2023 Latest Fishery News!

20th September 2023 - Persistence paying off!

We've seen a small increase in action over the last week with 'waves' of action again being reported. The Carp are refusing to hold up in one particular area as they usually tend to do this time of year.
Those who have been lucky enough to get amongst them have managed multiple captures but the bites have been in quick succession.
One member's session was turned on its head after struggling to buy a bite for the first 36 hours of his stay. Dusk fell on his second night and the spot started rocking! Five bites in as many hours before it went completely dead again. Shows just how quick they are passing through, you certainly can't pin them down!

A couple from Monday night, 'Giraffe' going 16lb 8oz and an one of the originals at 23lb.
Well in pal!


Tight Lines

14th September 2023 - Where those Carp at?

Well, into September we rumble on and there remains no sign of the Carp changing their stubborn ways. They continue to show up all over the place but are reluctant to feed with any consistency, if at all?!
Of the fish that have been caught recently, their weights are down slightly as they usually would be for the time of year but it shows just how little they have been doing over the past couple of months!
Of all weathers, a few did decide to feed down in 'the shallows' during the heatwave late last week with the biggest going 29lb 12oz.

NEMO 258 biglin

Tight Lines

11th September 2023 - SLOW DOWN!

Can all members please be reminded that the farm yard is NOT a race track and your speed MUST be kept to 10MPH or lower when heading down to the fishery.
The farm yard is a busy working area but also in addition to that, we have several residential properties.
On Friday evening two anglers travelled through the yard at a dangerous speed resulting in multiple complaints. These individuals have since been dealt with. However, if any further reports emerge of speeding anglers/permitted guests, the guilty party will receive an immediate fishery ban, no questions asked.

Many Thanks

6th September 2023 - Match Results!

Following the reservoir's poor form prior to the weekend's match, there was hope that a few more men on the ground and a little more bait making a splash that it might (emphasise might) just spring some life back into our residents. Well, it is safe to say that theory fell flat on its face!
Between the sixteen participants, five were lucky enough to get on the score board with three of the fish falling within the last few hours of the match.
The draw went really well as the lads spread themselves out to cover large areas of water, some of which had seen little pressure in recent months. Carp were showing all over the reservoir and it would prove a tough call to pick a winning swim.
It was really interesting to see all the different approaches at the kick-off in hope of bagging a quick bite!
It wasn't until Friday evening though that 'Peg 3' drew first blood with one of our very own homegrown mirrors weighing 4lb. Would have been great to see this fish get a podium finish.
Heading into dark, the 'Reserve' was the next to produce with a grey mirror often referred to as 'Stubby' set a new benchmark of 22lb 3oz!
During Saturday high pressure moved in and the sun made a rare appearance. This did the fishing absolutely no favours whatsoever with no one able to locate more than two or three fish and they were just basking. It was stale and come dusk we thought we'd be drawing names out a hat to get a final place finish.
Low and behold shortly before midnight 'Coconut' produced a bite and a heavily scaled mirror took the lead with a weight of 23lb 4oz!
As dawn broke swims on opposite banks but similar body of water produced two more fish. Both Commons, 'Muds' did a lean 19lb 6oz fighting machine whilst 'Goose Point' produced the eventual winner with a fish of 24lb 3oz.
It actually became really close towards the end because literally one more fish from anywhere on the reservoir could have taken top spot.
No final standings had been released prior to the 10am finish which made the prize giving a little more interesting.

So, it may not have fished how we would have liked but still, we got to see a few fish banked, the lads had a great social and we got to remember the chap that it was all intended for, Gaz. He'd no doubt be having a chuckle at how little was caught but of all people, he knew how challenging the reservoir can be!

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the match and those who contributed but couldn't attend. Congrats to everyone who caught as well.
We'd also like to say a HUGE thanks to Gary's family who again donated plenty of 'refreshments' and contributed towards the winning prize fund. The have also left a £20 bounty for the capture of Gaz's Fully Scaled. So please get in touch if you think you've caught it from today onwards.

Wheels are already in motion for next year's match. Dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks and will start taking names from around Christmas.
We look forward to seeing you all again at the next one!


