2021 Latest Fishery News!

21st April 2021 - First thirty of 2021!

So the action has remained fairly steady over the last week or so whilst most of the Carp continue to saunter about in a world of their own soaking up the rays.
However, yesterday morning did produce what we believe to be the first 30lb fish of the year landed from the field side. The fish is yet to be fully identified but it is an absolute cracking Mirror and congrats to the captor!.
Despite the bright and warm weather, the 'Shallows' have failed to draw in the fish and has been almost baron for the last couple of days.
It appears a large number of fish are sat out in open water in the upper layers, if not just under the surface. This has been quite clear across the dam wall and has been clear to see along the 'Gate 1' bank when the wind drops.

The shallower regions are slowly warming up though, there has been a slight increase on the mercury this week compared to last with temperatures now reading 11-12C mid-morning as opposed to 9-10.5C before dropping to around 8C following a clear & frosty night.
A couple of cold nights are expected again in the run up to the weekend but day time temperatures are set to return to the mid-teens.
We'll get there eventually, keep at it chaps!

Field side Parking - Can I please remind all anglers that you should NOT be driving on the grass or across the field unless you are heading directly to a swim. Whether you are thinking of fishing 'Gate 1' or even 'Teabag', your vehicle should be left in the hard standing car park until you have chosen a swim. There is currently far too much traffic driving on the grass unnecessarily and it has to stop!
From this point onwards, anyone failing to comply with this rule will find themselves heading back home as you will be asked to leave with no questions asked!

Fishing from ONE swim ONLY - Angling should be undertaken from one swim only. This includes visiting a swim further down the bank away from your main swim to do a little stalking. Stalking is still permitted but you must not have any gear set up in any other swim. ONE swim & ONE swim only.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

12th April 2021 - Camp Site is now open!

We are pleased to announce that following the latest easing of lockdown restrictions Beauvale Lodge Camp Site is now open!
We ask all users of our site over the coming weeks to continue social distancing and all other COVID-19 guidelines laid out by the government.
Please be aware, you MUST pre-book a pitch before visiting our site. All contact information can be found on our Website or Facebook Page. Just click the home button at the top of this page to find the link.

Finally, we look forward to seeing many of you over the coming weeks and Summer but most of all, we hope you enjoy your stay!


11th April 2021 - Still Early!

What a contrast in weather we have over the last week or so. We witnessed snow on Easter Monday just as it did back in 2019 with freakish conditions throughout.
The inconsistent temperatures have played their part in the 'steady' wake-up of the reservoir but let's not also forget, this time of year is still considered early for our residents.
However, alongside the Tench which do seem to be in fine form, the lads have managed to winkle out a Carp or two including this impressive looking 22lb Linear taken over a tough Easter Weekend. Very well done mate, you've gotta be in it to win it!

Unfortunately the forecast isn't looking great for the coming week with temperatures still expected to go sub-zero and even the possibility of some snow.
All the best chaps!

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4th April 2021 - Field side access now open!

We are pleased to announce that anglers are now able to access all swims along the field side bank via their vehicles. We are asking members to only drive on the grass if they are fishing and for no other reason. If conditions happen to turn sour during April, there is a possibility that access will be revoked for a short period.

Many Thanks

2nd April 2021 - Great to be back!

It’s been great to see a few familiar faces for the first time this year following the return of night fishing on Monday. There’s been a handful of bites so far with a couple of fish landed as well as lost.
Despite a blazing sun and temperatures rising close to 25C, the shallower regions have been relatively quiet. Temperatures are set to drop significantly over the coming days which will hopefully encourage the Carp to concentrate on food a little more.

Disinfectant Baths - Upon arrival please ensure all angling equipment liable to come into contact with a fish is thoroughly dipped in the tanks provided before fishing. There is one located in each of the main hard standing car parks and there is no valid excuse to avoid using them. Please take just a couple of minutes to help protect our precious and cherished stock.

Many Thanks

27th March 2021 - Gentle Reminder!

As many of you may already be aware, night fishing has been passed by the government to resume as of Monday the 29th of March. Here's a gentle reminder of rules that remain in place:

  • NO Members should be on the fishery before 8am on Monday 29th of March. Anyone found breaching this rule will not be allowed to fish and will be asked to leave.
  • NO Members should be on site from sun-down on Sunday evening (28th March).
  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be followed at all times.
  • Members are NOT to gather in any single swim for any reason whatsoever.
  • Toilets will be available for use but please sanitise hands before entering and be as hygienic as possible.
  • No visitors are permitted on site unless from the same household.
  • You must not leave your swim & tackle must not be left unattended for any length of time. Use of the toilet facility is the only exception. If you leave the site, your gear goes with you.
  • MEMBERS ONLY! We are NOT a day ticket fishery nor operate on a group booking basis.

We look forward to seeing you all next week, if not on Monday then over the Easter bank holiday weekend. Let's get this year of to a flier!
Best of luck chaps!

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

25th March 2021 - Reservoir coming to life!

