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14th March 2018 - Murky March!

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Heavy rain over the weekend and throughout this week has left the reservoir with a not so pretty soup-like tinge. Levels have also risen substantially due to a mass intake and if the snow forecast for this coming weekend is anything to go by there will certainly be plenty more to come! On a more positive note, the water temp actually isn't that bad and during Tuesday our warmest day so far, a member witnessed showing fish down in the 'Shallows'. Not only are they drawn in by the shallow warmth but also that fresh flowing water washing down a few goodies.
It looks like there's every chance of a snow Carp this weekend as the 'Beast from the East' is expected to return. Best of luck to those heading out and braving it. Hopefully conditions aren't as brutal as they were a fortnight ago.

Field Side Parking - Just a quick reminder that no vehicles are to be driven or parked on the grass for any reason whatsoever. After the recent rain it will be some time before the ground will be fit to drive on. We'll keep you posted & apologise for any inconvenience.

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12th March 2018 - Now on Instagram!


Be sure to head over to Instagram and get following. See you there!

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8th March 2018 - The wait goes on!

There has been a real sense of spring in the air at times throughout this week and following a short spell of sunshine Thursday afternoon we finally saw the first bit of movement on the res' since well back in February. The activity was again right down in the 'Reserve' where a couple of small Commons were seen mooching around in approx. 3ft of water. Prior to the sightings the reservoir had been pretty lifeless which came as no surprise after the conditions we suffered last week especially with those baltic easterly winds. Temperatures are forecast to rise well into double-figures this coming weekend so hopefully it's a sign of better things to come and by the end of the month we're reporting more about fish than the bleedin' weather!

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5th March 2018 - Campsite update!


We are currently in the process of installing electric hook-up to our ever growing and popular nottinghamshire based camp site. We are hoping that the work will be completed come the start of April, just in time for what should be a great season ahead. We will be introducing a small fee for use of the electric facility at the cost of £2 per night. This means the cost of a pitch will rise from £10 to £12 per night but dropping back to £10 after two consecutive nights. However, our basic tariff rates will still apply to visitors who would like to remain 'off-the-grid' with prices staying at £10 per night dropping to £8 respectively.

We look forward to seeing you throughout 2018 & hope these little extras make your stay even more enjoyable.

The site remains open as usual and further announcements will be made in due course.

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28th February 2018 - Small cap in the 'Shallows'!

Managed to grab a few snaps down in the ‘Shallows’ this afternoon once the snow had eventually stopped. Just a smidge of ice from ‘Teabag’ through to the ‘Spit’, the remainder of the reservoir is completely clear!

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27th February 2018 - Ice Update!

For those of you who are still considering heading out in pursuit of a snow Carp, as of sundown most of the reservoir was free from ice. Just small block at the Dam Wall end of the fishery was subject to freezing last night. With another sub-zero night on the cards, we’ll have to see whether the winds manage to keep the ice at bay yet again.

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23rd February 2018 - Ice Update!

As it stands we are currently ice free. A little cat ice had formed in the margins overnight but the winds picked-up at dawn and soon moved it on. However, we do expect a ‘lid’ to form over the coming days as temperatures are forecast to barely creep above freezing throughout the day for the majority of next week. We’ll keep you posted!
Activity has remained slow this last week despite conditions settling out a fraction early on. We have seen some life from the silvers but the Carp just aren’t playing ball yet. Not to worry though, March is on the horizon and is well known for producing a few beauties. Watch this space!

Remember this blighter from last March?

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15th February 2018 - Is it spring yet?

Well what another horror week of weather we've endured on the fishery, there is no wonder why our residents have remained in hiding. To be honest, it hasn't been much more appealing for us anglers either after being treated to horizontal sleet & snow, bitter winds and heavy frosts throughout. According to forecasters we're turning a corner over the next few days as it appears a very welcome dry spell is heading our way. Temperatures are also set to rise to near-on double figures by early next week which should hopefully trigger some life into the place. Zigs & shallow water fishing are the most likely approaches to tempt a bite at present. Best of luck lads!