223 234243

Final standings - bottom three, left to right, 3rd - 1st.

Tight Lines

31st August 2023 - Match Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that we will be holding our annual memorial match for the late Gat Amott this coming weekend. We are asking that all swims are made vacant for noon on Friday 1st September when the draw will take place. The match will finish at 10am Sunday morning.

Many Thanks

29th August 2023 - Still surprisingly steady!

Well, it seems our residents aren't quite ready to hit the grub hard just yet. Usually by now we've had a fortnight of unmissable action but it has proved somewhat the polar opposite!
The still seem occupied on rooting through the dying weed beds with certain areas on the field side holding good numbers of fish.
On average, a 48 hour session is producing just a couple of fish maximum but Carp to 34lb 8oz have been landed.
Hopefully the upcoming match will flush them out form hiding with nearly twenty swims across the whole reservoir being pressured. Watch this space!


Reminders - Can anglers please stop driving on the narrow grass tracks that lead to swims in 'The Shallows'.
Vehicle traffic is causing unnecessary damage to the land that we are trying preserve for the coming winter. If abuse of these privileges continues, we will have no other choice but to revoke access all together.

Also, could members please not leave weed that they have dragged out of the reservoir on the landing platforms.
Firstly, it doesn't look great nor does it do any favours for the timber as it just holds moisture before breaking down and becoming a slimy mess.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

22nd August 2023 - Field side restrictions lifted!

Access along the field side bank has now reopened. The land has now dried out enough to carry traffic as long as it is NOT abuse.

- DO NOT drive to a swim/bank to have a look around or visit a fellow angler. If you are unsure where you are going to fish then leave your motor in the car park and go for a walk.
- Authorised visitors must park in the car park ONLY.
- Ensure all gates are closed and chained after use. Cattle are still grazing the field that leads to 'Gate 1' so it is advisable that you drop your motor in behind one of the two gates available.
- DO NOT drive down the narrow grass paths. These are walk ways only, especially the small track that leads directly from the car park to 'Summers Bay'.

Individuals found guilty of breeching these rules will be asked to leave and issued with a ban. Continued abuse of these terms will result in full access being revoked for all.

Many Thanks

19th August 2023 - Fish very active but proving stubborn!

We still haven't really seen any 'uptake' in action this week despite the Carp being mega active. With the wind heading directly towards our western shore for the past couple of days, the Carp have been much closer in than usual and routing around in the shallow bays. There also remains some naturals in the dying weed that they are occupied on but it is now looking much clearer for presenting a bait where the peak growth was.

Field Side - Cars are still prohibited from driving on the grass until further notice. This will be reviewed again this coming week as more settled weather is in forecast.

Tight Lines

12th August 2023 - Match now FULL!

In three weeks' time, we will be hosting the second memorial match in honour of the late Gary Amott. The match is now at full capacity but we are making a small reserves list for members who would like to be considered in the case of someone drops out.

The match will take place from 15.00 Friday 1st September until 10.00 Sunday 3rd September. We are asking for all swims to be vacated by 12 noon on Friday 1st before we make the draw.
'Beginners Peg' will NOT be in the draw and therefore will be available to book and fish as normal.

1. Carp will be the only recognised species.
2. All captures must be witnessed by a fellow angler.
3. Winner will be based on accumulative weight of Carp.
4. Beginners Peg will NOT be available.
5. Numbers will be drawn at random and then the individual will make their choice of swim.
6. Carp hooked before the final whistle and landed afterwards WILL count.
7. Only TWO rods to be used.
8. Anglers may bait up their drawn swim from an hour before kick-off.

We're really looking forward to this year's match, an extra few hours on the bank this time round and will be great to get everyone together for a top bloke!

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

8th August 2023 - Fishing proving steady!

