2016 Latest Fishery News!

30th December 2016 - Baby resident!

We've seen a few lads brave the baltic conditions mid-week. As temperatures plummeted to a crisp -7, one member was eventually rewarded for his efforts during the early hours of Wednesday morning. He was drawn from his snug pit to land a pristine Common of 4lb! Now, it may certainly not be the biggest but they all count. Another one for the future and further proof of successful spawning.

There's water here somewhere... cat ice is covering some marginal areas but is not enough to hinder anglers & has already started to thaw.

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FROSTf frostyf

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20th December 2016 - Year in review!

Again we've seen a handful of lads hit the bank over the last week or so but despite the mild conditions for the time of year, the Carp are still avoiding capture. The odd fish has been seen but haven't been consistent enough in one particular area to grasp a rough location. The forecast for the coming week doesn't look pretty but strong winds are expected which have been known to produce well during the cooler months in the past. One last chance for a Christmas cracker, best of luck to all those getting out before the New Year!

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2016 Review!

After an outrageous end to 2015 which saw 30lb+ fish being caught right up to the turn of the year, we were all hoping to hit the ground running for the 2016 season. Well, it took just a little over five weeks for us to see our first resident who was taken alongside two other fish over a 48 period, all were well wintered mid to high doubles. We saw plenty of activity over the next month or so with captures increasing by the week and even a couple being taken from 'The Shallows' in early March! By the end of the month, Carp were being landed left, right & center which hadn't been seen or heard of in years gone by. Even the new lads were getting stuck in and being treated to some right spring spankers! The first thirty landed midway through April and came as no surprise to hear of it being the eating machine known as 'Crocodile'. The action just kept on coming over the following months including several thirties and new personal bests. A number of the new lads had been doing really well up until this point but one in particular had a dream start to his campaign by landing a whopping FOURTEEN fish to 28lb+ over two 48 hour sessions. There was no real rest bite after spawning during late June when it usually proves steady for a couple of weeks but no, not this time as all hell broke loose once again. By this point we were also doing well with the weed growth, there were a few thick beds knocking around but nothing the lads couldn't handle or a patch on what we'd encountered during the summer of 2015. The summer rolled on with multiple captures almost every weekend, sometimes seeing half a dozen anglers sharing thirty-plus fish! The next main event fell mid-September when a 30lb Linear ended up in the net of a member on 'Gate 2'. Having no knowledge of this fish at over 30lb, the angler in question was given the opportunity to name the impressive Mirror. He settled on 'Elvis' (well bullied into) after overcoming a 'trembling' leg once finally seeing her on the mat. Again another Personal Best was smashed. The next event on the list was the annual winter pig-up which usually produces some unbelievable results, well unfortunately this year it just didn't happen. It baffled everyone as the fish were still showing and appearing in areas of water where you'd least expect during Autumn. It wasn't even as if we'd had an extreme bout of bad weather, they just completely shut up shop. The only way to sum it up was down to the fact we'd been 'spoilt' over the last 12 months and there was simply no need for a grand finale. Still, there is no denying that we'd had nine incredible months of fishing in 2016 so a well deserved rest & sulk were in order. We did see one last very welcome capture halfway through December when a scale perfect 26lb Common was taken by new Member. Will we see one more? There's still a week to go, who knows.

With such a quiet Autumn/early Winter we made the decision to stock a small number of 'special' Carp into the reservoir in early December. All twelve additions were clearly unique with some amazing scale patterns and averaged a weight of 6lb 8oz. These fish were introduced to our already impressive stock to add something a little different rather than bulking up numbers which we have no issues with due to very successful spawning. It's now just a matter of biding our time and wait for them to re-appear, hopefully a little larger in size. These were provided by the very popular and sort after VS Fisheries Ltd.

We just like to thank all of our member's for being part of the 2016 season, reporting back catches and sending in the pictures. We hope to see you all in the New Year ready and raring to go.

From us all at Greasley Estate we'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy New Year & a prosperous fishing season for 2017!


Many Thanks

12th December 2016 - December delight!

It may have been a tricky few weeks on the reservoir but the lads have stuck at it in hope of one last bite. Well, shortly after 5am Sunday morning the persistence paid off for one angler when he landed this scale perfect Common weighing 26lb! Not only did the Common prove to be a well earned December capture but was also the member's first fish from the water. Well done that man, Christmas just came early! In general the mild conditions have sparked a little life into the residents and continue to pop-up all over the fishery.

Forecast - Turning fresher as the week goes on but we should remain frost free. Passing showers expected throughout but mainly overcast with highs of 9C.

'Beginners Peg' - 'Beginners' remains closed until further notice. Forestry work is still ongoing and as soon as the swim is made available we shall let you all know.

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9th December 2016 - Showing but ain't biting!

We've seen a few lads out on the bank during the second half of this week after a huge change in weather. But despite some positive signs of activity, the Carp have again evaded capture as the new year grows ever closer. The showing fish have been dotted all over the reservoir with a couple of sightings not that far out, at a range of roughly 30 yards. Fingers crossed something materialises this coming weekend before conditions once again start to deteriorate throughout next week.

'Shallows' re-open - 'The Shallows' has now been re-opened & all swims are available for fishing. Thank you for your patience.

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Now here's a quick glimpse of the remaining six fish stocked last weekend! Every one a beaut!

sc2 sc4 sc7

sc8 sc10 sc11

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

5th December 2016 - Stocking pics!

