2020 Latest Fishery News!

21st May 2020 - 'Gate 1' Access!

As of Friday morning the 22nd of May, cattle will be grazing the field that allows access to the 'Gate 1' region. Please ensure all gates are LOCKED fully & chained after use. If you are also fond of your wing mirrors or dont like dints in your body work then make sure your motor is not in the field but left inside one of the two gates present. Please also be aware that a bull will be running with the herd.

REMINDER - Can I please remind all members to follow the guidelines we put in place upon reopening. ONE angler per swim is one of the most important listed, stick to your designation swim for the duration of your session. You should only leave your swim to visit the toilet and no other reason.
Anglers need to be grateful that fishing has been reinstated so soon after lockdown so please don't abuse or we shall lose it!
We would like to thank all of our members who have abided by the guidelines since returning. It is greatly appreciated and we hope you've enjoyed your fishing.

Many Thanks

20th May 2020 - 'Angry Annie'!

Member Ian has hit the ground running upon his return from lockdown! After fending off a few Tench, his first Carp slipped over the cord in the shape of 'Angry Annie'! She swung the scales round to 33lb 8oz and ticked another A-Lister off his most wanted. Darkness produced three more fish, a trio of twenties! A massive well done mate, she looks awesome. A great return despite some tough fishing at present.

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aa338 aa3381

228 238 OCTOPUS

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18th May 2020 - Captures close to double figures!

As many of you may already be aware, order of play resumed for us last Wednesday subject to a few stern guidelines and a dose of common sense!
During the opening six days the fishing proved pretty tough going, not how many had imagined.
Wednesday started with a flurry of captures to 25lb+ but the excitement was short-lived as the action soon went dead.
The lads stuck at it and come Sunday they had managed to a bag a further five fish to 31lb+.
The weather certainly hadn’t helped the situation. A band of high pressure along with frosts and a fresh North-Easterly just knocked things on the head. An immediate return of line pressure may have also played its part.
Over this coming week we are expected to see a return of warm weather with temperatures set to peak in the mid-twenties around Wednesday.
Now there is every chance we could see some spawning come the weekend. They started almost to the day last year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

REMINDER - Fishing is for members only. We DO NOT offer day tickets.
Members should only be on site if they are fishing and NOT for any other reason!

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Breaking - 13th May 2020 - Night fishing given green light!

This afternoon the Angling Trust have issued a statement confirming that night fishing IS allowed. Therefore, from tonight anglers are permitted to stay. Social distancing & the guidelines implimented earlier this week remain in place. Please be considerate towards other anglers regarding your length of stay.
Best of luck to all & Enjoy.

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12th May 2020 - Angling to return!

As of 8am Wednesday 13th May 2020 our members will be able to return the banks for the first time in nearly eight weeks.
In order for this to be safe as possible for parties involved, anglers MUST comply fully to the following guidelines.

• MEMBERS ONLY! No taster tickets are available & we do not offer day tickets.
• Members must maintain a minimum distance of 15m from other anglers for the duration of their session.
• No tackle is to be shared & you must NOT attempt to land others fish or photograph them.
• One family member may accompany you on your trip but they must live in your household and travel with you.
• No guests/visitors under any circumstances.
• No socials.
• Members should only be on site if they are fishing, no walking around looking for ‘tomorrows spot’.
• No Stalking whatsoever.
• You must not leave your swim & Tackle must not be left unattended for any length of time. Use of the toilet facility is the only exception. If you leave the site, your gear goes with you.
• Only the Woodside toilet facilities will be in use. Respect them & use them hygienically. They will be cleaned & disinfected regularly. Under no circumstances are the farms facilities to be used.
• Length of stays may become limited if anglers abuse or become ‘greedy’ with swims. (if permission is granted for night fishing by the government).
• Members are responsible for their own PPE/sanitisers after use of gates. Padlocks will be removed temporarily.
• Basic social distancing guidelines must be applied in the build up to fishing.
• You must have a valid E.A rod license in your possession. Officials will be doing their rounds!

Until told otherwise, fishing will be dawn til dusk from Thursday morning onwards IF night fishing is off the table. Wednesdays opening time remains 8am.

Any members found guilty of abusing these rules will be asked to leave immediately and even risk losing their ticket.
We hope you enjoy your time back on the bank and that by sticking to these guidelines we can move through the phases back to normality.

Field side access is now open. We ask that the 3ft road side behind ‘Coconut’ is not used. It will remained locked and please do not climb over it!
One last thing, don’t forget to let us know how you get on. We’re eager to see how long it takes for the first bite.