The fishing is proving a little slow despite conditions and the time of year but the persisting visitors are being rewarded for their efforts.
The Carp are having lots of fun rummaging through the dying weed beds at present so they are taking some serious persuasion to try and wean them off whatever they are pre-occupied on.
The few fish that have made an appearance over the last fortnight have gone to just under 35lb with the wood side providing most of the bites.
We do expect some 'red letter' days soon though with mid-August always proving an exciting time of year.


unkno unkow1

FIELD SIDE - Vehicles are still prohibited from driving on the grass along the field side.
The land is starting to dry out but is not yet ready to start carrying traffic.

Tight Lines

28th July 2023 - Weekend of Wheels!

Sorry, not a fishing related update but this may be of interest to some of our followers.
This coming weekend the Coffee 'N' Cars group will be holding their annual 'Weekend of wheels' meet on our campsite.
American & classic cars, trucks, bikes, food, drink and much more!

Come along and enjoy!

27th July 2023 - Field side Access closed!

Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented rainfall all types of vehicles are currently not permitted to drive on the grass.
Therefore, until further notice please leave your motors in the car and do NOT drive directly to a swim.

Rule reminder - Having recovered a number of crack-offs and rigs from the reservoir this week it was very disappointing to see a high number of prohibited hooks.
Barbless or crushed barbs are the ONLY type that should be used!
Anyone found guilty of using anything else will lose their ticket! When you join the fishery, you agree to abide by the rules we set out. There are no excuses.

Here's a little action we've seen this week. One of our hard fighting A-Team members weighing a mighty 36lb 2oz! Just to top things off, a chunky 21lb Mirror made it a mid-week brace. Very well done mate!


Tight Lines

20th July 2023 - Fishing Well!

We've seen a vast increase in action over the last seven days with most anglers averaging two or three fish apiece but a couple have managed to reach double-figures.
Both banks are producing but the wood side is proving a little more fruitful when presenting a fair offering of bait over your chosen spots.
Carp to 31lb+ have been landed so far but we are asking members to keep an eye out for some of our smaller stock i.e our VS stockies. Some of these fish may not be as small as you think anymore and are likely to be well over 20lb. We'd love to know how well they are all progressing and we believe many have been caught but due to their size have not been recognised as a 'new' addition. The largest we have recorded so far is just under 28lb so we're expecting a magical thirty soon if there hasn't already been one!

Field side Access - Unfortunately due to the recent wet weather we are going to have to restrict some of the vehicles using the field side.
Until further notice we are asking that all vans are left on the hard standing and should not be taken directly to a swim.
We don't intend to penalise those with vans/campers but from past experience these vehicles are the first to struggle on saturated land.
We hope this will only be a temporary measure.

Many Thanks

10th July 2023 - Are they done yet?

Just when we thought the Carp were getting back into their grub they decide to go and spend another 24 hours thrashing about in the 'Shallows'.
Early last week the reservoir was just starting to produce a few nice fish following their post-spawn slump when unexpectedly they completely went off radar only for them to reappear Saturday to carry out the deed... again!
Hopefully this will be the final time they have a go and we can finally get to the good bit of the season. This will be their eighth attempt this summer. They've got some energy that's for sure!

The following five fish were taken by long standing member Al' during last two visits. The most recent session saw him land fish to 27lb 8oz before hitting the pre-spawn lull.
Well dangled as always mate!

17 floptail

HG24 HGCOM 2708

Reminder - Members who witness anything untoward or of concern on the fishery must please call Peter immediately rather than contacting our social media pages or sending a text. Social media and even texts aren't always picked up straight away and with a phone call we can act upon the situation much quicker.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

5th July 2023 - Cattle Grazing!

Can all members please be aware that the cattle are now grazing the field that leads to 'Gate 1'. Please ensure all gates are closed fully and chained after use. As always, we advise you drop your motors in behind one of the gates along said bank as the cows do find cars and vans ideal for a good scratch.

Back to the action and the reservoir is slowly starting to gain a little momentum following around a dozen captures being reported since late last week. Bites are falling to both banks but as it stands the wood side is proving slightly more productive.
It has been a 'typical' June for the reservoir, there is always a lengthy slump post-spawning and we dont really expect the action to go 'crazy' for another week or two at least.

Here's one of the most recent captures, 'One eyed Willy' taken yesterday afternoon following plenty of activity over the spot!
Nicely dangled mate.


