2018 Latest Fishery News!

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19th September 2018 - 'Unknown Thirty'!

Here she is as promised. All 33lb 13oz of the 'Unknown Thirty' upon making her second appearance of the season. Top result Ambrose, what a creature!

Latest Action - One member has been rewarded for hit efforts today after taking a 22lb 2oz Common & a mid-double in quick succession around lunchtime. The winds were probably at their strongest at the time of the bites but they proved no concern for the angler in question. Well in mate.

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ut ut

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18th September 2018 - 'Elvis' tops mid-week hit!

Four of five fish taken from the wood side last week. 'Elvis' at 26lb 1oz topped a number of twenties which included a popular character known as 'Parrot'. His fishing partner also bagged a brace to 33lb+, pictures to follow. Top skills lads!

Weekend action - Unfortunately it wasn't the wildest of weekends despite the conditions but there was still a few fish landed. One member finished with four including two twenties to 21lb+ whilst a couple of others wrapped up with one or two fish. Not many fish appeared to be moving on the south-westerly and in fact looked to be heading in the opposite direction. A number of sightings were reported throughout Monday & Tuesday around halfway but it wasn't until the afternoon that the bites finally came.

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14th September 2018 - Mixed bag!

We've seen only a handful of anglers grace the banks mid-week and despite ideal conditions and lengthy periods of activity it has been a mixed bag all round. The best result fell to the woodside where a member five of seven fish between him & his fishing partner. Most of the captures were twenties with 'Elvis' topping the list yet again. Well in chaps!
Lots of fish have been seen on the back of the current south-westerly throughout the week but overall they still remain well spread out. We also received word that the 'Unknown Thirty' has made her second appearance of the season at 33lb+. The 'Crocodile' continues to live up to her reputation after being caught for a third weekend on the bounce. Whose going to be the next fortunate soul to cradle the colossal creature? Form an orderly queue please.
The forecast is again looking good over the next couple of days with tail end of tropical storm predicted to hit early next week bringing some big winds. Best of luck to all heading out.

Rules - Could ALL members please follow the link & read the revised fishery rules that are coming into force this Autumn. Click here

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

12th September 2018 - 'Gate 1' Access!

Please ensure that ALL gates are fully closed and chained when gaining access to 'Gate 1' as the cattle are now grazing the pasture. Anglers are permitted to park their cars in the fishery off the field with each gateway providing space for two motors. A reminder that vehicles should only taken across the field if your actually fishing and not for visiting fellow anglers or having a 'quick look around'. Membership will be terminated for anyone found guilty of breaking these rules. Please also be aware that access restrictions will be put in place if the wet weather persists. Many Thanks.

You may recall a couple of weeks back we brought you the news of a new 30lb Mirror. Well this brace of 24lb+ Commons were the next largest of what ended up being a Fourteen fish rout. His fishing partner also finished up with a decent coup during their bank holiday visit after landing half a dozen fish to 29lb, well in lads!

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lfc nc nc

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8th September 2018 - Patience pays off!

The combination of bright sunshine & warm temperatures made fishing a little tricky at the turn of the week. Persistence proved key to this capture after the member contemplated a quick move for his last night. Fortunately enough a well baited area proved too tempting for this resident just after dark. A hard fighting 19lb Common with a pretty unique dorsal was the resulting product. Well in buddy!

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5th September 2018 - September of to a flyer!

Plenty of bites again this weekend with a couple of our A-Team members thrown in to the mix!
After a considerably quiet few months for our ‘Croc’ (well by her standards anyway with less than a ten appearances), she’s now back to her old tricks following two captures in the space of a week. On Saturday morning she swung this lucky member’s scales round to 36lb 10oz! Congrats to the angler on his capture and we now look forward to seeing her every weekend until around mid-November.
The second A-Team graduate to visit the bank was the king himself, ‘Elvis’. He came 24 hours after the ‘Croc’ as the early morning proved prime bite time yet again. He also only made the bank a couple of weeks ago and this time fell just short of 26lb. Well in buddy!
Elsewhere, fish were taken from both banks with a number multiple captures reported. Weights varied from high singles to nearly 25lb.

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elvis croc

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3rd September 2018 - 'Annie' makes an appearance!

News reached us over the weekend that the warrior that is 'Angry Annie' made what we believe to be her first appearance of the season. The big grey Mirror toppled the 30lb threshold yet again after becoming somewhat elusive since returning to her best. The angler took five other fish between 12lb & 23lb+ during a 48 hour stay. Well in mate, she looks a gem!
Elsewhere, plenty of other captures were made over the weekend including a couple of our big names. The 'Croc made her second appearance in as many weeks 7oz heavier whilst 'Elvis' also made the stage a little down in weight just shy of 26lb. Big well done lads, pics will follow later this week!

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Tight Lines!

31st August 2018 - Bank holiday blitz!

A few more from the bank holiday to wet your appetite. This member landed a total of nine fish despite a lull period halfway through his session. A 25lb+ Scaly Mirror topped the rout which was made up of several twenties. Top dangling fella!

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2511 com leather

linear com parrot

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28th August 2018 - Field side antics!

These three members shared several fish over the weekend to 36lb 3oz. The 'Crocodile' topped the bill which also included a couple of cracking Commons, A chunky Mirror from 'Jungle' and the 'Karrot Koi' at approximately 6lb! Well in lads!

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croc lc jmirr

lc2 karrot

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27th August 2018 - Barmy Bank Holiday!