Members fortunate enough to bank any of our new additions in the near future are required to photograph, weigh accurately and report to a member of staff. This enables us to monitor the health & growth of these future monsters closely over the coming years. From 2017 we'd also appreciate that all members photograph and report to fishery staff all captures made exceeding 28lb.

Here are six of the new additions that were introduced into the reservoir late Saturday afternoon. Each individual fish can be found in the known fish section of our website with more in detail photos.

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Every one a peach!

sc1 sc3 sc5

sc6 sc9 sc12

Many Thanks & Tight Lines


3rd December 2016 - New additions!

A dozen 6-7lb scaley Mirrors including fully scaleds & zip linears were successfully introduced into the reservoir this afternoon. A massive thanks to VS Fisheries for our remarkable new additions. Photos will be posted early next week.

Swim closures - Until further notice all the swims in the 'Shallows' will be out of bounds, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Many Thanks


2nd December 2016 - December whacker?!

We've seen a couple of the lads hit the bank this week but the bites are still proving hard to come by as even locating them has been a tough enough task on its own. The lack of activity certainly hasn't helped especially since the heavy frosts earlier this week. We're hoping the warmer temperatures expected over the coming days might just gift a lifeline for one last fish of 2016! Best of luck to all those out on the bank this December.

Winter Stocking - Our winter stocking will be taking place Saturday afternoon at roughly 3pm. Times are still subject to change so keep an eye out on our website and facebook page for further updates in the morning.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

29th November 2016 - Winter stocking 2016!

This coming Saturday afternoon (December 3rd) we will be stocking a small number of Carp into the reservoir. Members are more than welcome to come along a get & sneak peek of the new additions. The stocking time is a little vague at present but those who are wanting to catch a glimpse of these future monsters should contact the fishery, either via Peter or the Facebook page closer to the date for more accurate details. For any of the lads who unfortunately won't be able to attend, don't worry as there will be a full write up along with pictures and weights published early next week. Strictly members only please.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

23rd November 2016 - Movement after downpours!

After taking on a huge amount of water over the last couple of days, the reservoir has developed a soup like colour but has also encouraged a little movement amongst the residents. Activity was recorded on both Tuesday & Wednesday between 'Stump' & 'Arena' with fish showing at 80 - 100 yards. For a brief period levels rose by roughly three inches after Monday's downpours but levels have since dropped. Forecasters are predicting a few drier days ahead with the current north-easterly wind sticking around, highs of 7C.

Field side parking - Unfortunately due the recent spell of wet weather, vehicles are no longer permitted on any grassed area/verge along the field side bank. (This also includes dropping tackle at a swim prior to fishing). Until further notice vehicles should now only be left and parked in the designated car parking area.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

18th November 2016 - On the move!

The reservoir finally came back to life during the latter stages of this week after several Sightings were made but to our knowledge the Carp are still evading capture. One member reported seeing a large number of fish at range on Thursday at the Dam Wall end of the fishery but the bites were still proving hard to come by. Again this activity came on the back of a bitter & battering south-westerly wind which is forecast to change during Sunday. The outlook for the coming week is a little chilly and unsettled at times which unfortunately is only going make things even harder. We've been hoping that the chopping & changing of the weather might just trigger a feed but upto press it remains a blank. We're still keeping our fingers crossed that the lads persisting will pluck out one or two more this side Christmas.

'Beginners Peg' closure - Please be aware that form the start of next week, commencing 21st November, 'Beginners Peg' will be out of bounds until further notice due to forestry operations. Also from this date Members will NOT be permitted to go past the 'Reserve' swim for any reason whatsover and will temporarily be the last swim fishable on the wood side bank. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but these procedures are for your safety and further announcements will be made in due course.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

11th November 2016 - A sign of life mid-week!

After a fresh and crisp start to the week we were eventually treated to a little activity on Wednesday & Thursday. Several sightings were made between 'Arena' & the 'Reserve' of Carp rolling and just sticking out a cheeky head & shoulders. All the action came before a change of wind during the early hours of Friday when a strong south-westerly returned. Temperatures are now supposed to be back on the climb from the weekend onwards with mid-teens expected by early next week. So hopefully we'll start and see a fair bit of movement along with one or two actually gracing the bank!

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4th November 2016 - Complete U-turn!

We've seen a complete U-turn on the fishery over the last few days despite some promising action last weekend the Carp look to have gone back into hiding and have entirely shut up shop! It's been quite an unusual month or so with only brief periods of action on the res' unlike recent years when a fortnight around September proved the trickiest prior to the onset of Autumn. Hopefully it's not the last we've seen of our recently stubborn residents and although it most probably won't be, the fantastic fishing we've endured over the last twelve months may just have a part to play. Nevertheless a Winter pig-up is still expected and fingers crossed it all changes this coming week with temperatures looking stable but low which might just give them a kick up the back side, watch this space!

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1st November 2016 - Action on the rise!

It seems the Carp have finally decided to get on their hungry heads after a vast rise in action since the end of last week. The bites first came from swims leading up to the dam wall before moving down to the far end of the fishery, most likely encouraged by the mild south-westerly wind that had been present for several days. Captures have so far topped 27lb+ but the majority have been low/scrapper twenties, it's only a matter of time before the 'bigguns' appear! Fish location is likely to change again later this week as a cold front from the north is expected to sweep the country bringing fresher winds and the possibility of a frost or two.

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25th October 2016 - Pig-up wait goes on...!