Tight Lines

29th June 2023 - Disease Preventatives!

With the banks likely to see more anglers over the coming weeks now that the Carp are getting back into the swing of things, can all members please ensure they are doing everything possible with their fish handling equipment to prevent the spread of disease.

As June is usually a lacklustre month on the reservoir, some anglers tend to drop off to other waters which are often open access or commercial fisheries where the risk of disease such as KHV is much much greater.

As a minimum, please ensure you are drying off your nets, slings, mats and even waders thoroughly in UV light before visiting the reservoir.
To help protect us further are the disinfectant baths which are located in each of our car parks.
The dips are not dangerous to humans and will not damage your fishing equipment.
Using these upon arrival just gives us a little more security from exposure alongside drying off you gear 100%.

KHV will unfortunately be raising its ugly head over the coming weeks so please do your bit in keeping our stock safe.

Action - Member Al winkled out this brace last week during some very tough fishing conditions. A lovely 19lb spawned out Common and the ever hungry 'Parrot' at 22lb. Well dangled pal!


Spawning - Please be aware that the Carp are still having brief spells of spawning. They only last for five or six hours at a time with them usually starting in the early hours of the morning before knocking it on the head come 10am. This has mainly been in the 'Shallows'.
The Tench have also had a good spawn this last week on both the reservoir and Lower Pond.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

20th June 2023 - Rain working wonders!

Just 48 hours after the first bit of significant rainfall for several weeks, we are seeing a huge shift in activity and life on the reservoir.
The Carp are already showing in greater numbers and the bites are returning. The wind keeps chopping and changing but the fish remain well spread out no matter what.
No method in particular is working better than the rest at present.

In regards to spawning, we are still on high alert after a few Carp decided to have another brief go in the early hours of this morning. As of 11am there were no Carp in the 'shallows' either spawning or recovering. However, there is still a little commotion as there are a few Tench beside the 'Spit' doing their bit in creating the next generation.
Please continue to be vigilant when fishing these areas for the next few weeks as this is likely to be a regular occurrence for a while. Also, please do not continue to fish the area if they start spawning in front of you and immediately wrap-up or move swims.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

16th June 2023 - End of round 2!

All swims are now back open after spawning ended following nearly 72 hours of shenanigans. The Carp spent around a day recovering in the weed before moving off during the hours of darkness.
We're hoping they all have it out of their system seeing as some of the big girls also got involved this time round but we wouldn't be surprised if they were to have another go.
We'll keep you posted.

Many Thanks

12th June 2023 - Carp spawning!

The Carp began to spawn yesterday in the 'Shallows' therefore 'Teabag' through to 'Gate 2' is now closed until further notice.
We will inform you once they have recovered and moved off from the area.

Weed Cutting - Please also be aware that over the next couple of weeks we will be undertaking work to control the weed growth. Work will be carried from both the bank and boat.

Many Thanks

9th June 2023 - Tough going!

It's been a tough few days on the Carp front with the reservoir only producing a handful of fish since the weekend.
The Carp have offered no real hint of their location and certainly don't seem to be hanging around for long if they are seen. The wind is cool and for the past couple of days has been all over the place, it's almost like they're in limbo.

The best hit of the week fell to member Al who landed three lovely VS stockies to 15lb during a 48 hour stay.
Great angling mate despite the conditions.

ZIPPY1414 06.09L

Tight Lines

7th June 2023 - All closures now lifted!

All swims' closures on the reservoir have now been lifted as spawning failed to materialise over the weekend.
Throughout Friday Carp began to move back in to the 'Shallows' and looked as though they were about to kick-off round 2. However, come Saturday morning most of the fish had left the area and there was only a handful of Carp having a hearted go behind the island in 'Teabag'.
Since Sunday there hasn't been any sign of spawning or even chasing fish.

It appears that the cool nights and brisk northerly winds are taking the edge of the days heat so the water temperature is unable to remain at a stable temperature.

The forecast does look set to change a little over the coming weekend with temperatures to 25C expected and lasting for the forseeable. This time next week may see those closures back in place. We'll keep you posted!

