over the weekend.
We are still in need of much more rain to bring the levels back to normal having lost nearly eight inches over the last three weeks alone.

The selection of Carp below are from a double figured hit taken during the last week of June. 36 hours of absolute madness before the swim shut down for his remaining two nights. A great result & well deserved!

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vs3716 224

24 2822

Tight Lines

21st July 2022 - Algae Bloom!

For our members who aren't already aware, the recent warm spell has triggered an algae bloom on the reservoir. For safety reasons please keep contact with the water to a minimum and ensure that you have antibacterial wipes or gel for your hands. Too much contact can lead to nasty bugs and infections amongst humans, however, these blooms can be fatal for our canine companions.

Many Thanks

19th July 2022 - Absolute scorching!

Over the past couple of days, we have seen temperatures like never before! The Carp haven't wasted much energy that's for sure and we can't fault them with the weed beds on the field side proving their favoured basking place.
The banks have been somewhat quieter in the run-up to the heatwave but the cooler parts of the day have still produced the odd fish for those who made the trip.
Waves have smashed down the reservoir throughout today and still records have been broken with temperatures reaching 40C. Unbearable is an understatement.

Casting back to just over a week ago when action was on the decline, this father and so duo bagged themselves seven fish to mid-twenties during a 36 hour session! The fishing was getting tough due to the heat but their persistence paid off. Well done lads!

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bbbg dark

Tight Lines

16th July 2022 - Memorial match now FULL!

We are now FULLY booked for the memorial match in September. Thanks to all our members for their interest. We have opened up a ‘reserve list’ for any members who missed out but would still like to be considered if someone else drops out. Please contact Jamie to enrol.
More information for participants can be found on our private facebook page.

We're really looking forward to it, hope you guys are too!

Many Thanks

14th July 2022 - Fish Care in the heat!

With more intense weather forecast this coming weekend can I please remind all members that no Carp are permitted to be retained for any reason whatsoever. Please ensure all captures are returned to the water promptly. Even on a water of our size, it can prove very stressful for all aquatic life.

Many Thanks

11th July 2022 - thanks!

The intense heat at present is just starting to take its toll on the fishing and although there are still captures being made, returns have dwindled by around 50% over the last couple of days.
More fish are starting to 'hug' the weed with some very rarely dropping out come sundown. The number of sightings in open water has also dropped but 70-80 yards continues to produce the occassional fish.
The weekend saw Carp to 31lb landed from the wood side and 26lb from the field side. 'Karrot' the koi also made a welcome appearance and you'll be pleased to know he's still growing well now being topside of 15lb!

It's been tricky with the heat but huge well done those that have managed to get in on the action.

Here's a brace from last weekend, one of the orginals, 'Cauliflower' and a lovely scaly stocky known as 'Jane'. The session also produced one of our most recent additions which the captor went on to name 'Mylo'. Congrats mate!

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CAUL jane

Tight Lines

8th July 2022 - Date for your diary!

Can all members please be aware that on the 3rd of September the reservoir will be hosting it's first closed match in memory of the late Gary Amott. We are hoping to secure 25 places for the match which will have a cash prize and trophy for the winner. The interest for the 24 hour event has been overwhelming and as it stands we only have ONE vacancy left. If any of our members are interested in taking the final place then please let Jamie know as soon as possible. We are hoping with the popularity that this will become an annual event in honour of Gaz.

At present 'Beginners Peg' is the only swim that will not be included in the draw and therefore will still be bookable over that weekend.

Many Thanks

5th July 2022 - Night shift!

We currently can't quite believe how well the reservoir is fishing for the time of year in regards to the heat and spawning. Members are reguarly reporting back multiple captures with one angler last week bagging double figured rout in less than 36 hours. Whilst conditions have been overcast and reasonably cool, bites have fallen around the clock but since the warmer weather has started to take hold the prime time has been dusk til just after dawn especially over on the field side.
They're also enjoying a good spread of bait with beds of boilies rather than bulk particle being top of the menu.

Well in lads!

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scaly lcom

mir com smallcom


Tight Lines

29th June 2022 - Feeding well!

As the temperatures plummeted overnight following an absolute scorcher last Friday, this member took advantage of a frantic feeding spell by landing this quartet in less than twelve hours. Mirrors of 27lb 6oz and 24lb 3oz were the first to fall victim then shortly after sunrise a double take produced a fine 20lb Common and a scaly 19lb Mirror.
They really are liking their grub at the minute with no set tactics delivering more fish than the other.
Great angling mate!