It has been a hectic few days on the fishery and have been inundated with photos which we really appreciate, thanks everyone. We'll kick things off with some action for one of our new members who is only three weeks in and well amongst the fish. Well done fella!
17lb 10oz Common, the 'Parrot' at 22lb 10oz & 'Big Lin' at 26lb!

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17 22p 26bl

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24th August 2018 - 30lb Mirror!

As promised, here is that 30lb Mirror from Monday. A very impressive fish indeed! He took more than ten fish alongside the newbie thirty including 2x24lb+ and EIGHT singles between 1lb 8oz & 7lb, all of which were Commons. With the Carp being active so close in, the angler dabbled in a little float fishing in the margins which led to the capture of the smaller Carp but also the loss of two larger fish. Nevertheless they all count and some fantastic lookers for the future. Well done that man!

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30m 30m

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Breaking - 22nd August 2018 - First time thirty!

News reached us earlier today that there had been the capture of a 30lb Mirror and upon identifying the fish we discovered that it was in fact a first time thirty. The large Mirror is a fish that we do recognise and has been caught previously but to our knowledge has only peaked at a little over 28lb at the back end of the year. Delighted with his capture, the member stated the fish was ''immaculate'' and expects it progress even further due to the sheer size of it's frame. Pictures will be posted later this week, hopefully along with a few more fish too!
Since Monday no less than eight fish have been banked on the wood side between three anglers. Not all the action is coming from distance with loads of fish showing at roughly 20 yards out and have been caught even closer! It's a very similar story on the opposite bank as the Carp continue to churn up the bottom right the way from 'Teabag' through to 'Weedy Bay'.

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20th August 2018 - Plenty happening!

This member added a further three fish to his season tally over the weekend as the reservoir in general continues to produce well. After pitching up on the wood side Friday afternoon, it wasn’t long before the first fish made an appearance in the shape of a unique slate grey Linear weighing 22lb 8oz. The next piece of action came 24 hours later when a hard fighting 19lb Common sat sulking in the net and then the trio was finally complete just after dark with a Mirror of 16lb. There was a fourth bite shortly before wrapping up Sunday but unfortunately that one wasn’t to be but you can’t win them all. Well in fella.
Another notable weekend capture was that of ‘Elvis’ looking tip-top as always at little over 27lb whilst 'Baby Big Girl' made an appearance early last week!

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2208 19 16

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13th August 2018 - Action is Back!

Well as we hoped the rain gave our residents a kick up the back side which resulted in captures returning to double-digits. The wood side again being the most productive, as it always is for a couple of months from August onwards. A number of swims produced the goods which some members bagging three and four fish apiece. Some of the routs also included some cracking Tench in excess of 7lb+.
Below are a couple of captures taken from 'Muds' Saturday night. The first being one of our 2016 stockies, a fish now know as 'Thatch' topping 11lb which will certainly be pushing mid-double come winter. The second was another scaly character but this time one of our own weighing 18lb 12oz, two absolute beauties!

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thatch 1812

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10th August 2018 - Kill-joy heat wave!

We've unfortunately suffered a lacklustre week on the fishery following the return of some sweltering temperatures. As the heat approached 30C during Sunday & Monday, our residents resorted back to basking over on the field side in the marginal weed beds having no interest in food whatsoever. As the week progressed conditions eventually cooled off and the lads managed to pull a handful of fish out of the bag. This was one of the rewards from a tricky 48 hour session on the wood side. The scales walloped round to 19lb 10oz, clearly well spawned out as this fish regularly surpasses the 25lb barrier. Nonetheless, hard work paid off and no blank this time round, top dangling!
We're looking at an unsettled forecast for the weekend so hopefully we'll be right back amongst them, watch this space!

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3rd August 2018 - Mid-week magic!

I'm pleased to say we've had a great mid-week on the fishery after members shared more than a dozen fish to in excess of 25lb. Last weekend's high levels of activity prevailed right through the week with our residents being spotted in all four quarters of the reservoir. 90% of the bites fell during daylight hours with late afternoon proving to be the prime time. One of the largest hits of the week fell to the field side where a member took three fish in his first afternoon of a two day session and went on to bag five fish in total to 18lb 7oz. Amongst the captures were some of our youngest stock, two gorgeous home-grown Commons of 6lb & 8lb followed by one of the 2016 stockies who hasn't been seen in quite a while. whilst she weighed in at 8lb 5oz, she was clearly growing well and by the looks of things had been well involved with this year's spawning. Great to see they're thriving and no doubt will be back into double figures come Autumn. Some fantastic roach & Tench were also taken in between the Carp, so all in all a great warm-up for the angler's next fishing adventure over the channel in just a couple of weeks time. Well in Al!
Now back over on the wood side where an angler bagged four twenties during his 48 hour stint. Two quick bites on each afternoon led to the capture of three over 23lb and a slick lean Mirror of 24lb. Great angling fella, photos to follow from both sessions.