Many Thanks

2nd June 2023 - Partial reopening!

Following a quiet couple of days on the spawning front, parts of the field side have now reopened for fishing.
'Gate 2' through to 'Coconut' can now be fished but the 'Shallows' remains out of bounds for the time being.

We are expecting the Carp to re-ignite spawning over the next few days going by the forecast so bank closures may be reinstated at any time.
The reality is that the shenanigans are likely to be on and off for the next four or five weeks just like they do almost every year. There is no definitive answer when they'll finish and is just a matter of giving them time.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and inform you all of any changes via our website and social media platforms.

Many Thanks

Breaking - 27th May 2023 - Spawning underway!

The Carp have finally started spawning on the reservoir, therefore there are some bank closures now in place.
The whole of the field side now closed for fishing until further notice. Spawning began in 'Summers Bay' before they migrated down into 'Teabag' before moving back towards the Dam Wall.
Over the last few hours, more fish have started to get involved and that is the reason why the closures are so broad.

As soon as anything changes we will let you all know via our website and social media pages. Closures are likely to remain in place for several days to also allow recovery.

Pre-spawn pig-up - Despite last weekend proving somewhat tough on the fishing front, the couple of days leading up to spawning was reasonably hectic.
We've seen hits including another trio of thirties as well as quickfire brace of thirties to over 35lb and a barrage of twenties to 29lb+.
Captures came from all over the reservoir and it does looks to possibly be the last big feed before a few weeks of shenanigans.
Congrats to all the lads amongst the action, some stunning looking fish!


Many Thanks & Tight Lines

22nd May 2023 - Field side access now open!

Members are now permitted to drive and park on the grass behind their swim along the field side bank. Individuals MUST NOT drive to swims just to take a look around or see a fellow angler. If you are unsure where you are fishing then please park on the hard standing and go for a walk.
Authorised family guests MUST NOT drive directly to a swim and should leave their vehicle on the hard standing.

Please ensure all gates are closed fully and chained when driving to 'Gate 1' as the cattle are grazing said field. If you value your wing mirrors and bodywork then it is advisable to drop your motor behind either of the gates along that bank. There is enough room to fit two cars per gateway and DO NOT attempt to drive along the actual bank to get closer to a swim. Guilty parties will lose their ticket.
Finally, anglers MUST NOT sleep in their vehicle when behind their swim. You are to use a brolly, bivvy or under the stars.
Vehicles must be left in the field and not reversed into swims between 'Teabag' & 'Back of Weedy Bay'.

Stalking & Spawning - Members should NOT be fishing from the spit for any reason whatsoever. We have received requests from anglers to fish off the right hand side of the spit to gain access to the Carp prepping themselves for spawning in 'Summers Bay'. This is strictly forbidden for a number of reasons. Again, there will be no tolerance for guilty parties.
We will keep you all up to date of the spawning situation, it all depends on how warm the weather becomes this week.

Many Thanks

21st May 2023 - Thirties club!

Member Ian has bagged a few 'jewels' from the reservoir over the last couple of weeks following a twelve fish rout and a trio of thirties, here's three of the best.
Congrats mate, some absolute beauties!


Tight Lines

18th May 2023 - Angriest of Annies!

The reservoir has been on fire over the last week or so and fortunately enough this member was in the thick of it during his 36-hour trip.
Topping his quartet of captures was the relic 'Angry Annie' at an impressive 34lb 10oz duly followed by a brace of twenties to 28lb+ and a small homegrown stocky.
He has now banked a dozen fish in two visits this year. Off to an absolute flyer, great angling fella!

FIELD SIDE ACCESS - The field side remains closed for vehicle access. There has been no let-up in rain this week and has left the land water-logged yet again. Please ensure all motors are left in the designated car park only.


Tight Lines

14th May 2023 - 'Reserve' Brace!

With the Carp moving in and out of the 'Reserve' quite alot over the last week, it's been a bit of a gamble whether drop in the second to last wood side swim.
Thankfully for this member his efforts paid off as he struck gold with a brace of twenties in the first 12 hours of his trip. Unfortunately, the following 24 hours proved somewhat quiet with a combination of wind changes and naturals pre-occupying them.
Well in mate!