Despite no captures being made over the last week or so we have a massive increase in activity amongst the Carp. Lots of fish have been spotted mooching about down in the 'Reserve' whilst others have started to venture in to the 'Shallows' come the afternoon and the sun is at it's peak. At this time of year we do always except a few quiet days once they've woken up as food becomes of little interest and they concentrate on acclimatising to the change in seasons.
In other news, clarity is improving by the day and now the wintered lake bed matter is starting to surface. A great indicator of fish activity and air pressure changes.

Forecasters are predicting a bit of a rollercoater in regards to temperatures between now and Easter. The start of next week looks set to be the warmest for a couple of days before conditions and temperatures dwindle in the run-up to Good Friday.

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18th March 2021 - Night fishing given green light!

The Angling Trust released some great news for all the Carp anglers out there earlier this week after confirming that night fishing will resume as of the 29th of March, the next milestone date on the government's 'roadmap'.

Now we know most of you are eager to get a a night or two in so we are asking for members arriving on Monday 29th March, DO NOT enter the site before 8am or you will be asked to leave.
Dawn til' dusk fishing will still be in force on Sunday the 28th of March, so again we are asking all members on the fishery that day to leave the site before sunset and NO later. Anyone trying to pull a fast one will instantly lose their ticket.

Upon reopening we are not yet looking to enforce a reduced night quota from our current one which is a maximum of five nights but if individuals start to become greedy or 'stitch' up certain swims or areas, we will drop that significantly.

We look forward to seeing you all over the next month or so and hopefully make most of the prime spring fishing which we dreadfully missed last year.

Notice: Fishing is for Members ONLY!

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

10th March 2021 - We have liftoff!

Following some serious spells of activity throughout late February into the start of March, we are delighted to announce that we have seen the first Carp capture of 2021!
The member in question had planned on making regular visits throughout colder months in hope of defying the myth that the our residents don't feed during the winter. In less than ten visits the angler has now taken four fish, all of which are twenties including a new Personal Best of 29lb 6oz.
The first brace was taken prior to the introduction of lockdown 3.0 when night fishing was still permitted. With spirits not then dampened by the Dawn til' Dusk fishing only, he proceeded to undertake his daily 'exercise' by the water's edge where he went on to bag two further twenties as well as couple of big Tench!

A remarkable achievement for the angler who has now set his sights on keeping up his fine form for a fantastic summer of fishing. A massive well done mate!

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2402 2906

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6th March 2021 - Revamped swims open for fishing!

The recent work we have been carrying out along the wood side bank is nearly complete. So as it stands all the revamped swims can now be fished and are ready to welcome our members.
Later on in the year we will be undertaking a little more work by replacing the landing stages in a couple of these swims.

As for the fishing itself, there has been another good number of sightings throughout the week with lots of fish showing at a 60 - 100 yard range.

Tight Lines

2nd March 2021 - Rule reminder!

With hope of restrictions being lifted come the end of March and more of you guys wetting a line, could I please remind you of a couple of essential fish care/safety rules. This week whilst out and about I have retrieved a couple of rigs which could have caused some serious harm.

Firstly, both rigs had barbed hooks which is big NO NO. Barbless or Micro barb only.
Secondly, both were on unleaded leaders where the lead could not run free of the leader in event of a break-off. One on a fixed lead clip system where the tail rubber had been glued so the lead could not break free and the clip itself could not break free from the swivel. The second was an inline set-up with a fox quick change shot preventing the lead from sliding up the leader.

Anyone found to be using set-ups like this will be asked to leave and risk losing their ticket. There is no need or excuse in this day and age of carp fishing for them to be used in such a way. It may be the fact that all leader materials will be banned in near future and the sole use of tubing is introduced.
If you plan on using leaders, ensure you are using them correctly. Rigs checks will be undertaken this spring.

Sorry for the moan but these are basic rules, please respect them and protect our stock.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

27th February 2021 - Residents starting to show!

The mild conditions over the last week have really kicked some life into our residents following a good number of sightings, the most we've seen since the back end of last year. Showing fish have been well out in open water all over the fishery and we've even seen our first big Roach caught of the campaign. Promising signs that's for sure!
Also this week we have been out attacking swims along the wood side bank trying to rectify erosion damage. Machine work has been undertaken in thirteen swims, all of which now are ready for a fresh topping of stone and chippings.
We're really looking forward to seeing anglers in these swims come the end of March when restrictions are expected to be lifted for outdoor activities. Even more so we are keen to see what these 'untouched' areas of water are going to produce, they never fail to disappoint!

Cooler temperatures are forecast for the coming week which may knock back the activity slightly but in all fairness it is still early. Hopefully within the next fortnight or so we will see the return of milder weather and can officially say that spring is on the way. We can't wait!

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18th February 2021 - Maintenance work!