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wez beaker brace

Tight Lines

25th June 2022 - Spawning update!

The latest round of spawning appears to be over. Most of the Carp have now moved off from the weed. All swim restrictions have now been lifted.
There has been a fresh southerly pushing down the reservoir throughout the day with plenty of fish showing at range in the central body of water!

Many Thanks

Breaking - 22nd June 2022 - SPAWNING!

Well would you believe it, having only said last week there’s a chance they’re over it, they are hard at it this morning between ‘Goose Point’ and ‘Jungle’ after starting late last night!
Therefore ’Goose’ through to ‘Weedy Bay’ will be shut for the time being.
Must admit though, they are having a real good thrash around and is the best it’s been so far.
Only difference to last week is the lack of chop on the water.

Many Thanks

21st June 2022 - Cattle Grazing!

The cattle are now grazing the field that leads to 'Gate 1' therefore anglers MUST ensure all gates are locked and chained after use. Feel free to drop your motors behind either of the two gates along that bank, there is enough room for approximately two cars per gateway. Please DO NOT drive or park along the grassed bank by the waters edge. Any members found guilty of leaving gates open will have their ticket revoked.

Many Thanks

17th June 2022 - Spawning Over?!

Despite the start stop spawning the reservoir continues to fish well with this last week producing another twenty-odd fish.
For most of this week we have anticipated spawning due to the sweltering temperatures forecast heading into the weekend.
A small group of Carp started to spawn in 'Teabag' on Thursday and the expectation was for them to be hard at it by Friday but it just didn't happen.
There is now a real good chance that the majority of Carp have actually finished for the spring. That is not to say a small number won't try it again further down the line like they do most summers but all being well, that is the bulk of them are done with!

Back to the action and here are just a few that have graced nets over the last seven days. Some absolutely stunning looking stockies and one of our old A-Team big girls at 33lb. Member Alan has been chasing this fish for more than ten years and finally his perseverance has paid off.
Great angling lads!

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1612 anni

Tight Lines

10th June 2022 - Closures lifted!

The closures have now been lifted following no signs of spawning since 10am Wednesday morning. Please be aware when deciding to fish the notorious spawning areas that the current closures will be swiftly reinstated once they start again. We need a little more consistency with the weather to help them get them over and done with.

Back to the action and upon reopening the reservoir has produced two Commons so far. A pretty little mid-double and the 'Two-tone' at 31lb on the nose. Well done lads!

Here's one from a couple of weeks back. 'Baby Big Girls' first appearance of the campaign at 35lb 4oz. Very welcome indeed!

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Tight Lines

9th June 2022 - 'Giraffe' for Jubilee!

The Jubilee bank holiday treated member Alan to another fine brace of Mirrors along side some huge Tench. The action fizzled out during the second half of his session though as spawning took hold just a few hours later.
The 'Giraffe' went 12lb 8oz whilst Winston weighed 14lb 12oz.
Congrats again mate!

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Tight Lines

6th June 2022 - Hit 'n' Miss!

The four-day weekend proved a little hit and miss for the lads making most of their extra time off before spawning really kicks in. Swims where you would have expected bites produced little whilst others returned multiple captures despite minimal activity.
Prior to spawning the Carp appeared to still be well spread out with fish to mid-thirties being caught but as soon as the shenanigans began early Friday morning, the action soon began to dry up.

Spawning - No spawning as of 3pm this afternoon but the likelihood of them getting back to it is reasonably high looking at the forecast for this coming week. Closures will remain in place until further notice.

Over the past few weeks this member really got stuck in to his fishing and has been rewarded with an array of Commons the reservoir has to offer as well as one of the big A-Team Mirrors. Good old watercraft and a wise choice of swim is all that was needed.
Great angling pal!

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11 19221

2512274 311

Tight Lines

Breaking - 4th June 2022 - Spawning Closures!

The Carp started to spawn again in 'Summers Bay' early Friday morning and have now intensified their seasonal shenanigans along the field side shore. Therefore, 'Teabag' through to 'Weedy Bay' will be closed for angling until further notice.
Hopefully tomorrow's poor forecast doesn't slow the process down too much but the warmer weather expected this coming week should help them get this 'round' out of the way comfortably.

Many Thanks

31st May 2022 - Brace of Thirties!

