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17th January 2022 - Starting to freeze!

The fishery continues with it's quiet start to the 2022 campaign following on from a very wet Christmas period and now frequent sub-zero night time temperatures. We had avoided freezing over for most of last week but the past couple of nights have been pretty harsh and come sunrise we have been left with a pretty firm 'lid'. It seems likely we are going to be seeing this for the foreseeable if the forecast is to be believed.
Still, on the brighter and milder afternoons once the ice has thawed a few hours in the shallows is well worth a go. Its surprising how quick they get moving around the south facing point and margins after a couple of hours of sun!
The colour has dropped slightly but levels remain just above normal.

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4th January 2022 - Happy New Year!

Happy new Year & Welcome along to the 2022 newsfeed!
Here you will find all the latest happenings throughout the season. Be sure to keep an eye on our Social media pages too for round the clock updates.

It was great to see a few of the lads hitting the banks over the Christmas period especially as we were treated to some record breaking temperatures for the time of year. It is safe to say we've seen a fair bit of rainfall since Boxing Day with levels peaking at nearly five inches. Not helped by the strong winds, the iflux of water has left the reservoir heavily coloured and is something we are likely to see for the next couple of months. Conditions are forecast to yo-yo a little over the next week or so.

Please have a quick read and reminder of the fishery rules for the upcoming season. 2022-2023.

We can't wait for the campaign to get under way and lets make it the best one yet!

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