Stay safe & Tight Lines

3rd May 2020 - WE ARE CLOSED!

I would just like to reiterate that the fishery is CLOSED & will remain closed until further notice.
We also have no interest in other fisheries plans on re-opening ahead of Thursdays lockdown review.
As it stands fisheries should NOT be open and this is how it will stay until we are told otherwise.
In the event that restrictions are lifted on angling whenever that may be, please wait for an official announcement from the fishery itself before even considering taking a trip.
We know plenty of you are eager to get out on the bank and that time will come, when it is deemed safe to do so!
See you soon.

Stay safe.

17th April 2020 - Lockdown Extended!

Following the governments latest announcement of extending the lockdown for an additional three weeks, we will remain closed until futher notice. We thank you all for your cooperation and not visiting the site over the last few weeks. Hopefully come the end of this next lockdown period the virus is under control enough that restrictions can be eased slightly. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Take Care & Stay Safe.

16th April 2020 - Loving the Sun!

We've seen a lot more fish and activity over the last week as our residents continue to spend their time in the shallow regions basking in the fine spring sunshine. After conditions finally settled down the reservoir has had chance to fully recover from the outragous winter and as can be seen in the pictures below, it is now crystal clear. The banks and access points on the field side have also started to dry out nicely and it shouldn't be too long before they are usuable. Hopefully it all wont be too much long folks, stay safe!

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10th April 2020 - Check-in & Update!

Morning all, hope everyone is well & staying safe.
Just thought I’d give you a little update on the fishery without trying to ‘rub salt in the wounds’ as I know plenty of you are gagging to wet a line.
Over this last week the reservoir has really come to life. Lots of fish are now on the move especially in the shallow regions and they certainly are cracking on with cleaning themselves off. On Tuesday they were showing like dolphins right down in the snags.
If it’s any consolation, I doubt there would be much coming out with the recent spell of warm weather. (I hope that helps).
We still have a little colour but nothing to hinder us and will only help slow down that weed growth.
It’s a little strange seeing empty banks during the Easter Break as it is notoriously our busiest weekend of the year.
I wonder if fish behaviour will also change whilst there is no angling pressure? Like it did back in the early naughties when we had to close for a couple of months due to the foot & mouth outbreak.
The fish became very confident and began to visit the margins a lot more which led to close quarter captures for a long time afterwards. Let’s see what happens this time round.

Stay safe & at home folks. Fishing will be here when it’s all over. See you soon.

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Breaking - 24th March 2020 - Fishery Now Closed!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the governments latest legislation, we regret to announce that the fishery will be shut until further notice. We ask members not to visit the site for any reason whatsoever and continue to follow the guidelines set by the Prime Minister. Further announcements will be made in due course.
Keep washing those hands! Take care & stay safe.

Beauvale Lodge Camp Site - Our neighbouring Camp Site has also closed until further notice. During this period we will not be taking any future bookings.

Many Thanks

20th March 2020 - Weekly round-up!

What a week it has been outside the fishing world, it's just going from one extreme to another with very few positives in the media. Hopefully fishing can be that little, welcomed distraction that all us maggot drowners need.
We still await the first Carp capture of the campaign but it seems the Tench are very much on the prowl with several being caught over the last seven days. There have been a fair few sightings though in all four corners of the fishery.
Water clarity is improving by the day following some drier weather and that looks set to continue for the last leg of March.
There is great anticipation amongst the lads that the seasons first fish with hit the bank anytime now and we hope very much that is the case. We'll keep you posted!

Covid 19 - We have been asked on numerous occassions this week as to whether we will be shutting the fishery due to the coronavirus? At present the answer to that question is NO and we will continue to operate as normal until it is deemed unsafe to do so. There are plenty of swims to go at and lots of room in between. Please follow the governments guidelines and keep a 2m distance from fellow anglers. For us fishermen this social distancing/isolating should be the most tranquil and peaceful there can be. Please stay safe and remember to keep washing those hands, especially out on the bank! Further announcements will be made in due course.

Many thanks & Tight Lines

9th March 2020 - First sighting of 2020!

The campaigns first sighting was made over the weekend with a anglers witnessing a cheeky show out in open water. As of yet no captures have been reported but we're hoping to have some good news by the end of the month.
Warmer weather is expected breifly this week but it will bring high winds and heavy rain, just what we need!

Tight Lines

6th March 2020 - Light at the end of the tunnel!