With the Autumn vibe now set well in upon us and November approaching fast it seems the Carp on the reservoir just aren't yet ready for Winter as they continue to make us wait for the 'big' pig-up. Despite a couple of recent chilly days & nights we've had no real sign of a good crisp frost which is most likely what we need to spur them on and get food on the brain. We did see a little action over the weekend with the lads taking mostly mid to high doubles off the wood side bank as well as a one or two larger fish with a 25lb Common being the most recent of captures. Although activity & sightings have been steady of late, a short period on Saturday proved totally the opposite when anglers witnessed the Carp moving down the reservoir to 'The Shallows' where they spent a couple of hours rolling, boshing & colouring up the corner just 20 - 30 yards from the bank. Always when you never expect it or have a rod!

Forecast: A reasonably mild and dry few days ahead getting progressively warmer by Friday. Night time temperatures expected to drop to six or seven degrees and see the return of a south-westerly wind!

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18th October 2016 - Gales playing part!

We've seen a handful of fish grace the bank this weekend all of which were taken off the wood side despite there also being some lengthy spells of activity over on the field side. It is believed the bitter north-easterly influenced a number of the captures with the majority falling to swims on the tail of the wind. After a blustery start to the week with the arrival of a fresh south-westerly wind, numerous fish have been showing and rolling in the direction of the 'Reserve'.

Forecast: Conditions are expected to settle out from Wednesday onwards, turning cooler for the weekend but remaining fairly dry.

Tight Lines

12th October 2016 - Not playing ball!

Bites are still proving hard to come by on the reservoir with only a couple of known captures made so far this week. Most of the action & activity fizzled out over the weekend leaving a few lads puzzled due to the 'ideal' weather conditions. The north-easterly wind is still present although it has turned a little chilly and is expected to drop even cooler later this week when it's forecast turn full on Easterly and unsettled. With a cold snap supposedly around the corner, we don't expect it to be much longer before all hell breaks loose and the winter pig out gets under way!

KHV Reminder - With another confirmed case of the highly contagious KHV in neighbouring Derbyshire we'd just like to stress the importance of dipping and drying off your angling equipment prior to fishing. Please ensure all nets, slings, unhooking mats and any other equipment that is liable to come into contact with water or fish is dipped thoroughly in the disinfectant tanks provided before your session. Please also make sure that all mats, slings etc are completely dry before visiting the fishery to minimalise the chance of spreading the disease even further. These measures are compulsory for each and every member even if you do not fish any other waters. Anyone failing or refusing to follow these rules WILL be asked to leave the premises, there are no excuses!

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

7th October 2016 - Active on the north-westerly wind!

With a strong north-westerly wind present for most of the mid-week, a large number of Carp have dominated the dam head region of the fishery which has also led to several captures. Throughout Monday & Tuesday the Carp were at their most active, showing & rolling continually before eventually get their heads down to feed. One of the best results fell to angler on the field side where he took four fish in less than 24 hours to 26lb+. From then on all the activity appeared to drift further over towards wood side with members on that bank then going on to pluck out the odd fish over the next 48 hours. The early hours of Friday morning saw a brief change in the location of the Carp as from just before sunrise the residents had moved up the reservoir, some of which were showing as far up as 'Muds'. Although it was short lived as once the blustery north-westerly wind returned and re-gained it's pace most of the fish were drawn back down the res' towards the dam wall with a couple of lads fortunate enough to land one or two along the way.

Forecast: Not a lot changing for the weekend ahead, mostly dry & overcast with highs of 14C.

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3rd October 2016 - Fish to 27lb+!

After almost a week of endless activity, anglers on both banks took several fish over the weekend to 27lb+. Despite a steady period of action over the last fortnight, the lads remained in high spirits as well as persistent and were finally rewarded for their efforts with a number of impressive 20lb fish. 'Dugout' down to the dam wall is where most of the recent activity has been recorded but during Monday a few Carp returned to the 'Shallows' and even appeared on the surface making most of the fine Autumn sunshine.

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One from the weekend, taken from 'Peg 1' Saturday morning weighing 23lb 7oz!


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28th September 2016 - Plenty showing!

The action has started to improve over the last couple of days after tricky week of fishing in which only a select few fish have been caught. So far this week we have seen more than half a dozen fish landed to over 30lb, no prizes for guessing which pig that is but still nonetheless she continues to enthral each and every angler she falls victim too! Most of the mid-week captures have fallen to the wood side although there has still been a fair amount of activity off the field side bank. With a strong south-westerly pushing down the reservoir, a large number of fish had been drawn into the 'Reserve' throughout Wednesday.

Forecast: A bright and mild day expected on Thursday before cooling down for a mainly overcast weekend but looking perfect for a bite or two!

KHV Reminder - Please ensure all nets, slings, mats & any other angling equipment liable to come into contact with the water or fish are thoroughly dipped before fishing. The tanks have been installed to help prevent the spread of the highly contagious KHV disease, so please understand that it is compulsory to disinfect your angling equipment.

Many Thanks

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Here are a couple of fish taken over the last fortnight, an 18lb 1oz Mirror & 'Big Lin' at 26lb 5oz.

1801 2605

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21st September 2016 - Playing hard to get!

The Carp on the reservoir have been playing hard to get over the last few days despite plenty of movement & activity. A handful of fish were banked over the weekend to 34lb+, 'Crocodile Common' of course. So far during the mid-week four anglers have shared seven fish to 26lb. 72 hours in 'Gate 1' & 'Coconut' produced three fish between two lads, all double figured Commons weighing 10lb, 12lb, & 18lb. After wrapping up the pair felt they should have bagged a few more due to the amount of activity over their baited areas. The last 24 hours has produced the remaining four fish, all of which fell to the wood side. The largest was the 'Big Lin' at just over 26lb on Tuesday afternoon. Again she was taken after several hours of activity over a baited area in open water. The final trio were also plucked from open water over a large bed of bait with weights of 19lb+, 20lb+ & 21lb+. Loads of Carp still showing down the reservoir, even in the occupied swims but bites are proving a real challenge.