Whilst out on a three night stay last week, member Alan added a further four fish to his already impressive spring tally.
In his first night alone, he had four bites including a stunning brace of thirties to 32lb. The largest was an incredible unnamed near Leather that hadn't paid us a visit in quite some time. A powerful Common shortly followed and rattled the scaled round to 30lb 4oz. An 18lb 9oz Mirror and a low double rounded his session off nicely.
He dared to try something a little different on this outing and it sure paid off. Great angling mate, congrats!

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Tight Lines

26th May 2022 - Tempory swim closure!

On Saturday Morning the 'Gate 1 Swim' will be closed from 10.30am to 1pm. If fishing the swim Friday night, please ensure the swim is vacated no later than 10.30am.

Many Thanks

25th May 2022 - Reservoir on FIRE!

Following on from last week's premature spawning session, the fishing has really switched on with multiple captures being reported over the weekend. The latest action has taken the campaigns returns to well over 100 fish, something we don't often see before spawning.
Carp to 35lb 4oz have been caught and in the last 24 hours alone we have seen two new thirties make an appearance. Plenty of bait is the favourable approach and not all the action is coming from range.
There has been no significant sign of the spawning reigniting just yet but with June fast approaching we can't be far off.

This member had a very eventful session last week, landing a dozen fish to ounces shy of 30lb. The incredible looking fish below is a 2016 stocky known as 'Thatch', one of the smallest introduced at the time. She went 21lb 12oz and is her best weight to date.
Congrats mate, great angling!

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Tight Lines

21st May 2022 - Closures lifted!

It appears the first wave of spawning has come to an end with no sign of the deed for the last 36 hours. Lots of the Carp have now moved off.
With this being the case, all closure will now be lifted.
Please be cautious when fishing close to the notorious spawning zones and report any suspicious commotion.
Finally, Do NOT attempt to stalk fish from ‘Summers Bay’ or the ‘Spit’ where there are no purpose built swims.
Members are not permitted to occupy more than one swim at a time.
Many Thanks.

19th May 2022 - Move pays off!

After a quiet first night of 48 hour trip this duo decided to up sticks and move to the opposite side of the reservoir where they’d seen a little activity.
Within five minutes of getting in the swim, the young man’s alarm went in to meltdown after stealthily presenting his bait on a near margin close to some tail patterns.
A tough battle produced a lightly scaled Mirror known as the ‘Runt’ which went 17lb 6oz. His second fish in as many trips!
Dad bagged his share not long afterwards with a brace of immaculate commons to 26lb but this time both bites came from range.

Excellent angling fellas!

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runt 26

Tight Lines

17th May 2022 - 'Teabag' dunked for six!

Member Alan hit the ground running on his latest outing having taken four fish in his first 24 hours before going on to land a further brace to 27lb. The first few hours proved hectic as he well and truly got the spot rocking.
At the time of the action the Carp were feeding well right around the reservoir and we even witnessed a brace of thirties to two different anglers in as many days to over 36lb. So far this year we have seen a dozen thirties landed, three of which have been first timers. No doubt there are plenty more to come!

Here's just a trio from Alan's haul, a lovely 17lb+ stocky to the largest of the session, a Common weighing 27lb. Great angling pal!

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1718 27

Tight Lines

Breaking - 16th May 2022 - They are Spawning!

It's a little earlier than we expected but a select group of younger fish decided to get their 'seasonal loving' underway in 'Summers Bay' this afternoon.
Until further notice 'Teabag' through to 'Gate 2' will be closed. These closures will be reviewed daily.

Many Thanks

15th May 2022 - Absolute gem!

Following an impressive week of fishing, the weekend was rounded off with one of the best looking fish in the reservoir. The 'Apple Sliced Mirror' isn't known for regular visits to the bank, so the capture of her this morning at her best ever weight makes it even more special.
The dials swung round to 30lb 11oz. A well deserved bite for the member who stuck to his instint and resisted a move.
Very well done mate!

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Tight Lines

11th May 2022 - The stocky show!

It is safe to say the Carp have been much more responsive to the change in conditions over the last few days with no less than fifteen fish being caught amongst a handful of anglers to 41lb 7oz! The arrival of a strong south-westerly has drawn a lot of fish down towards the Reserve end of the fishery.
With the Carp now starting to move confidently in to the shallower regions, the fear of imminent spawning is starting to play on the mind of few members. However, this is common occurrence for our residents this time of year and often means spawning is two possibly three weeks away depending how warm the weather turns. We probably won't see any of the big girls at it for at least another month.
In the meantime, the recent activity and action is a great indicator that there is some great pre-spawning fishing is to be had!