Following a few ‘drier’ days on the fishery we are starting to see some improvement in water clarity. Levels have also dropped further as we now stand at around two inches.
Winds picked up again today with a new North-westerly pushing up towards the dam wall. It may not be the warmest of breezes but it goes a long way in helping dry out the land. Unfortunately the access points on the field side remain rather soggy and are a way off yet but it’s a start.
We were fortunate enough to see that rare fireball in the sky on Wednesday morning which really did emit some spring vibes! A few more days like that and I’m sure we’ll being seeing those dark silhouettes appearing in the shallows. I’ll be keeping an even closer eye on the notorious ‘warm-up’ zones over the coming weeks.
Story has it that the second half of March is to generate a fair bit of heat in the form of a mini heatwave, not ideal conditions for spring fishing but would be more than welcome to get things off the mark.

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27th February 2020 - Still a little damp!

With the month of Feb now coming to a close we can only hope that March brings us plenty of spring vibes following another week of gloomy weather. Activity has been nonexistent, even the small stuff has been hard to spot. Levels have again yo-yoed and we currently sit around four inches above normal.
There remains lots of standing water especially on the field side as we just haven't had long enough periods of settle weather for things to start drying out. Hopefully some finer conditions are on the horizon and a few of the lads can finally hit the bank for the first time this year.

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20th February 2020 - Lower Pond 'Out of Bounds!

In the wake of ‘Storm Dennis’, we have again been hit with serious flooding resulting in the Lower Pond becoming unfishable and is now out of bounds until further notice.
Despite winds reaching 50mph plus we survived them pretty well and haven’t sustained any serious damage for the second weekend running.
Water levels on Sunday peaked at nearly twelve inches which left some field side swims completely submerged.
Levels have since dropped to around four inches but these areas are going to take a fair while to recover and some access points along the bank will be affected for a short time.

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Cold res1 res 2

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12th February 2020 - Storm 'Dennis' approching!

For any of the travelling members thinking of wetting a line this weekend, please be aware that the met office has issued severe weather warnings due to another big storm. The brunt of the storm is expected to hit midday on Saturday bringing heavy downpours and winds again in excess of 70mph. Please stay safe if you do intend to venture out!

Monday's snow has now cleared but has left both banks extremely wet with some flooding occuring on the field side. A bitterly cold wind has continued to batter the reservoir and not a single sign of life to be seen. It's going to take some time to recover from the recent conditions both on land and for our aquatic friends.

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10th February 2020 - Bizzare Weather!

Just 24 hours after taking an almighty battering from Storm 'Ciara', we have been treated to nearly two hours snowfall this afternoon. Despite the ground already being saturated it didn't prevent the snow from settling leaving us with a covering of approximately two inches deep. It truely has been a bizzare couple of days, just one extreme to another!
The fishery appears to have survived the winds reasonably well with just one large willow tree falling victim on the field side. Levels were up again on Sunday with gushing ditches and streams bringing plenty of colour back as the reservoir peaked at more than nine inches. It is safe to say we are pretty full but are going to need a little more room now for all the thawing snow!
At this stage we are expected to be hit with another storm at the end of the week but at present details are still a little sketchy. We'll keep you posted.

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snow 1 snow 2snow 3

snow 4 snow 5 colour

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4th February 2020 - 'Big' winds fail to produce!

Over the weekend we were forecast a weather front which for the first time this year had the potential to kick things off. Conditions have yoyoed for most of January so we were hoping some double-figured temperatures and a big south-westerly might just be the trigger. Unfortunately it wasn't to be despite a handful of lads hitting the banks in hope of luring an early chunk, it proved to be only the Tench interested in feeding. General activity has been minimal since we last reported fish showing around the midway point a fortnight ago.
We have endured further downpours since the weekend which has led to the reservoir colouring up heavily yet again. Levels have fluctuated between three & five inches, it sure has been a wet old winter!

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21st January 2020 - Pockets of life!

Still some cat ice knocking around at sundown today following a chilly couple of days. Temps are due to climb over the the next 24 hours with double figures possible by the weekend.
We have received reports of showing fish around the midway point. The periods of activity haven’t lasted long but is encouraging for the time of year.
The colour has again started to drop so we’ll have to see how long it stays that way.

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cold jan coldjan2

coldjan3 coldjan4 coldjan5

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8th January 2020 - Welcoming 2020!

Welcome along to the 2020 campaign and news feed. Throughout the year you will find all the latest happenings on this page alongside our social media platforms which can be found at the bottom of the page via the links. We can wait for the season to get underway and we hope you enjoy it too!

Latest - It's been a relatively quiet first week of 2020. We've seen a few of the lads out trying their luck following some settled weather and a drop in colour. One member last week was fortunate enough to spot two shows out in the deep water, a big positive for the time of year. The wait begins, we'll keep you posted!
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