Rig Safety - Now unfortunately we're having to raise the issue of rig safety after capture of a trailing fish this week. A fish of approx. 18lb was landed with nearly 20ft of line & lead attached to it. A zig rig of around 12ft, tied with a BARBED hook, had foul hooked the carp in the tail and due to a poor set up was still towing a 2.5oz lead and leader system. The tail rubber had been pushed on so tight there was no chance the fish could have dropped it and secondly, the swivel inside the lead clip was that squashed it would have never dislodged for the clip to slide off the leader. Now, not everyone is perfect and we have all lost end gear in the past but please ENSURE you are fishing safe in the first place and the system is set up to do as it should. Fortunately enough apart from a small wound which the captor was able to treat, the fish should make a full recovery but boy has it had a lucky escape. Further rig checks will be undertaken over the coming weeks but please do not be offended if you are asked.
Many Thanks

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Top: 8lb Common, 8lb 5oz Snuff & Largest of the session 18lb 7oz. Bottom: 23lb, 23lb 4oz & a brute 24lb Mirror.


23 2304 24

Tight Lines

30th July 2018 - Res' rocking after rain!

It wasn't long before the Carp were 'out & about' Friday evening after the arrival of some much needed rainfall. The action gradually increased throughout weekend and come Sunday afternoon catch reports had reached double-figures with fish to 25lb+ being taken. The 'Baby Fat Common' at 26lb topped Mondays bill after seeing no less than five fish grace the bank in just a few hours. Bites are coming from all over the res' with both banks producing. Still plenty of fish showing this evening and are still well spread out.

Tight Lines

27th July 2018 - Another warm & tough week!

It’s been a real tough week’s fishing for the lads on the reservoir as temperatures rocketed to well over 30C during Thursday & Friday. The Carp have continued to spend their days basking on the field side but have shown very little interest in food.
Cooler conditions are on the cards for the weekend with heavy rain forecast for Sunday which we are hoping will be a game changer.

Retaining fish - whilst sacking/retaining fish is completely against our code of conduct, we urge anglers not to retain fish longer than necessary during the intense heat. This applies around the clock as many of you are aware oxygen levels are much lower in the weedy margins at night. Also please ensure mats and slings are saturated and cool before use.

Many Thankd & Tight Lines

25th July 2018 - 'Croc' emerges for the second time in July!

The lads have again managed to beat the heat and bag a few fish over the weekend. Reported captures included a handful of doubles, a couple of twenties and a big ole ‘Crocodile’! Most of the action is shifting over to the wood side despite large numbers of fish residing in the weed on the opposite bank.
If forecasters are to be believed there is every change of good downpour and even a storm come Thursday/Friday, everything’s crossed. We bloody need it!

This immaculate Common is a fish known as the ‘Creased’ and was taken recently during a successful weekend session for our ‘Moorgreen Adventures’ editor. Very well done sir!

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Tight Lines

16th July 2018 - Action remains steady!

Despite a promising start last week following some cooler temperatures, the warmth soon returned heading into the weekend and inevitably took it's toll on the action. Bites have been steady over the last few days but the lads have managed to lure a couple of fish out to nearly 30lb. The early hours have again been the most productive with most of the fish retreating back into weed for basking come midday. We're still crying out for a good downpour of rain or thunderstorm just to freshen things up a little, we can only hope lads.

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After bagging four fish early last week during a 48 hour stint this member returned on Thursday for another dabble only to be rewarded with this brace of scaly twenties. On a real good run at the mo, top skills mate!

scm scm1

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15th July 2018 - Access to 'Gate 1'!

Please be aware that cattle are now grazing the field alongside the fishery that allows you to access 'Gate 1'. Please ensure all gates are closed fully and chained once used. Vehicles may be parked inside the fishery of 'Gate 1' away from the livestock. Any individuals found guilty of abusing this rule will have their tickets revoked immediately, no questions asked. Thanks for your cooperation.

Tight Lines

14th July 2018 - KHV!

Can I please just remind all anglers to ensure that all landing equipment, slings & mats have been dried thoroughly before fishing & visiting our site. KHV is once again rife this summer and now a case has been confirmed locally, closer than ever before. Drying all equipment liable to come in to contact with fish is paramount in stopping this devastating disease from spreading. Disinfectant baths are available in both car parks, PLEASE use them and help protect our precious & special stock.

Many Thanks

10th July 2018 - Activity increases after temps drop!

It seems the fish are finally starting to get their heads down on the res’ after reports of more than a dozen captures since the turn of the weekend. ‘Baby Big Girl’ was the biggest of the bunch following a Sunday night appearance weighing topside of 31lb!.
Elsewhere both banks have produced fish to mid-twenties including some fantastic double-figured fish.
The overcast skies have improved activity massively with lots of fish now on the move and showing well rather than just sat basking in the weed.

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These three beauties have all been caught since the slight drop in temperature yesterday. Every one a peach, Well in mate.

15+ 16+ 21+

Tight Lines

6th July 2018 - Tough week fishing!

The lads have endured another tough week on the reservoir as the scorching temperatures continue to preoccupy the residents. The Carp seem to be well spread out all over the fishery but most of the action has fallen to baits located as close as possible to dense weed beds. Late evening through to sunrise has been the prime bite time with very few fish showing any interest in food during peak daylight hours. I dare say a good downpour of rain would trigger some kind of frenzy but with how the forecast is currently looking we're unlikely to see one until late next week at the earliest! Best of luck to all those heading out this weekend & don't forget your factor 50!

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This awesome creature fell victim to tactics as described above Tuesday morning. A steady take and fierce battle produced this mighty 21lb+ Common. Top dangling fella!


Tight Lines

3rd July 2018 - 'Shallows' reopen!

‘Summer Bay’ down to ‘Teabag’ has now reopened for fishing, thanks for your patience.

Mnay Thanks & Tight Lines

30th June 2018 - Field side action!