Tight Lines

11th May 2023 - Carp to 39lb+!

So, it proved to be another 'steady' weekend for the coronation, however, we did see Carp to 39lb+ as captures nearly reached double figures. Both banks shared the action but it was evident that alot of the fish that were held up in the 'Reserve' had moved off whether it be only for a couple of days.
Activity almost stagnated following Sunday's warmth but it did pick back up late Monday following the return of heavy showers.
It won't be long before the Carp are looking at a good feed before spawning. Unless something drastic changes, we don't see the bulk of our stock spawning for at least another fortnight to three weeks. There is a possibility that we'll see a few of the younger Carp have a brief go IF we get some consistent warm and settled weather before June.
We'll keep you all posted.

CATTLE GRAZING - Cattle are now grazing the field which leads to 'Gate 1'. Please make sure ALL gates are fully closed and chained after use.

FIELD SIDE ACCESS - The field side remains closed for vehicle access. There has been no let-up in rain this week and has left the land water-logged yet again. Please ensure all motors are left in the designated car park only.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

5th May 2023 - On the naturals!

Despite a lacklustre start to the May Day weekend, the action soon gained pace as the guys landed carp to over 36lb from several swims across the reservoir.
Throughout this week the Carp have been all over the place. Fly hatches and tadpoles have been high-up on the menu but there has still been a few boilie munchers about.
Well in lads.

FIELD SIDE - Vehicle access remains closed for the upcoming weekend. The land is still far too wet to risk traffic especially with more of the wet stuff in the forecast.
As soon as anything changes we will let all our members know.

RULE REMINDER - Buckets should NOT be used to reserve swims. Refer to rule 10 of the fishery. Anyone who comes across a bucket in a swim without an angler present has the right to remove it and fish there.

ARchie 320

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

26th April 2023 - One of the A-Team on return!

Following on from his epic 2022 campaign, member Alan returned last week for his first session of the new season and it is safe to say he hit the ground running.
The rods had not been on the spot for long when one ripped off and went on to slip one of our A-Team commons over the chord. On this appearance, the ‘Two-tone Common’ swung the dials round to 31lb 4oz! Not a bad way to kick off you season, eh?
Great angling as always mate, first of many for sure!!

The reservoir is really starting to take off. Four thirties landed last week along with a barrage of twenties. Some anglers are returning four and five fish hits so they really are getting on the grub!

Field side - At this stage, it is unlikely that field side access for motors will be open in time for the coming bank holiday weekend.
Despite drying out well last week, the weekend’s rain has set us back somewhat. Hopefully it will be open shortly though with settled weather hopefully on the horizon.

TWOTONE twotone1

Tight Lines

20th April 2023 - Uncaught Trio!

Member Ian is no stranger to hitting the bank during rough weather and that is exactly what he did when storm Noa arrived last week.
He pitched up in the brunt of the battering south-westerly where he had located some fish and proceeded to bag himself three unnamed VS stockies. All of them were up in weight from introduction and looked in prime condition.
These new arrivals are now in our 'Hall of Fame' and can be found under their new titles.
Very well dangled mate.

double5 ronald babyslice

Tight Lines

16th April 2023 - Easter frenzy!

The Carp have really stepped it up a gear since the Easter weekend with fish to over 30lb now been caught from an array of swims all over the reservoir.
The weather hasn't been pretty this week but it sure has aided the fishing with multiple captures being reported at the peak of the storm.
This trio of uncaught and unnamed homegrown stockies were all taken over Easter. Alongside these stunning little scaleys was a barrage of Tench to over 8lbs. Great angling gents!

41 48 fisher

Tight Lines

6th April 2023 - Wet under foot!