Now seeing as it's a Thursday, here's a throwback to the time before it all began. A drained reservoir in the mid-nineties prior the fishery opening. The first three photos are mainly of the Dam wall & looking out over 'Peg 1' whilst the fourth shows some of the potential underwater snags.

Credit to a couple of our members for the photos.

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drain3 drain2drain4 drain1

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8th February 2018 - Ice Update!

Despite temperatures dropping to as low as -3 over the past couple of nights we have been fortunate enough to evade any significant freezing. Cat ice has formed at both ends of the fishery and in the margins of the field side but the winds from sunrise have pretty much cleared all areas in no time at all.
We also received word of a little activity down in the 'Shallows' Wednesday afternoon. A couple of mid-double Commons were spotted soaking up a few rays by one of the islands. The 'Shallows' are definitely worth a bash if you fancy a quick day session over the next few weeks as they seem to be responding really well to short periods of sun.

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2nd February 2018 - More mid-week action!

It has been another encouraging week on the fishery after we were again treated to some brief activity in a couple of locations. Reports of movement first came through on Tuesday when a member saw fish showing out in open water approximately half way down the wood side bank. The second lot of sightings were similar to that of last week down in the shallow regions of the 'Reserve', again only a select few fish were seen but this time they were grubbing! Unfortunately, we're looking at a real cold spell over the next 7 days or so which is likely to set us back a little. Nevertheless we'll keep you up-to-date on all things happening, especially any hindering ice. Best of luck to all heading out this weekend!

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26th January 2018 - Fun in the sun!

In a week of which we have seen our fair share of snow, been destroyed by yet another storm and even considered building an ark, we finally witnessed a little movement on the fishery Friday afternoon. A rare appearance from that yellow fire ball in the sky soon drew a number of our recently elusive residents down into the shallows of the ‘Reserve’ for a couple of hours. For the handful of fish that were present, feeding certainly wasn’t high on the agenda as they mainly sat basking amongst the murky depths but it sure was great to see for late January. This news will no doubt be a huge confidence booster for the lads who have been plugging away over the last few weeks. It’s amazing what magic a little winter sunshine can produce, get those zigs out folks!

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18th January 2018 - Taken another battering!

Unfortunately there is again little to report from this last week on the fishery.The only movement we have to share is that from Thursday afternoon when lots of small fish were seen topping between 'Dugout' & 'Muds'. There were no obvious signs of any larger species being present but as you know, you don't have to see them in order for them to be there. The activity came after another storm battering Wednesday evening when winds locally were in excess of 60mph. Earlier this week we also woke to a covering of snow which didn't hang around too long but that combined with some torrential downpours have accounted for the levels rising even further. This also means that clarity remains extremely poor. Springs on the way folks, Promise!

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10th January 2018 - Little life!

It comes as no real surprise that we've endured a quiet start to the new campaign despite holding off the ice for the duration. Bouts of poor weather are largely to blame for the lack of life both in and out of the water. The reservoir has taken on a fair amount of water in that time so levels have risen a few inches and the chocolate brown colour remains.

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3rd January 2018 - Storm brings colour!

Happy new year all!

Over the last 36 hours we've taken a good old battering from the latest seasonal storm, Eleanor. With the winds at their peak we saw surf like waves hammering down the reservoir whilst the heavy downpours left streams and ditches gushing. All this has led to a real heavy colour developing on the fishery, something we've not seen in quite a while. As many of you may already know, in times past these conditions during the cooler months have been known to spur-on a few of our residents. Unfortunately it seems the chances of bagging an early January fish may be short lived as an 'arctic' front is forecast to sweep down from the north this coming weekend. Hopefully we can again keep the ice at bay. Best of luck to all those braving it!

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