imageThe Carp Fishery (reservoir) is 38 acres in size and has over 40 pegs to choose from, it is surrounded on one side by sloping fields which roll down the valley and dense woodland on the other. It starts with a Dam wall at the road end and slowly narrows up to what is known as the reserve end. Overall depths range from a few inches to almost 30 feet. The bottom is predominantly hard silt and clay, there are 4 islands, and some weed in the warmer months, which creates the main features.

The reservoir was stocked with carp at the end of 1997, with 117 double figure fish totallingimage 1290lb, 186 single figure fish totalling 1160lb and received a later stocking early 1998 of 839lb of double figure fish and 436lb of single figure fish. These fish have now grown on massively with a huge head of 20lb+ fish, both mirrors and commons. It has produced no fewer than 10, 30lb fish with mirrors up to 40lb and commons to 43lb. The fishery record currently stands at 43lb 12oz by a fish known as 'Big Girl'. To back these fish up there are a large number of doubles growing on well.
In December 2016 we introduced twelve unique looking C3 Carp between 4lb & 7lb from the well known VS Fisheries. These fish have come on well having grown an average 3-4lb a year. Most of which are now closing in on 20lb. VS supplied us with a further eight C4 Carp ranging 9-12lb in December 2018, these fish are now mid to high-doubles with growth rates of 5lb+ being recorded in less than ten months. Future stocking dates will be announced in due course.

cry-roseThe fishery has a shower and toilet block with microwave, kettle and running water for the anglers use, Transport to and from the pegs is available at certain times.(transport may be removed for technical reasons).

Tickets for the reservoir are £500 per annum (12 months of purchase date) with a £100 joining fee for new members. This ticket covers both the Reservoir and Lower Pond. Complex viewings are by appointment only.

Click here to view a map of the fishery and to find even photos of the reservoir and the residents within, please visit our Gallery page!
We now have a Filmography page, sharing everything from from captures to drone footage, a great insight to life on the reservoir.

Important notice – Before visiting the fishery please download and read (click here) our Rules. The rules are there for your own safety the welfare of the fish and the surrounding country side. Abuse of the fishery rules will result in a life time ban.

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Moorgreen Fishery, Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire. East Midlands.

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