The Coarse Fishery (lower pond) is 4 acres in size and has 20 pegs to choose from. The pond is an old estate lake situated approximately 200 metres from the car park. Depths range form 2 feet to 12 feet with the average 7 -8 feet at 2 rod lengths from the bank. Fish stocks are Pike to 25lb+ Tench to 8lb, Roach,Rudd and Perch, there is also 15 to 20 carp to 25lb.This is a prolific Tench fishing water, one of the best around with a massive potential to produce a great days sport. The fishing is Days only from sunrise to sunset.

Members may if agreed in advance by the fishery stay over night.

To find more photos regarding the Lower Pond, please visit our Gallery page!

Important notice – Before visiting the fishery please download and read (click here) our Rules. The rules are there for your own safety the welfare of the fish and the surrounding country side. Abuse of the fishery rules will result in a life time ban.


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Moorgreen Fishery, Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire. East Midlands.

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