Huge contrast in weather compared to what we were suffering this time last week. It has been a little unsettled at times (something that we don't quite need at the minute), however, we have seen temperatures rise into double-figures and there's been a real sense of spring in the air! For sure there is plenty of time for all the to change again before we get too ahead of ourselves but either way its all been very welcome.
Still no 'serious' signs of activity on the res' though unfortunately, we are still carrying a heavy colour and levels currently stand around two inch above normal.
With spring now in our sights and just over a week of February left to go, during the week commencing the 22nd of Feb, we will be undertaking some general maintenance in several swims along the wood side bank.
The following swims will be closed from Monday for five days:

Peg 4, Peg 7, Toilet Swim, Mini Dugout, Dugout, Peg 16, Steps & Reserve.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Many Thanks

11th February 2021 - Ice Update!

It may come as no surprise that we have suffered a little ice the week due to the sub-zero temperatures. The bitterly cold wind has kept any serious ice from forming and soon cleared large open areas shortly after sunrise each day. There remains a large piece of ice at the Dam Head of the fishery which has somehow avoided the winds but it is not enough to hinder fishing these areas.

Milder conditions have been forecast to move in early next week with temperatures likely to get to mid-doubles by Friday. Just what the doctor order and we'll hopefully get to see a little life on the reservoir.

Tight Lines

3rd February 2021 - Too much rain!

Levels are back at their peak for the winter this morning after 36 hours of persistent rain and somewhat heavy at times. As can be seen below, there is another wave of colour flowing through with all the ditches and streams gushing with water. Some of the shallower banks have also suffered a little flooding on both the reservoir and the Lower Pond. So where areas aren't submerged it's extremely wet/muddy under foot.
Still no certain signs of Carp on the prowl but smaller fish have again been spotted, this time out in front of the 'Muds' swims.
The sooner spring gets here the better!

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feb feb1 feb2

feb4 feb3

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23rd January 2021 - A wintery scope!

A very wintery outlook on the fishery this morning. There is still plenty of colour around but levels are starting to drop slowly. No sign of any Carp activity to date but there has been a bit of movement from the smaller stuff around 'Dugout' & 'Stump'.

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snowy jan snow jan 2 snowjan3

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16th January 2021 - Ice free!

As it stands we are currently ice FREE!

After finally thawing out Tuesday afternoon, the fishery froze over again just a few hours later. It wasn’t until Thursday when the snow arrived that the ice fully disappeared.
Following the downpours on Wednesday and Thursday the reservoir levels have risen by around four inches and has taken on a mass of colour. Meanwhile the Lower Pond’s levels have also risen meaning some swims have suffered a little flooding.
The land surrounding both water is thoroughly saturated so please do not drive on any grassed areas.

Best of luck to all our members heading out! Here are three more of our ‘A-Team’ from the back end of last year to keep you going.
Very well done that man!

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scar annie unknown

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Breaking - 7th January 2021 - Fishery to re-open!

Thanks to the huge efforts of the Angling Trust, the governement have reconsidered their position on fishing and have now granted permission for the sport to continue. This means the fishery will now be open to our members but there are some strict guidelines to follow. They are:

  • DAWN til DUSK fishing only. No Night fishing whatsoever.
  • Travel and fish local. Stick to a small radius only.
  • You must only visit the site if you are fishing. NO visiting fellow anglers or 'Just having a walk round'!
  • You may attend with one other member of your household. No visitors whilst fishing, even if they are from the same household.
  • No visiting neighbouring swims or gatherings/socials.
  • You must not leave your swim & Tackle must not be left unattended for any length of time. Use of the toilet facility is the only exception. If you leave the site, your gear goes with you.
  • Basic social distancing guidelines must be applied in the build up to fishing.
  • MEMBERS ONLY! We are NOT a day ticket fishery nor operate on a group booking basis.

Any members found guilty of abusing these rules will be asked to leave immediately and even risk losing their ticket. They aren't difficult rules to follow so please abide by them, we will be monitoring the situation closely.
Again we should be extremely grateful to what the Angling trust has done for our sport and when you're out there fishing, show others that anglers aren't a cause for concern. Fish wisely & safely.

Finally, Just to round this slightly uplifting news off... Both lakes are frozen solid! and it looks to be staying that way till early next week.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

Breaking - 5th January 2021 - Fishery Closed!

Following the governements latest decision to implement another National Lockdown, we regret to announce that the fishery will be now closed until further notice. We ask all of our members to NOT visit the site during this time for any reason whatsoever.
Further announcements will be made in due course.

Take Care & Stay Safe
Many Thanks

3rd January 2021 - Happy New Year!

Happy new Year & Welcome along to the 2021 newsfeed!
Here you will find all the latest happenings throughout the season. Be sure to keep an eye on our Social media pages too for round the clock updates.

We're kicking 2021 with a chilly one! The fishery has unfortunately suffered from freezing since late last week and whilst the reservoir is approx. 80% thawed, the Lower Pond remains unfishable with only a couple of small clear pockets due to bird life. Harsher temperatures are in the forecast so it is likely that we will encounter intermittent freezing but we shall keep you posted!

To get you in the mood for the new campaign and to warm those cockles a little, here's a great photo of the sort after 'Nemo' from last Autumn! A real unique creature! It sure is nice to see some greenery as well and I can assure you we are on the countdown to Spring!

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