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'C Scale Common' from last week at 31lb 9oz.

cscale1 cscale2

Tight Lines

16th September 2016 - Welcome Elvis to the stage!

After such a productive start to the week, the remaining few days have brought just as much success with the capture of another two thirties. On Tuesday we reported that member on the wood side had banked a 31lb+ Mirror during a day session, well shortly after wrapping up another angler dropped into the same swim and managed to bag a further four fish to 31lb 9oz! Now on to the opposite bank where a member was spending four nights in 'Gate 2' hit the ground running by taking three fish in his first 24 hours. Amongst the captures were Commons of 14lb & 22lb followed by a hefty Linear weighing bang on 30lb. Straight away the assumption was that of it being the popular 'Big Lin' but after closer inspection proved to be a completely different fish and a new thirty for the water. As you can image the captor was truly ecstatic about his new Personal Best and has gone on to name the Linear 'Elvis' after overcoming the 'trembling' legs once he'd seen her in the net, Pictures to follow. Contrats to all the lads! Carp have been seen everywhere on the reservoir throughout this week with the larger shoals of fish being at either end of the fishery.

Preventing KHV - As many of you are aware, cases of KHV are climbing by the day and are unfortunately growing ever closer so in order to help protect our precious and sort after residents we have installed two disinfectant baths on the fishery. Both are located in the main car parks on either bank and are clearly visible upon arrival. Please ensure that all nets, slings, mats & any other angling equipment that may come into contact with water or fish are thoroughly dipped before fishing and even before leaving if you require. For further protection against contamination, please make sure all equipment is completely dry before visiting the fishery as this also helps to kill off the highly contagious bacteria.


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(Top) Three fish from earlier in the season, 20lb 2oz, 20lb 6oz & 'Black C Scale' at 27lb 2oz. (Bottom) 22lb Common & the newly named 'Elvis' at bang on 30lb!

20lb 2 2006 2702

22 30elvis 30linel

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

13th September 2016 - Quick session produces five!

Despite the bright sunshine & sweltering heat, Tuesday proved to be quite a productive day especially for a member fishing the wood side bank. After dropping at the far end of the reservoir for just a few hours fishing, the angler eventually wrapped up with an impressive five fish under his belt to 31lb 7oz! A massive well done indeed. Unsurprisingly Carp began to appear in the shallower regions throughout Tuesday and are likely to remain there for the next couple of days with the heatwave set to continue.

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The first two were part of a 'multiple' capture late last week which included the 'C Scale Common' & the third was taken over the weekend, another immaculate Linear weighing 22lb 9oz!

lin cscale comm lin2209

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9th September 2016 - Brace from 'Jungle'!

A Brace of twenties taken during a 48 hour spell on 'Jungle Point' mid-week. The first of the duo was a lean 20lb Common shortly followed by the capture of 'Baby Big Girl' a little down in weight at 29lb 4oz. No doubt she'll hit the feed hard and recover well over the next coupe of months. Massive thumbs up to the captor!

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20c bbg2904 2904bbg1

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8th September 2016 - Five from the field side!

Four of five fish taken off the field side during a three night stint last weekend. A Low-double Common (not pictured), two further commons of 19lb+ & 23lb+ & a brace of Mirrors weighing 19lb+ & 22lb+. Baits presented at 'long range' produced all the goods, Top Dangling!

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19c 23lc

19m 22m

Tight Lines

7th September 2016 - 'Unknown Thirty' banked!

Alongside the capture of the 'Big Lin' at the weekend was the appearance of another of the reservoir's larger residents. The fish in question was a well known 30lb Mirror ironically named the 'Unknown Thirty' at 32lb 3oz. After banking his first thirty from the water, the member also went on to bag a fine brace of twenties to nicely top off his New Personal Best. Well done that man!

Below are couple of the weekend's captures as well as a stunning 19lb+ Linear from earlier in the year.

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Peach of a Linear weighing 19lb+, 22lb Common & the mighty 'Unknown Thirty' at 32lb 3oz!

19lin 22c unt3203

Tight Lines

4th September 2016 - 'Shallows' Success!

Here are the four impressive twenties taken during a three night stint in 'The Shallows' last week. A fifth, notably larger fish was also unfortunately lost at the net. Still, no complaints about these chunks: 22lb 10oz Linear, 23lb Mirror, 23lb Linear & a 25lb Common.

News has also reached us that the sort after 'Big Lin' made an appearance early Saturday morning weighing just a couple of ounces over 29lb, Well in lads!

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2210 23

23lin 25fc

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30th August 2016 - 'Angry Annie' bank holiday best!

The capture of 'Angry Annie' was the highlight of what proved to be a reasonably quiet bank holiday weekend. The reservoir saw just a handful of anglers over the three day break with most landing at least a single fish, a couple did manage to bag in excess of five fish a piece. 'Annie Annie' was back to her best when banked on the wood side during Saturday, she weighed an impressive 32lb 4oz and was the member's first thirty from the water, a massive well done indeed! Carp were again spread out all over the fishery for the duration and have continued to show well throughout Tuesday.

Forecast: Warm but overcast during Wednesday before turning cooler & wetter later on in the week with temperatures dropping to the mid-teens.

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Largest pair of four fish taken off the wood side during the bank holiday. 19lb 10oz & 20lb 4oz.