Many of our recent stock fish are still being caught and whilst a couple remain quite elusive, here are three absolute belters that have slipped up lately.
Firstly, we have 'Nobby' who has put on more than 3lb since being stocked back in December! (The fish not the angler!)
In the center we have the newly crowned 'Squirt'. After informing the kids of his capture, a unanimous vote settled the name choice for this future A-Team member.
Finally, we have 'Wallace'. Stocked back in December 2018 and certainly enjoys her grub. She went 22lb, an increase of more than 13lb since being introduced. An incredible looking fish and certainly one we are expecting big things from!

As soon as any spawning gets underway, we will inform all of our members of the closures in place.

Great dangling lads.

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nobbysquirt WAL

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

5th May 2022 - Big Lin' bank holiday best!

The capture of the 'Big Lin' was the highlight of the May bank holiday as the reservoir again failed to produce as expected. Only a handful of Carp slipped over the chord with neither bank more active than the other. Conditions played their part yet again but that is something you have to expect at this time of year. Nevertheless, this spring has been the best we have ever recorded with more than SIXTY fish being caught so far and that's without the pre-spawning pig-up which is due anytime now.

The incredible looking original swung the scales round to 31lb 11oz on her first showing of 2022, exactly a year to the day of her first outing in 2021. She just loves a May capture from the field side.
Top spombing mate!

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Tight Lines

28th April 2022 - First light delight!

Whilst out on his first session of the year with his Dad over the Easter weekend, this young member landed this scale perfect 18lb Common after repositioning his hookbait at sunrise following some fresh activity. With the fishing proving a little quiet elsewhere, he sure wasn't giving away his instant action tactics away easily. Even with his 'old' man struggling to buy a bite, he kept his cards very close to his chest!
Great angling young man. The first of many!

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Tight Lines

26th April 2022 - Another first time thirty!

How's this for a cracker!? At 1am last Friday morning this member's alarm went into overdrive and following a fearsome battle this incredible looking Common slipped over the chord. Every inch of the first time thirty was in pristine condition and is a prime example of what our stock consists of!

Very well done mate, great angling!

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Tight Lines

23rd April 2022 - Field side access fully open!

All routes along the field side bank are now open to motors. Larger vehicles I.e vans can now use the grass tracks but please be cautious or refrain from doing so in the event of wet weather.
Vehicles are NOT permitted to be driven or reserved into any swim! A select few have taken it upon themselves to reverse up to the water’s edge in 'Teabag' as well as drive along the 'Gate 1' bank. Individuals found to be doing this will be asked to leave without their fishing privileges intact.
When driving to the swims in the shallows, please stick to the MAIN 10ft wide grass track only! Located between the two oak trees halfway along the hard track.
The single tracks leading down to each peg from the top are for pedestrian use only and NOT vehicles.
Again, having highlighted this last year, some individuals seem to think it does not apply for the new season. It is causing unnecessary damage to the land.

Many Thanks

21st April 2022 - Easter's action!

As expected, the bank holiday weekend saw a good number of our members visit the fishery. Unfortunately, the fishing wasn't as fruitful as we'd hoped with the bright and warm weather largely to blame. However, there were a couple of lads that were fortunate enough to snare a fish or two including this member who banked a trio of twenties to 28lb during his three-night stay.
As it stands around 80% of the Carp caught so far this season have come during the hours of darkness. We suspect that the weather is playing a big factor in this routine and maybe it could be that they are just feeling much more confident after dark? Either way, I'm not sure anyone is concerned about being woken to a selection of fish like this lot!

Top dangling fella and congrats to the other guys who have managed to bag one recently, it hasn't been easy!

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Tight Lines

14th April 2022 - Kaden's Zippy!

Another of our new additions made the bank this week in the shape of a stunning zip linear just shy of 6lb. These fish really are finding their to speak. This one has been titled 'Kaden's Zippy' having been caught whilst down on the shores with his son.
Nicely done lads! Twelve stockies down, fourteen left to go!

Click to enlarge:

kadens z

Tight Lines

13th April 2022 - Eggs..citing Easter?!

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, we are expecting to see a fair few of the lads down on the banks over the coming days. You'll be pleased to know that the Carp still appear to be well spread out and although the fishing is a little hit and miss, captures are being made from pretty much all four corners of the reservoir.
Early on the solid bags approach was the favoured tactic with pellet, however, the most recent bites are starting to fall to slightly larger beds of bait. It's not an easy time of year to predict whether they want a full three course meal or just a starter. It's pretty much trial and error.