Following on from quite a productive weekend, we've seen just a handful of anglers grace the banks throughout the week including two of our far travelling members on one of their annual week long visits. Settling on the field side the action proved a little slow to start with but they soon got into the swing of things. The pair shared over twenty bites, some were unfortunately lost but the majority ended up on the mat to well over 20lb. Along the way they also bagged several nice Tench and some monster roach. All the captures fell to large beds of bait and to no surprised most fell during the early hours. Massive well done lads, certainly made the most of it despite some tough conditions!

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An unrelated fish capture now from last weekend. This chunky 17lb 15oz Mirror was part of a brace taken off the field side which also included a little baby Common of approximately 2lb. Nicely done pal!


Tight Lines

29th June 2018 - Closure update!

The ‘Shallows’ will unfortunately remain closed for the weekend. Spawning has withered out but a few fish are still knocking about grabbing a quick respite. Check back early next week for possible reopening.

Many Thanks

Breaking - 26th June 2018 - Spawning round two!

Well it seems I spoke too soon in regards to spawning yesterday after our young stock kicked off round two late last night & they were still at it at first light. Please leave them to it, the ‘Shallows’ will be out of bounds until further notice.

Many Thanks

25th June 2018 - Weekend for our well known!

The lads shared a fair few fish this weekend as some of our well known residents made an appearance including the ‘Big Lin’. Both banks are producing with fish showing well from first light. A handful of fish have been knocking around in the ‘Shallows’ but there are no signs of any further shenanigans just yet . Carp were seen all over the reservoir during Monday with most just basking beneath the bright blue skies.

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Now, here’s one from a couple of months ago. This very impressive 28lb 4oz Common is another rare visitor to the bank. Well in Mr.P!

2804 2804

Tight Lines

19th June 2018 - Back on the prowl?

Following on from a solid spell of spawning at the start of June, it seems that most of the Carp are starting to get back to normal after a spike in action. June & July are never easy post-spawning but with the 'Shallows' now holding very few fish and moving well on fresh winds we are expecting a decent rout reasonably soon. Fish to 25lb+ have been taken over the last seven days with most of the action falling to the wood side bank. Hopefully spawning is over and done with for the Summer but if recent years are anything to go by, there is every chance of round 2!
In the meantime please feel free to send in your catch reports including pics and DON'T forget to inform us of any captures of the 2016 winter stockies as well as any Carp caught exceeding 28lb. All info would be greatly appreciated.

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Having been seen regularly over the past couple of seasons this little beauty finally slipped up Saturday evening... Introducing 'Casper' at 3lb!


Many Thanks & Tight Lines

13th June 2018 - Blank saver!

This stunning scale perfect Common was taken late last week by one of our regulars after a tough week of fishing. The 14lb 10oz blank saving beauty is another fine example of successful spawning. Well in big Al!

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Tight Lines

10th June 2018 - Ken's Leads!

There remains a small number of leads available from the late Ken’s Leads. Peter will be receiving the leads this week so please contact him for further details. The price is still 7 for £5 but once they are gone, they are gone unfortunately.

Many Thanks

6th June 2018 - Swims re-open!

After a late flurry of spawning Tuesday afternoon it now seems they have finally finished, well for the time being at least. With no fish present in 'Pegs 1-3' on Wednesday and the numbers in 'The Shallows' declining we have decided to lift all swim and bank closures. In the meantime, please be aware that over the next couple of days the weed cutter will be out doing it's job so please try to avoid 'Teabag' & 'Spit peg' for the time being. At the minute 'The Shallows' appear to be the only area suffering from serious weed growth but for the record is by far nothing like that of summer 2017.
Back to the action - A member on the wood side hit double digits for the season this week after banking four well spawned-out fish during a 48 stint. Weights of 14lb 8oz, 16lb, 18 & 21lb made up the hit with most of the bites falling during daylight hours, well in mate! There's been plenty of signs of activity away from the spawning areas with reports of some showing fish just 10-15 yards out.

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Many Thanks & Tight Lines

Breaking - 5th June 2018 - Swim closures!

Unfortunately Pegs 1-3 are now closed until further notice after another session of spawning took place Tuesday afternoon. 'The Shallows' through to 'Gate 2' will also remain closed for the time being.

Many Thanks

1st June 2018 - Closure update!

‘The Shallows’ will now remain closed until early next week. Very few fish are spawning today as most of the Carp are just sat recovering & basking. Seeing as no spawning fish have ventured past ‘Summer Bay’, during the week, all the swims from ‘Jungle’ up to the dam wall are now open. These swims are currently well away from any participating fish but if out on the bank this weekend please be cautious.

In the meantime back to the action from over the may bank holiday prior to spawning when only a handful of fish were taken to 33lb+. It was no surprise to see very little action prior to all the commotion but one of the most notable captures was that of 'A Team' member 'C Scale Common'. After falling to a krill presentation, the colossal Common swung the scales round to 33lb 6oz, smashing this young man's personal best. The smile says it all, congratulations!

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Many Thanks & Tight Lines

31st May 2018 - Spawning update!

It is highly likely that the 'Shallows' through to 'Gate 1' will remain closed until early next week as the Carp are still spawning. After two really good sessions early on in the week, numbers dropped off a little during Wednesday before hitting full throttle again today. Hopefully they have all done their deed and we won't be subject to another round in a few weeks time like previous years, fingers crossed! We'll keep you posted.