1910 2004

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26th August 2016 - Mid-week action!

Roughly half a dozen fish were banked during the mid-week despite there being an insane amount of activity at the either end of the fishery. The early part of the week saw the Carp dominate a large area of water up by the Dam Wall which eventually led to a handful of captures to 20lb+ in 'Gate 1'. A second consecutive day of sweltering temperatures saw a number of fish move down in to the 'Shallows' where they spent most of Wednesday making their presence known & ripping up the bottom. The low pressure that followed on Thursday drew the Carp out into the deeper unpressured water where they continued to show well. A few fish were spotted in the 'Shallows' throughout Friday with several other sightings dotted out all over the reservoir.

Forecast: Heavy rain expected on Saturday before turning drier late on Sunday. Highs of 21C.

Click to enlarge:

The ever hungry 'Crocodile Common' at it again, taken late last week weighing 32lb 8oz. Well in lads!


Tight Lines

22nd August 2016 - Multiple captures to 32lb+!

Plenty of action on the reservoir over the last seven days with members banking near on thirty fish to 32lb 8oz. 'The Shallows' is the only area that hasn't produced the goods even though fish were seen in the region. Carp had been showing right from 'Peg 3' down to 'Steps' for several days before ending up in 'Peg 1' Sunday afternoon where they spent a few hours on the surface. One member took advantage of the feeding fishing and it wasn't long before a cracking 19lb 12oz Common slipped into the net. Just a few of the active swims include 'Peg 3', 'Toilet Swim' and 'Dugout' with some lads banking as many as nine fish apiece. Mass amounts of sightings made again throughout Monday all over the fishery.

Rod License - Can all members please ensure that they are carrying their current & valid E.A rod license(s) on their upcoming visits to the fishery. Routine license inspections will be made on site over the coming weeks.

Field side parking - When using any of the gates on the field side to access 'Gate 1' please make sure you latch and chain the gates behind you. On two occasions this last fortnight access points to the field where cattle are currently grazing have been found unsecured and latched incorrectly. It is vital that all access gates used are double checked to ensure they are fully secured, most importantly for the safety of all parties.

Click to enlarge:

(Top) One for the future, a stunning little 9lb 4oz Mirror taken from the 'Reserve' early last week. (Bottom) Brace of Commons taken from 'Peg 3' Sunday night, 27lb 2oz & 31lb 7oz.

904 904

2702 3107

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

12th August 2016 - Anywhere & everywhere!

As the headline suggests, Carp on the reservoir have been spread out all over the place for most of the week producing around a dozen captures. Despite the strong south-westerly, anglers have surprisingly taken fish off the back of the wind where they were still showing as of Friday afternoon. A large number of the mid-week captures have been real pretty and immaculate fish to just over 20lb, most of these are believed have not seen the bank before! The forecast isn't looking great for the coming week, temperatures are set to soar with lengthy bright spells so don't forget your mixers and give the zigs a bash!

Click to enlarge:

A brace from last weekend, both 23lb on the nose from 'Back & Beyond' & 'Peg 8'. The third Common was also taken off the wood side weighing 25lb 6oz.

23bab 23lbp8 256

Tight Lines

8th August 2016 - Action remains steady!

After a brief lull in the action during the latter stages of last week, the bites returned for the weekend as anglers took several fish to 26lb+. A successful and dominant fortnight at the Dam end of fishery eventually fizzled out as a strong south-westerly wind drew majority of the Carp back down the reservoir in the direction of the 'Reserve'. 'Arena' was just one of the productive swims this weekend after a member relocated from 'Peg 1' for just a few hours and it proved to be an instant hit, landing one of 22lb, losing another as well as bagging a couple of Tench to 6lb.

Forecast: A mostly overcast week with an odd shower likely. Highs of 19C but winds a expected to ease by Wednesday.

Click to enlarge:

A selection of eight fish taken during a stint on the wood side early last week. 23lb was the largest banked after unfortunately losing a further five fish. Well in lads.

dfc LCom

20mir 20lin

Tight Lines

2nd August 2016 - Wild weekend, twenty-seven fish to 30lb+!

The weekend was all about the wood side where four members shared a whopping twenty-seven fish to 31lb! The lads were pitched in the first few swims on the wood side bank and the captures were as follows: 'Peg 1' produced ten fish to 27lb, five from 'Peg 2' also to 27lb, 'Unattended' was then part of another five fish haul in 'Peg 5' & the final seven fell to 'Peg 6' with a fish of 27lb+ again being best of the bunch. Unfortunately the group also lost a further eleven Carp but there proved little disappointment after such an eventful 48 hours. The weekend's big hit in 'Peg1' came as no surprise after producing twelve fish to 25lb+ in two separate quick overnight sessions late last week. Plenty of sightings still being made down the dam end of the fishery.

Forecast: Current conditions look set to last for at least the remainder of this week so there should hopefully be stacks more of action to come!

Click to enlarge:

A handful from last week's action on the wood side including a couple of high doubles & three twenties to 24lb+.

18 18lb 23c

242m 23m

Tight Lines

27th July 2016 - No one escapes the 'Croc'!

The colossal Common that is the 'Crocodile' made another very welcome appearance earlier this week at a healthy weight of 31lb. She was part of an amazing ten fish haul which included several twenties during a 48 stint on the wood side. The Carp really have knocked it up a gear on the feeding front over the last few days with a further ten plus fish being landed on both banks to well over 20lb. Conditions have made a huge difference with longer overcast periods and much cooler temperatures.