Heading into the Easter weekend we’ve seen a little more activity on the reservoir with the Carp now appearing to be well spread out.
Despite today’s rain, it has felt very ‘springy’ over the past couple of days and we’re starting to see some greenery amongst the trees.
Prior to today’s downpours, swims and paths on both banks were slowly starting to dry out. However, the volume of water we’ve seen over the last three weeks means several swims and parts of the walk ways are still saturated and there remains standing water in places.
Some swims have been completely submerged by the influx of water so be sure bring your boots.
Once we get a break in the rain it will dry out in no time but until then we’ve got to live with it unfortunately.

Disinfectant baths - The disinfectant baths are back in operation so can all members please ensure all angling equipment that is liable to come into contact with fish is dipped thoroughly. There is one located in each car park and are clearly visable.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

30th March 2023 - Excitement for Easter?!

So, just like that, March has been and gone but I'm sure most of you will probably agree that it hasn't been one to remember especially on the fishing front!
Following the cold weather at the start of the month, we are still feeling the knock-on effects and have only this week started to see a little bit of life on the reservoir.
The snags in particular have offered the most activity which is often one of the first signs they are getting themselves ready and cleaning off the winter parasites.
Unfortunately, the latest wave of weather has left us with raised water levels and saturated land therefore making it very unlikely that the field side will have open access for motors over the Easter weekend. If planning a visit, please ensure you pack your barrow!

Reminder - Three places remain available for the Memorial match in September. Deposits to secure your place are also due by the 1st of May.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

19th March 2023 - Installation in 'Peg 1'!

On Thursday the CRT installed a new digital water level monitor on the reservoir that they can operate remotely.
Unfortunately, the device now impedes a large area of the 'Peg 1' swim on the wood side.
The pole and battery itself is located by the dam wall, however, the transducer which sends the data runs out to over 50m into the reservoir.

(The following images shows its positioning.)
At the end of the yellow line in open water sits the transducer. Cables run to the transducer which are protected by a conduit pipe wrapped in a mass of chains. This runs in a direct line as shown by the yellow marker.
The transducer is located in 2.4m of water and runs along a soft silt bed which is approximately 1.5-2m deep.
Due to the weight of the anchor chains around the conduit, they expect it to bury itself within 12-24 months if not sooner!
'Peg 1' is obviously shown by the red marker so you can see how much it obstructs the swim.
Now, we are leaving the swim open and we expect that with the knowledge of this information, anglers will fish the swim respectfully until it settles down.
Don’t go dragging a lead around in the area shown or you will lose your gear, simple as that!
Playing a Carp around the obstacle shouldn’t be as much of a worry.

Unfortunately, this installation is completely out of our hands, so please don’t aim any frustration at us. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

If for whatever reason the swim becomes a bigger issue than it needs to be, we will have no other option but to close the peg permanently.

peg 1

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

10th March 2023 - Last of the winter weather?!

Having seen the worst weather of the winter so far this week, we're hoping it is now behind us and this can be the turning point for the campaign ahead.
We always knew some severe cold weather would reach us before spring arrived but ideally we don't want it to hinder March longer than necessary as it is an integral part of the season when it comes to 'life' on the reservoir.
This time last year we were just starting to see a few captures being made having taken three or four weeks to adjust from a brief cold snap in February. Yes we've seen several Carp grace the bank already this year but the recent snow and sub-zero figures will almost certainly 'reset' the process if you like.
There is still a little uncertainty on what the next couple of weeks hold but hopefully it's a case of the temperatures getting back to where they should be for the time of year and we can greet spring officially with a few Carp on the bank.

Tight Lines

2nd March 2023 - Two Fish Feb!

Despite being one of the most active Februarys we've ever known, the month ended off with just two Carp caught.
Last Thursday afternoon produced the second Carp of the month in the shape of a stunning 19lb Common from one of the deep-water swims along the wood side bank.
The bite occurred shortly before dusk and not long after setting the traps for the night. Something that has happened quite often so far this year.
Congrats to the member on his second fish of the campaign.

The nights are starting to draw out a little and the thought of spring grows ever closer but in regards to sub-zero temperatures, we aren't out of the woods just yet. It looks as though the cold weather is set to return early next week and could bring with it the risk of snow!
This will of course knock us back a little but considering the freakishly mild conditions we saw in Feb', you have to expect it.