The following fish were taken last week from the 'Shallows' where two anglers shared six bites to over 19lb. Again, our recent stockies made up most of the captures with another stunning Scaly Mirror topping the bunch. Member Alan who broke his duck for the campaign got to name the largest of his trio and settled on 'Al's Scaly'. The conditions certainly weren't on their side (especially for some of the pics) but they pulled through and were rewarded well for their efforts. Well done chaps!

Click to enlarge:

als bella

rosie com

Tight Lines

2nd April 2022 - Field side access!

Parts of the field side are now open to vehicle access, they are as follows:

Gate 1 - open for cars only. Strictly no vans or larger vehicles.
Gate 2/Jungle Point - this stretch remains CLOSED for all vehicles.
Shallows - open for cars only. Strictly no vans or larger vehicles.

These access rights are for those who are fishing only! No driving to these banks to “take a look”. Cars are to be left in the car park if undecided on a swim. Family visitors must also leave their motors in one of the hard standing car parks. No driving on the grass to visit someone.

A drop in air pressure and temperature produced a few bites at the Dam end of the fishery this week. These were just a brace of Mirrors taken during a 36 hour stint. The prehistoric ‘Parrot’ and a stunning 2018 stocky.
Carp were still cruising about in the snow on Thursday morning! However, come the afternoon the NW wind had picked up pace and the crashing waves soon sent them in to hiding.
Top dangling fella!

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Tight Lines

24th March 2022 - Spring equinox!

Spring is officially upon us but as expected the action has taken a slight dip since the first wave of bites nearly a fortnight ago. Despite a drop in the number of captures, there is plenty of evidence proving that more of our residents are finally getting on the move with lengthy spells of activity being reported daily.
The Carp appear to be well spread out with the twenty plus captures so far falling to more than a dozen different swims.
It looks like we will be losing the sun for a few days next week with temperatures set to tumble slightly but that may just be a blessing in disguise for the fishing.

Net Dips - Can all members please remember to dip all angling equipment liable to come in to contact with fish upon arrival. Each car park has its own dip tank so there are no excuses for ignoring them. To also help with bio-security, please ensure nets, slings and mats are dried thoroughly after each visit.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

15th March 2022 - OFF THE MARK!

Over the weekend we saw catch returns hit double figures as the Carp finally decided they were hungry. More than half of the captures were made up of fish from our most recent stocking with a handful of originals to nearly 25lb completing the action. The new additions appear to established themselves well and it could clearly be seen from the consistency in their weights.
Most of the action has come from the center of the reservoir whilst deep water proved most successful for some, an underarm swing produced the goods for others.
It is always exciting to see fish caught in these numbers during the month of March, although it is not always the case but from seasons past, this early action tends to lead to a great campaign. Needless to say, we've missed the 'March rise' for the past two years due to the pandemic.

We are expecting another quiet period over the next couple of weeks mainly down to the change in weather. This is not to say nothing will be feeding but generally once we have that initial influx of captures, the temperatures and that fireball in the sky becomes a priority so they'll likely start drifting into the shallower regions more often than not.

Here's three of the six stockies caught to 13lb 3oz. Top spombing chaps!

Click to enlarge:

archiemorris unk

Tight Lines

10th March 2022 - Glimmer of life!

Following another fortnight of inconsistent weather, we have witnessed signs that the carp are finally getting on the move. Showing fish have been more prolific on the drier and finer days with the western bank seeing the greater life.
Daytime temperatures are currently forecast to reach double figures for the foreseeable so over the coming week we are expecting to see much more movement on all fronts. Other species are already well on the move with our first tench being caught last weekend.
As the season gets underway, could all members please keep an eye out for December's stockies please. We ask that all captures are weighed and photographed for our records and monitoring. We are expecting to see quite a few caught as the banks get busier as they'll be eager to establish themselves as the water gets warmer (They'll love a pellet!). All captors will be granted naming rights.

GUESTS - Can I please remind all members that third party individuals are NOT permitted on site. Anglers are entitled to visit the site with their partner or kids but no one else. Please let us know if your partner is visiting you whilst fishing so we know who is who/vehicle etc.
Members found guilty of breaching this rule will be asked to leave along with their 'guest' and expect to lose their tickets. You know the rules!