Click to enlarge:

As promised the stunning dark Mirror taken off the surface on Sunday weighing 22lb on the nose! You all know the second, the ever hungry 'Crocodile Common'.

22m CROC31

Tight Lines

25th July 2016 - Captures to 25lb+!

A vast increase in action over the weekend as members shared more than ten fish to 25lb+. As reported last week, the Carp have spread out all over the reservoir so pretty much all vacated swims have produced at least a single fish. Sunday's action was rounded off nicely when a member spent a couple of hours stalking in 'Peg 1' and managed to bag a stunning dark Mirror of 22lb off the surface. Pics to follow later on this week.

Forecast: A dull but mild week ahead, occasional showers possible Thursday into Friday but overall perfect conditions for a few bites.

Click to enlarge:

A well deserved Mirror taken in the sweltering heat during a very tricky week of fishing. Snared shortly after presenting a bait in twelve inches of water amongst feeding fish off 'Goose Point'. A fish known as 'Octopus' weighing 23lb!


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20th July 2016 - Sunning it up!

Fishing has still proved tricky on the reservoir over the last few days with anglers managing only a couple of fish to 20lb+. Conditions certainly haven't helped matters with bright sunshine and sweltering temperatures for the last four days straight. The Carp seem to be spread all over with plenty cruising/basking in and around 'The Shallows' throughout the day before moving up the reservoir early evening but remaining in higher layers of water. Some anglers though still haven't gone home empty handed after banking several Tench to 8lb+.

Forecast: Lower temperatures expected over the next couple of days as well as a much cloudier outlook, more so during the weekend. Highs of 23C.

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A brace of twenties taken last week from 'The Shallows' weighing 22lb & 24lb.

22shal bfc24

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15th July 2016 - Playing hard to get!

Despite conditions being almost perfect for a large part of the week, the reservoir has seen just a handful of fish to 24lb grace the bank during the mid-week. Most of the success fell to the field side whilst 'Beginners' produced just a single fish of 22lb Monday night. After a slow start to the week it wasn't until Tuesday afternoon when the activity began to increase with sightings being made between 'Muds' & 'Steps' but bites still proved hard to come by. As of Friday the Carp were still showing in roughly the same area of water as the south-westerly wind started to gain pace.

Forecast: Showers possible throughout Saturday before turning drier and warmer on Sunday. Highs of 24C.

Known Fish - Head over to our website and check out the new section dedicated to some of the reservoirs larger and well known residents. Any members who have caught any of the listed fish and aren't pictured in the galleries, please feel free to send in your photos via our facebook page or email along with dates, weights etc and we'll get them uploaded ASAP.

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7th July 2016 - Quiet few days!

We've had a quiet few days on the fishery after a small number of Carp attempted a third bout of spawning during the early week. The weekend produced a handful of fish to 20lb+ shortly before the action ground to a halt and the several hours of spawning session began. There has been no signs of any 'thrashing' about since but the bites have increased with captures being made on both banks to 25lb+. The forecast looks ideal for a bite or two this weekend so hopefully we'll have plenty to report back come next week.

Forecast: Mainly overcast from Friday onwards, light rain showers possible on Saturday then turning drier for Sunday. Highs of 20C with a strong-ish south-westerly wind.

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30th June 2016 - Field side re-opens!

After a second spell of spawning came to an end earlier this week all the swims between 'Teabag' & 'Weedy Bay' are now back open for fishing.

Back to the action and it's been another productive week on the wood side with members taking several fish to 30lb. Carp to 29lb 8oz were taken from 'Beginners Peg' whilst a member half way down the bank has so far landed seven fish including another thirty. More details as we get them. The reservoir has again been left heavily coloured after almost 48 hours of rain which has also led to a level increase of more than two inches.

Forecast: A mixed bag for the weekend ahead, turning drier by Sunday with highs of 17C.

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Here's one from last weekend, the 'Crocodile Common' at 33lb 10oz taken for a second time this season by the member, Top Stuff!


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27th June 2016 - Several to 33lb+!

Despite the spawning late last week & throughout the weekend, a large number of Carp have still been on the feed with anglers taking multiple fish to 33lb+. With more than two thirds of the field shut off due to 'romping', most of the lads headed down the wood side where they weren't left disappointed. Again members took up to five fish a piece as well as some unfortunate loses. Amongst all the capture were two of this season's friendliest residents, 'Angry Annie' at a spawned out weight of 24lb and the 'Crocodile Common' which made her second appearance of the week at 33lb+.

Spawning - A few fish remain in 'The Shallows' but aren't exactly 'thrashing' about so re-opening the bank will all depend on what happens over the next couple of days.

Forecast: Heavy showers expected throughout Tuesday & Wednesday before turning drier & brighter in time for the weekend.

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Two from last week, both taken during a quick overnighter. 'Crocodile' at 34lb 2oz & a scaly 16lb 2oz Mirror.

3402 1602m

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24th June 2016 - Immaculate Mirror!

Check out this immaculate 23lb 5oz Mirror banked earlier in the week. The fish is not well known but does resemble one our largest residents 'Big Girl'. Another one to keep an eye on and certainly will be sort after, 30lb bound?

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immm2305 im23051

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23rd June 2016 - Spawning Closures!

The Carp have returned to 'The Shallows' in the last 24 hours for a second bout of spawning so some swim closures have been reinstated. 'Teabag' through to 'Weedy Bay' is now out of bounds and will be until further notice. The closure may stretch further depending on Friday activity. we apologise for any inconvenience.

Many Thanks

22nd June 2016 - 'Baby Big Girl!