Disinfectant baths - Now that the temperatures are well on the rise we'd really appreciate it if each & EVERY member would dip their nets, slings & mats before fishing. This also includes those who only fish our water. Each year aquatic diseases become more widespread, non more so than the devastating KHV. So please take just a couple of extra minutes before setting up to dip any angling equipment liable to come in contact with fish. For extra precaution also ensure all equipment is dried thoroughly before fishing. This is proven to kill any active bacteria & reduces the risk of contamination massively.


Many Thanks & Tight Lines

Breaking - 28th May 2018 - Spawning & Closures!

After much anticipation the Carp have finally started to spawn on the reservoir. At present they are in the ‘Shallows’ around the islands so until further notice ‘Teabag’ through to ‘Gate 1’ will be closed to all anglers. Please leave them to it and hopefully this year they can get it out their system in one clean sweep. Further closures may be introduced as the week goes on so keep an eye out for more updates!

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Photo courtesy of the Moorgreen Adventures guys, thanks for the fantastic shots!

SPAWN1 spawn2 spawn 3

Many Thanks

25th May 2018 - Bank holiday update!

Just a quick update heading into the bank holiday weekend to say that NO spawning has taken place during Friday. Infact they have been doing quite the opposite with plenty of feeding fish knocking around after this mornings downpours. A small number of fish had made a start of spawning in Teabag on Thursday afternoon but it was inevitable they would stop with todays weather.
For the time being all swims & banks remain open but are liable to close at any time if they do start. Please keep your eyes peeled if out & about fishing. We’ll keep you posted.

Tight Lines

23rd May 2018 - 'Baby Big Girl' makes an appearance!

We have seen several fish to 31lb landed so far this week after the Carp headed back down the reservoir towards the 'Shallows' & 'Reserve'. First thoughts were that they were going to start spawning but infact again they decided to hit the grub hard. Fish to 24lb 6oz were taken from the 'Shallows' with a total of ten bites falling to three members. Over on the opposite bank Tuesday morning the 'Reserve' produced another of our A Team in the shape of 'Baby Big Girl'. She swung the scales to 31lb on the nose and looked in great condition. A nippy north-westerly also returned on Tuesday but it didn't appear to lure many fish back up the fishery. We expect spawning to commence over the next couple of days so please be aware that swim/bank closures may be enforced at anytime and if fishing you will need to relocate. Spawning usually starts in the 'Shallows' before they work their way up the field side bank in the direction of 'Jungle'. We'll keep you up to date on all shenanigans so keep your eyes peeled for alerts on here or on our Facebook page. Please contact/inform the fishery if any sightings of spawning are made in the mean time.
Many Thanks

Click to enlarge:
(Left) This pristine 16lb Common was the reward for one of our members who sat out a challenging couple of days last week when the Carp were hitting the freebies hard but bites were hard to come by! (Middle/Right) Largest fish taken from the 'Shallows' on Monday. The stunning heavily plated Mirror weighed in at 24lb 6oz. Well in lads!

16c 246m 246sc

Tight Lines

18th May 2018 - Tough end to the week!

After a decent start to the week with a good number of fish gracing the bank on Monday we saw a brief lull in the action around the halfway point despite our residents responding well to a change in wind direction. Carp were soon patrolling & showing on a rough north-westerly which was battering into the dam wall during Wednesday. Activity down the far end was nothing like we'd seen the week previous even with the long periods of sunshine. One member managed to captilalise on the dam wall activity by dropping into 'Coconut' on Thursday only to be rewarded with a brace of twenties & a high double. Temperatures were again on the climb throughout Friday so after enduring a quiet night previous so two members decided to switch over to zigs at first light and soon earned themselves a fish apiece. Conditions may well have been warm & bright for the majoirty but with how the Carp have been hitting beds of bait you would of certainly expected to see a few more in the bag. That's fishing for you!

For the record, there are still no signs of spawning. The water temperature is rising but not quite there yet!

Click to enlarge:
A few hours Monday evening produced these four beauties: 16lb 10oz Mirror & Commons of 17lb 2oz, 24lb 14oz & the 'Croc' at 33lb 12oz. Cracking fishing lads!

1610 1702

2414 3312

Tight Lines

16th May 2018 - 'Elvis'!

Three fish from a session late last week when a member bagged five bites within two hours of arriving. 17lb 3oz Common, 19lb 12oz Mirror & 'Elvis' 8oz shy of 30lb. Well in mate, a great start to your season!
Click to enlarge:

1703 1912 2908elvis

Tight Lines

14th May 2018 - Another lively weekend!

There has been plenty of action again this weekend with captures coming from all over fishery. Fish have been taken off the surface as well as the bottom as one member bagged a mint 26lb+ on biscuit Sunday morning. ‘Beginners’ has produced another double-figured rout with a large number of fish falling in quick succession. As already said though, the Carp are very well spread out now and have even appeared on the Dam wall over the last couple of days. It won’t be long before ‘Peg 1’ & ‘Coconut’ are the hotspots!

NO WADING - Just a reminder that anglers are NOT permitted to wade for any reason whatsoever. An area of concern is again down in ‘Beginners’ where anglers have been wading out silly distances in order to get their baits ‘right on the fish’. Well unfortunately from this point on, anyone who is caught wading in the swim will first be asked to leave the site & secondly face the consequence of losing their ticket, simple. There is an ample amount of water to aim for so there is simply no need at all.
We don’t set out to nag & moan but no wading is stated in the rules for a reason, SAFETY. Please take note as if there are any more reported incidents we will have no other option but to close the swim for the foreseeable future.