Memorial Match Update - Just THREE (3) places remain for September's match. please get in touch if you would like to get your name down. £10 deposits are to be paid by the 1st of May to secure your place.
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21st February 2023 - Taking the Michael!

The Carp may be well on the move during this bizzare mild spell but they continue to frustrate the lads in the hunt for a February bite.
A few more members have graced the banks over the last couple of days and have spread out pretty evenly in hope of bagging a winter pig. Although they are not showing all the time, Carp are active in most areas whether that being in the deep water or in the 'Shallows'.
It is that time of year though, you just can't predict what's going to happen next.

Memorial Match Update - Just a reminder that we still have four places left for Gaz's memorial match in September. For the members who already have their names down, we are asking for your £10 entry deposit to be paid by the first of May please in order to secure your place. Please contact Jamie in order to pay your deposit.
It will be here before you know it.
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14th February 2023 - Will the mild conditions last?!

Despite all the activity that's been going on over the last week, we've seen just one Carp caught in the shape of one of our homegrown stockies.
The Carp have been all over the place with plenty still visiting the 'Shallows' but the bites continue to fall to the deep water swims along the east bank.
Following the recent westerly winds, the field has seen lots of slack water therefore becoming a sun-trap during the latter stages of the day. The Carp have been clear to see and most of them are moving in to feed as well as 'catch' a few rays.
Although temperatures are dropping close to freezing most nights, afternoons are reaching almost 15C and are forecast to go even higher by the end of the coming week.
Will the mild conditions hold out? Long range predictions expect a reasonably severe cold spell to arrive towards the end of the month. It's not ideal for the wildlife but if recent years are anything to go by, we might have to wait a little longer for spring.

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3rd February 2023 - February finally here!

Without getting too far ahead of ourselves seeing as we've only just broke into February but the last few days have offered some real spring vibes which always rallies the enthusiasm at the start of a new campaign.
Although we haven't recorded any captures yet this month, there has been plenty of encouragement that the Carp are well on the move after several fish were spotted mooching around in the 'Shallows' beneath some feeding birds over on the field side.
Under no illusion that we are not yet 'out of the woods' in relation to the return of wintery conditions but the early action we've witnessed in the first five weeks of 2023 is setting up what we hope to be another record-breaking season.

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28th January 2023 - Ice free again!

It has taken a couple of days with the help of a strong north-easterly but the reservoir is now completely ice free again. Clarity has also improved slightly thanks to the cold snap.
Are we set to continue our fine start to the campaign with a few February captures?

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23rd January 2023 - Reservoir Frozen!

We are starting the working week with a lid on the reservoir. There remains a few small pockets of ice free water due to wild fowl but not really enough to consider fishing. If the forecast proves right, we would expect it to have thawed by the end of the week. We'll keep you posted!

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19th January 2023 - Returns hit double-figures!

The reservoir has taken on a huge amount of water over the last week or so but that hasn't prevented the fish from feeding as Carp returns are already into double-figures.
The 'solid bags' approach has produced all of the captures from the deep water swims along the wood side bank. A few nice Tench and Roach have also been on the feed.
Levels have dropped a little since the weekend but we remain very coloured and a good couple of inches above normal.

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10th January 2023 - Eight fish January haul!

Kicking off the new season where we left of in 2022! This member has made an incredible start to his campaign after bagging EIGHT fish to 26lb+ over the weekend. This is one of the best January sessions we have on record and will surely be one the angler won't forget in a hurry.
Great angling and a huge congrats!

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5th January 2023 - Happy New Year!

Happy new Year & welcome along to the 2023 newsfeed!
Here you will find all the latest happenings throughout the season. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages too for round the clock updates.

It's been a reasonably mild start to the campaign with lots of rain but as of yet we have little to report on the Carp front.
Levels are approximately three inches above normal and are likely to be up & down for the next few weeks. Only in the last 24 hours has the reservoir developed a really heavy colour due to a mass influx of water.

In the meantime, can all members please have a quick read and reminder of the fishery rules for the upcoming season. 2023-2024.

See you all soon!

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

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