'Baby Big Girl' taken during a 12 hour session in 'Teabag' Sunday night weighing in at 31lb 8oz!

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20th June 2016 - 'Teabag' produces 'Baby Big Girl'!

As the conditions improved so did the action over the weekend as a welcomed dry period saw more than a dozen Carp landed to 31lb 8oz. Again both banks produced the goods with the largest fish falling to 'Teabag' where a quick overnighter led to the capture of 'Baby Big Girl' at 31lb 8oz! Pics will be posted when we get them. Elsewhere a number of twenties were banked along with several multiple captures, some landing four fish a piece!

Field side Parking: - Due to the recent wet weather anglers fishing the field side are NO longer permitted to drive or park on the grass for any reason whatsoever. Further announcements will be made in due course.

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Three from last week including a well known Mirror called 'Octopus' at 23lb 1oz.

11c 2008c ocotp2301

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17th June 2016 - Steady mid-week!

We've had a few steady days on the fishery that has seen members on both banks land roughly half a dozen fish to 25lb+. The action was always expected to ease after a frantic spell of spawning throughout last week. Conditions mid-week have again been absolute dire with persistent downpours and the occasional storm. This has led to a daily fluctuation in levels and has left the reservoir with a fair amount of colour.

Forecast: Drier and brighter for the weekend with highs of 20C. Isolated showers are likely again throughout next week.

Camping - Any fishery members who are into their caravanning/camping and want to bring their family along on their next visit are more than welcome to use our tranquil & secluded camp site. The site is ideally located just a stone's throw away from the fishery but is also surrounded by a number of pubs/dining, supermarkets and an array of historic landmarks. Please follow the link to our Camp site's web page for more information. A small pitch fee will apply.

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13th June 2016 - Swims Re-open!

The swim closures have now been lifted on both banks as spawning eventually fizzled out over the weekend.

Fourteen to 33lb 4oz!

A duo that braved the weekend's dire conditions were rewarded for their efforts with an incredible FOURTEEN fish hit. The pair banked five doubles, eight twenties and 'Unattended' weighing 33lb 4oz in just over 48 hours. It's another fantastic result for the lads and sums up whats been a great start to the season with both now getting 30lb fish under their belts in 2016. Top dangling lads!

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21lmlin 22mir

24c 25lb 258

fc264 unatte

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11th June 2016 - Mid-week Pics!

As promised a few more from the mid-week action when a member took twelve fish including nine twenties & three doubles! Weights were as follows: 16lb, 18lb, 18lb 8oz, 20lb, 21lb 4oz x2, 22lb, 23lb, 24lb, 24lb 4oz, 25lb & 'Big Wilf' at 26lb 8oz!

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20plus 20plusc 20plusm

20c 20+ 20mir

mir20 com20

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10th June 2016 - Spawning Closures!

Due to an escalation in spawning Friday morning we've have no other option but to extend the closures to both banks. All the swims between 'Teabag' & 'Jungle Point' on the field side are out of bounds as well as 'Arena' down to 'Beginners'. We expect all these swims to remain closed for the duration of the weekend and further announcements will be made early next week.

Back to the action and the member who had banked eleven fish as of Thursday wrapped up his session Friday morning after landing another fish taking his tally to a dozen with two lost. Another great session despite the bright conditions and of course all the romping. Pics will follow.

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Three of nine twenties taken to 26lb 8oz including 'Big Wilf'.

20plus 25plus bigwilf

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

9th June 2016 - Still spawning!

The Carp have had a real good go at spawning over the last couple of days and we expect 'The Shallows' to remain out of bounds until early next week. Again we apologise for any inconvenience and further announcements will be made in due course.

Meanwhile well away from all the spawning, there's still a few fish interested in their grub with one member currently on a mid-week session having had thirteen takes, landing eleven to 26lb 8oz. we'll whack up the pics when we've got them! Top Dangling.

Forecast: Cooling down a little for the weekend with the occasional shower expected, still highs of 20C.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

Breaking: 7th June 2016 - Spawning begins & swim closures!

The Carp began to spawn in 'The Shallows' Tuesday afternoon so some swim closures have been put in place. 'Goose Point' down to 'Teabag' is now closed until further notice, we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but please understand this is only done for the safety of the fish. Further announcements will be made in due course and we will keep you all up to date on what's happening throughout the week.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

6th June 2016 - Spawning update!

A large number of Carp have been in 'The Shallows' throughout Monday but there have been no real signs of 'thrashing about'. The area is heavily coloured and we expect something to start in the next 24 hours or so. As it stands all banks & swims remain open but please just be cautious when fishing over on the field side and understand that a closure could be enforced at any given time.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

3rd June 2016 - Seven heaven in Peg 1!

A new member who took seven fish from 'Peg 1' on his very first session has gone and done it all over again in exactly the same swim. He arrived on Tuesday for only his second visit to the water and again dropped into 'Peg 1' where the wind had been hacking too for the last couple of days. He got his 48 hour session underway with two consecutive 28lb Mirrors, one of which happened to be the ever so hungry 'Angry Annie'. Over the following 24 hours he bagged a further five Carp between 12lb & 25lb. In 96 hours of fishing the angler has now banked a staggering fourteen fish including twelve twenties, no better way than to hit the ground running. A massive well done indeed! Weights as follows: 12lb, 21lb, 22lb, 24lb, 25lb, 28lb & 'Angry Annie' at 28lb.

Forecast: Turning warmer on Saturday with highs of 20C and is expected to continue well into next week.