Back to the action and here is the stunning surface capture from Sunday morning. His fishing partner also bagged a brace of Mirrors weighing 16lb 2oz & 20lb 10oz. Well in lads!

Click to enlarge:

2612 26121 2612

Tight Lines

11th May 2018 - 'Creased Common'!

Here is the 'Creased Common' at 29lb after being taken as part of an Eleven fish rout during a 24 hour session earlier this week. Well done that man!

Click to enlarge:


Tight Lines

10th May 2018 - 48 hours of mayhem!

We've seen no less than TWENTY fish landed in the last 48 hours after a drop in pressure Tuesday evening kicked started a feeding frenzy. The bulk of the action fell to the wood side where two members shared a whopping EIGHTEEN fish to 29lb. With both producing fantastic routs, one anger bagged the first double-figured hit of the year. A barrage of twenties made a bulk of the captures as the 'Creased Common' visited the bank for a second time at 29lb. Top dangling lads! Now over on the opposite bank during Thursday another session kicked off in style with a member drawing five bites in a little under two hours. After landing the first brace, fish of 17lb and the famous 'Elvis' at 29lb 8oz, unfortunately three consecutive hook pulls prevented him from bagging a full house. With conditions forecast to remain reasonably cool over the coming days we really are expecting to see a few wet nets this weekend!

Field side access now open: Vehicles are now permitted to drive & park on the grass. Please note that field side access is for the use of anglers who are fishing ONLY and is not to be used as 'go between' swims or by visitors whether a member or not! Anyone found abusing these rules will have their privellegeS revoked immeidietly. Many Thanks

Litter - Now for a moan. It is not very often we have to raise this issue but this afternoon we found some angler's rubbish which had recently been thrown/dumped from a car beside the field side track on the way down to the fishery. Quite frankly we have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour and any individual found guilty of such an act will be asked to leave premises & have their membership withdrawn immedietly. If you can go to the effort to bring it, ensure you take it home as it clearly states in the rules. Have some respect, there is no need nor any excuse! Rant over.

Click to enlarge:
Three of seven fish taken over the last 48 hours. Every one a peach!

18.5L 23C 23L

Tight Lines

4th May 2018 - Playing hard to get!

There’s been plenty of activity on the reservoir throughout the week. Although a couple of captures have been made, the general feel is that they are still playing hard to get. Large numbers of fish have again be seen in the upper layers and shallower regions. Zigs are certainly worth a shot this weekend with some warm weather forecast. We are expecting to see a little more action post sundown & early morning. Best of luck to all heading out.

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30th April 2018 - Best weekend yet!

An increase in activity towards the end of last week led to a fair bit of action over the weekend as half-a-dozen lads shared several fish to well over 20lbs. Both banks have now produced fish although the field side has generated more bites as it always tends to do early on in the season. There were a couple of multiple captures amongst the group as one angler reported having a take on each one of his rods as a shoal of fish moved across in front of him, finishing up with a brace of twenties after unfortunately losing the first. Congrats to all those who bagged their first fish of the season over the weekend, it is always a huge relief to get one under your belt and even more so a great confidence booster.

Click to enlarge:
One of several twenties taken over the weekend, this chunky Mirror went 22lb 10oz!


Tight Lines

25th April 2018 - On the prowl!

Well, here she is... It was only a matter of time before the pig we like to call 'Crocodile' slipped up for the first time in 2018. The belly busting Common was taken Sunday morning down in the 'Shallows' and rattled the scales round to 34lb. Without fail she is again amongst the first few captures of the year. A massive congrats to the captor.
Elsewhere, bites have been a little tougher to come by since the band of high pressure & sweltering heat late last week. Loads of fish have been in the upper layers with plenty also visiting the shallower regions but showing no interest in food whatsoever (can you blame them). Since the warm weather absconded and the traditional British climate returned, activity has completely changed with fish now showing and moving well on a strong south-westerly wind. Wednesday afternoon produced latest capture in the shape of a plump 28lb 4oz Common. Another member kicking off their season in style!

Click to enlarge:


Tight Lines

18th April 2018 - 'Creased Common' at 29lb 2oz!

We've seen a vast increase in activity over the last few days after conditions finally started to settle down. Sightings have now been made in a number of locations across the reservoir, most frequent in the 'Shallows' but also up by the dam wall where they were spotted milling around on the surface on more than occassion.
Recent captures have included another of our Scaly additions, one of the pristine zip linears known ironically as 'Zippy'. A heavily plated Mirror taken late Tuesday evening weighing just shy of 20lb and was the members' first fish of the new campaign, no doubt the first of many (pictured below). Lastly, the 'Creased Common' has made her first appearance of the year at a healthy spring weight of 29lb 2oz. She had clearly wintered well and was in immaculate condition.

Click to enlarge:

A blistering take followed a single bleep shortly before 11pm resulted in this stunning Mirror Tuesday evening.


Tight Lines

12th April 2018 - Introducing Bert!

'Scaly no.11' was finally banked Wednesday morning after evading capture since its introduction back in December 2016. The stunning Mirror went just into double-figures and has been renamed 'Bert' by the captor. Another fantastic fish for the future!

Click to enlarge:

bert bert1

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Breaking - 11th April 2018 - The deadlock has been broken!