Tight Lines

25th February 2022 - Calm after the storms!

So, it's been quite a turbulent week to say the least having taken a real battering from three different storms. Unlike some parts of the country and county, the fishery survived the storms reasonably well with only minor damage being caused from fallen trees.
Levels did peak at nearly eight inches on Monday after a solid day of rain 24 hours prior, the highest we've seen it this winter.
Fast forward to today and we've welcome the first spell of decent settled weather for a number of weeks. This expected to last until late on Sunday before rain returns for what looks to be another washout on Monday.
With a couple of finer days on the cards, a few of the lads have turned out for a night of two on the bank which is always great to see this time of year and we wish them all the best in bagging the first fish of the season.
Picking out activity has been rather difficult for one reason or another this week but deep down we're almost certain that the winds will have stirred up a few of our residents, it's weather they just love!

All being well, we are hoping to see a bit more life on the reservoir as we enter March with the next fortnight usually proving to be a real interesting part of the campaign.
Where will it all start?!

Tight Lines

14th February 2022 - Still quiet!

It’s still proving pretty quiet on reservoir which comes as no surprise for the time of year but in the meantime, it has been great to see a couple of the lads down wetting a line.
The rainfall over the last week has left it coloured again and with what is forecast over the next few days, we aren’t likely to see any improvement for a while.
However, the strong winds that we are expected to see might just trigger a bit of action. Temps are also set to climb back into double figures. Watch this space!!
Tight Lines

2nd February 2022 - Ice Free!

We’ve now been ice free since the weekend.
No real signs of anything on the move yet but it’s good to see wobbly water again.
A north-westerly wind has dominated since Saturday but this afternoon it gradually switched to a warmer south-westerly.
Both wind patterns have created flat spots and sun traps in the ‘Shallows’. A couple of days like this along with these mild temperatures and we’ll start seeing them drifting in to those areas!

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Tight Lines

31st January 2022 - Campsite prices for 2022!

For those of you who follow this page for updates regarding our Campsite, these will be the prices for the upcoming year commencing April 1st 2022.

Off Grid (No electric) - £13 per pitch per night.
Hook-up - £15 per pitch per night.

After two consecutive nights the price will drop by £2. Therefore becoming £11 for off grid and £13 with electric.

 Don’t forget to check our online calendar for availability. Please remember you must book direct with us via phone, email or our Facebook page before visiting.

 We look forward to seeing you all over the coming months.

 Many Thanks

28th January 2022 - Renewal Price!

As of the 1st April 2022 renewal premiums will increase by £100 to £600 per annum.
It is not a decision we have taken lightly but the current climate has played a huge factor in taking this step.

Those who pay by standing order will see an £8 increase in their renewal dated AFTER the 1st April 2022, becoming £50pcm from £42.

New members will now pay £700 for their first year. £600 plus a £100 joining fee.

Again we'd like to thank all our members for being part of the fishery and hope to see you down on the shores very soon!

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

17th January 2022 - Starting to freeze!

The fishery continues with it's quiet start to the 2022 campaign following on from a very wet Christmas period and now frequent sub-zero night time temperatures. We had avoided freezing over for most of last week but the past couple of nights have been pretty harsh and come sunrise we have been left with a pretty firm 'lid'. It seems likely we are going to be seeing this for the foreseeable if the forecast is to be believed.
Still, on the brighter and milder afternoons once the ice has thawed a few hours in the shallows is well worth a go. Its surprising how quick they get moving around the south facing point and margins after a couple of hours of sun!
The colour has dropped slightly but levels remain just above normal.

Tight Lines

4th January 2022 - Happy New Year!

Happy new Year & Welcome along to the 2022 newsfeed!
Here you will find all the latest happenings throughout the season. Be sure to keep an eye on our Social media pages too for round the clock updates.

It was great to see a few of the lads hitting the banks over the Christmas period especially as we were treated to some record breaking temperatures for the time of year. It is safe to say we've seen a fair bit of rainfall since Boxing Day with levels peaking at nearly five inches. Not helped by the strong winds, the iflux of water has left the reservoir heavily coloured and is something we are likely to see for the next couple of months. Conditions are forecast to yo-yo a little over the next week or so.

Please have a quick read and reminder of the fishery rules for the upcoming season. 2022-2023.

We can't wait for the campaign to get under way and lets make it the best one yet!

Tight Lines

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Moorgreen Fishery, Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire. East Midlands.

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