The reservoir has finally produced its first fish of the year. A lean & pristine 16lb Common got the season underway & has since been followed up by a further three fish. A second mid-double Common made up the trio after bagging a brace of stockies. All twelve additions have now been caught after the last outstanding ‘Scaly no.11’ was banked alongside one named ‘Thatch’. Both fish were well into double-figures with the latter being the largest of the pair. It’s fantastic to finally see some action & there will no doubt be plenty more to come!
Now here’s a couple of scenic shots captured earlier this week by one of our members. A stunning sight at sundown and a not-so-clear daybreak.

Click to enlarge:

rsunset mdaybreak

Tight Lines

7th April 2018 - Rules reminder!

With what looks to be some decent weather on the way, we are hoping to see plenty of life on the fishery this coming week and possibly the year’s first fish.

We’d just like to remind members that all fish caught exceeding 28lb must be reported back to fishery staff. Like last year, this also applies to any captures of the 2016 stockies which should be well into double figures. This allows us to keep a close eye on the health & progress of our sort after residents. Thanks for your co-operation.
On that note, please feel free to send in any of your catch reports from the upcoming campaign.

Fishery rules 2018

Field side parking - Restrictions remain in place as the land is still far to wet to be driven on. Please leave you vehicles in the designated car park only until further notice. We apologies for any inconvenience.

Tight Lines

2nd April 2018 - Washout!

An insight to what the lads have endured whilst trying to wet a line this bank holiday weekend. The first couple of pics were taken 24 hours apart between Friday & Saturday. If flooding wasn’t already enough, we were then treated to a covering of snow at first light Monday. Talk about one extreme to another.

To top the weekend off, the wait goes on for the years first fish as our cyprinus residents managed to evade capture yet again. It’s only a matter of time!

Click to enlarge:


Thanks to our members for the photos.

Tight Lines

29th March 2018 - On the move!

We've seen a few encouraging signs on the reservoir throughout this week after temperatures finally returned to double-figures. A couple fine and bright days early on led to a good number of Carp visiting the 'Shallows' where they were seen doing a little feeding as well as some spring basking. Over the last couple of days sightings have moved up the fishery with the midway point being the most active. We're hoping the poor forecast for the bank holiday weekend doesn't dampen too many spirits as we are pretty sure we won't have to wait much longer for the year's first fish. The last time Easter weekend fell during the month of March the reservoir produced eleven fish! More of the same please.
Best of luck to all heading out.

Tight Lines

23rd March 2018 - Spring Equinox!

After another torrid weekend of weather, Tuesday finally marked the first official day of spring so that means from this point forward there are no more excuses! Despite temperatures climbing back into double-figures throughout the week, visual activity has been hard to come by. Don't ignore the shallower regions over the coming weeks as the increase of daylight hours and periods of sun will no doubt bring plenty of life to these quarters first. Levels have dropped a fraction but the fishery still holds a strong turbid colour. Good luck lads!

Tight Lines

15th March 2018 - Murky March!

Click to enlarge:

mm1 mm3 mm5

Heavy rain over the weekend and throughout this week has left the reservoir with a not so pretty soup-like tinge. Levels have also risen substantially due to a mass intake and if the snow forecast for this coming weekend is anything to go by there will certainly be plenty more to come! On a more positive note, the water temp actually isn't that bad and during Tuesday our warmest day so far, a member witnessed showing fish down in the 'Shallows'. Not only are they drawn in by the shallow warmth but also that fresh flowing water washing down a few goodies.
It looks like there's every chance of a snow Carp this weekend as the 'Beast from the East' is expected to return. Best of luck to those heading out and braving it. Hopefully conditions aren't as brutal as they were a fortnight ago.

Field Side Parking - Just a quick reminder that no vehicles are to be driven or parked on the grass for any reason whatsoever. After the recent rain it will be some time before the ground will be fit to drive on. We'll keep you posted & apologise for any inconvenience.

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12th March 2018 - Now on Instagram!


Be sure to head over to Instagram and get following. See you there!

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8th March 2018 - The wait goes on!

There has been a real sense of spring in the air at times throughout this week and following a short spell of sunshine Thursday afternoon we finally saw the first bit of movement on the res' since well back in February. The activity was again right down in the 'Reserve' where a couple of small Commons were seen mooching around in approx. 3ft of water. Prior to the sightings the reservoir had been pretty lifeless which came as no surprise after the conditions we suffered last week especially with those baltic easterly winds. Temperatures are forecast to rise well into double-figures this coming weekend so hopefully it's a sign of better things to come and by the end of the month we're reporting more about fish than the bleedin' weather!

Tight Lines

5th March 2018 - Campsite update!


We are currently in the process of installing electric hook-up to our ever growing and popular nottinghamshire based camp site. We are hoping that the work will be completed come the start of April, just in time for what should be a great season ahead. We will be introducing a small fee for use of the electric facility at the cost of £2 per night. This means the cost of a pitch will rise from £10 to £12 per night but dropping back to £10 after two consecutive nights. However, our basic tariff rates will still apply to visitors who would like to remain 'off-the-grid' with prices staying at £10 per night dropping to £8 respectively.

We look forward to seeing you throughout 2018 & hope these little extras make your stay even more enjoyable.

The site remains open as usual and further announcements will be made in due course.

Many Thanks

28th February 2018 - Small cap in the 'Shallows'!

Managed to grab a few snaps down in the ‘Shallows’ this afternoon once the snow had eventually stopped. Just a smidge of ice from ‘Teabag’ through to the ‘Spit’, the remainder of the reservoir is completely clear!

Click to enlarge:



Tight Lines

27th February 2018 - Ice Update!

For those of you who are still considering heading out in pursuit of a snow Carp, as of sundown most of the reservoir was free from ice. Just small block at the Dam Wall end of the fishery was subject to freezing last night. With another sub-zero night on the cards, we’ll have to see whether the winds manage to keep the ice at bay yet again.

Frozen Tight Lines

23rd February 2018 - Ice Update!

As it stands we are currently ice free. A little cat ice had formed in the margins overnight but the winds picked-up at dawn and soon moved it on. However, we do expect a ‘lid’ to form over the coming days as temperatures are forecast to barely creep above freezing throughout the day for the majority of next week. We’ll keep you posted!
Activity has remained slow this last week despite conditions settling out a fraction early on. We have seen some life from the silvers but the Carp just aren’t playing ball yet. Not to worry though, March is on the horizon and is well known for producing a few beauties. Watch this space!

Remember this blighter from last March?

Click to enlarge:


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15th February 2018 - Is it spring yet?

Well what another horror week of weather we've endured on the fishery, there is no wonder why our residents have remained in hiding. To be honest, it hasn't been much more appealing for us anglers either after being treated to horizontal sleet & snow, bitter winds and heavy frosts throughout. According to forecasters we're turning a corner over the next few days as it appears a very welcome dry spell is heading our way. Temperatures are also set to rise to near-on double figures by early next week which should hopefully trigger some life into the place. Zigs & shallow water fishing are the most likely approaches to tempt a bite at present. Best of luck lads!

Now seeing as it's a Thursday, here's a throwback to the time before it all began. A drained reservoir in the mid-nineties prior the fishery opening. The first three photos are mainly of the Dam wall & looking out over 'Peg 1' whilst the fourth shows some of the potential underwater snags.

Credit to a couple of our members for the photos.

Click to enlarge:

drain3 drain2drain4 drain1

Tight Lines

8th February 2018 - Ice Update!

Despite temperatures dropping to as low as -3 over the past couple of nights we have been fortunate enough to evade any significant freezing. Cat ice has formed at both ends of the fishery and in the margins of the field side but the winds from sunrise have pretty much cleared all areas in no time at all.
We also received word of a little activity down in the 'Shallows' Wednesday afternoon. A couple of mid-double Commons were spotted soaking up a few rays by one of the islands. The 'Shallows' are definitely worth a bash if you fancy a quick day session over the next few weeks as they seem to be responding really well to short periods of sun.

Tight Lines

2nd February 2018 - More mid-week action!

It has been another encouraging week on the fishery after we were again treated to some brief activity in a couple of locations. Reports of movement first came through on Tuesday when a member saw fish showing out in open water approximately half way down the wood side bank. The second lot of sightings were similar to that of last week down in the shallow regions of the 'Reserve', again only a select few fish were seen but this time they were grubbing! Unfortunately, we're looking at a real cold spell over the next 7 days or so which is likely to set us back a little. Nevertheless we'll keep you up-to-date on all things happening, especially any hindering ice. Best of luck to all heading out this weekend!

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26th January 2018 - Fun in the sun!

In a week of which we have seen our fair share of snow, been destroyed by yet another storm and even considered building an ark, we finally witnessed a little movement on the fishery Friday afternoon. A rare appearance from that yellow fire ball in the sky soon drew a number of our recently elusive residents down into the shallows of the ‘Reserve’ for a couple of hours. For the handful of fish that were present, feeding certainly wasn’t high on the agenda as they mainly sat basking amongst the murky depths but it sure was great to see for late January. This news will no doubt be a huge confidence booster for the lads who have been plugging away over the last few weeks. It’s amazing what magic a little winter sunshine can produce, get those zigs out folks!

Tight Lines

18th January 2018 - Taken another battering!

Unfortunately there is again little to report from this last week on the fishery.The only movement we have to share is that from Thursday afternoon when lots of small fish were seen topping between 'Dugout' & 'Muds'. There were no obvious signs of any larger species being present but as you know, you don't have to see them in order for them to be there. The activity came after another storm battering Wednesday evening when winds locally were in excess of 60mph. Earlier this week we also woke to a covering of snow which didn't hang around too long but that combined with some torrential downpours have accounted for the levels rising even further. This also means that clarity remains extremely poor. Springs on the way folks, Promise!

Tight Lines

10th January 2018 - Little life!

It comes as no real surprise that we've endured a quiet start to the new campaign despite holding off the ice for the duration. Bouts of poor weather are largely to blame for the lack of life both in and out of the water. The reservoir has taken on a fair amount of water in that time so levels have risen a few inches and the chocolate brown colour remains.

Tight Lines

3rd January 2018 - Storm brings colour!

Happy new year all!

Over the last 36 hours we've taken a good old battering from the latest seasonal storm, Eleanor. With the winds at their peak we saw surf like waves hammering down the reservoir whilst the heavy downpours left streams and ditches gushing. All this has led to a real heavy colour developing on the fishery, something we've not seen in quite a while. As many of you may already know, in times past these conditions during the cooler months have been known to spur-on a few of our residents. Unfortunately it seems the chances of bagging an early January fish may be short lived as an 'arctic' front is forecast to sweep down from the north this coming weekend. Hopefully we can again keep the ice at bay. Best of luck to all those braving it!

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