Click to enlarge:


20mjune 20cjune slickcom 20lbcom 20m aa28peg1

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2nd June 2016 - Fifteen fish over two sessions!

Over the spell of two sessions one member has managed to bank a whopping fifteen fish including multiple twenties & two thirties. The first session saw the angler take twelve Carp, several over 20lb to just eight ounce shy of 30lb. The second stint produced just three fish from 'The Shallows' but did include a brace of thirties made up of the 'Crocodile' & 'Baby Big Girl'. Unbelievably this was the sixth capture of the greedy 'Crocodile' so far this season and was the first of two captures of 'Baby Big Girl' in as many days.

Pictures to follow: A selection of twenties & the 'Crocodile'!

Click to enlarge:

20m bcom chunk

20lbc nightm linear

AA29 crocagain

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1st June 2016 - Mid-week brace!

A fine brace taken off the wood side during a quick overnighter last week.

18lb Common & 20lb Linear.

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18c 20lin

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31st May 2016 - Last Minute Thirty!

The bank holiday weekend has rounded off a fantastic week off fishing in which an astounding six thirties have been banked along with a countless number of twenties.

These pair were just a couple banked over the three day weekend, the first a 24lb 2oz Mirror was landed Saturday morning whilst the second, a resident known as 'Unattended' saved a blank for a member shortly before wrapping Monday morning weighing 32lb on the nose. Certainly worth waiting for! This was in fact the six thirty to grace the bank in the last seven days, incredible stuff!

Spawning - Just to be aware, a few of the smaller Carp on the reservoir had a go at spawning around the islands on Sunday morning. It is unlikely with the current forecast that there'll be any more romping over the coming days but in the event that they do start again may lead to the closure of certain banks & swims. Any closures will be published on our news feed as well as our Facebook page right away. Please keep your eyes peeled for any spawning like activity whilst fishing and please report any action to fishery asap.

Many Thanks

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2402 unatt32

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27th May 2016 - Six twenties from 'The Shallows'!

A four day stint in 'The Shallows' produced these five Cracking 20lb Mirrors & the mighty 'Creased Common' at 29lb 6oz! Two further thirties were also banked in the next swim down, pics to come!

20lb 2oz, 21lb 9oz, 23lb 11oz, 25lb 2oz & 25lb 11oz & the 'Creased Common' at 29lb 6oz!

Click to enlarge:

2002 20plus 20plus1

20pluslin 20plus3 2906cc

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26th May 2016 - Eight to 31lb 6oz!

A 48 hour session on the wood side produced a whopping eight fish to 31lb 6oz this member who also went on to unfortunately lose a further four fish. The pig that is 'Crocodile Common' was the largest of the session and was taken alongside several 20lb fish, some of which are pictured below.

Click to enlarge:


TWENTYC cc3106

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25th May 2016 - Brace of thirties!

Another fantastic two day session on the wood side ended with a member banking a total of six fish between 17lb 2oz & 33lb 7oz. Four of the captures were well known and named fish including: 'Big Wilf' at 26lb 6oz, 'Angry Annie' at 28lb 9oz, 'Baby Big Girl' at 30lb 10oz & the 'Unknown Thirty' weighing 33lb 7oz. 'Baby Big Girl' made her second appearance inside a week despite only being caught once during the 2015 season way back in December. This was also the 'Unknown' Thirty's' first capture since October 2015, again only featuring once throughout that calender year.

(Top) 17lb 2oz, 23lb 7oz & 'Big Wilf'. (Bottom) 'Angry Annie', 'Baby Big Girl' & the 'Unknown Thirty'

Click to enlarge:

1702 2307 wilf26

aa2906 bbg3010 ut3307

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23rd May 2016 - Result in 'Reserve'!

After arriving late on Friday night this member dropped into the vacant 'Reserve' swim and it sure did prove to be his best session so far this season. 0900 Saturday morning saw the fish taken in the shape of a chunky 20lb 2oz Mirror. The following night produced the remaining pair, a 10lb Common at roughly midnight followed by a cracking 25lb 12oz Mirror just over four hours later! The same bank also produced the immaculate 24lb Common pictured below. The last picture of the 22lb Common featured in Friday's report after being taken off the wood side during a mid-week session.

(Top) 20lb 2oz & 2x 25lb 12oz. (Bottom) 24lb & 22lb.

Click to enlarge:

2002 2512 2512s

24c 22c

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20th May 2016 - Both banks producing!

The mid-week action has seen members on both banks take half a dozen fish between 10lb & 23lb. The first blood fell to the wood side where a member on a quick overnighter took a fine brace including an 11lb 9oz Common & a 23lb 9oz Linear. By Wednesday captures were being made on the field side as 'The Spit' produced a small double whilst his fishing partner a few swims up bagged cracking fish of 22lb. Elsewhere a couple of doubles were banked as well as several Tench to 4lb+. There's currently a strong wind hacking down the far end of the reservoir, so swims from 'Muds' down to the 'Reserve' would be highly recommended.

Forecast: Wet weather gradually fizzling out throughout Saturday, turning drier and milder for the new week.

Now here's a couple more from the seven fish rout in 'Peg 1' early last week!

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05 c

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16th May 2016 - Action to 27lb+!

Plenty of action on the reservoir over the last few days as members banked fish to 27lb+. 'Stump' & 'Dugout' on the wood side were just a couple of the productive swims with fish to 23lb being taken whilst 'Teabag' & 'Gate 1' on the opposite bank were just as lively. Sightings were made all over the reservoir this weekend with with latest lot of activity falling Monday afternoon in open water between pegs '5 & 7'. Another fifteen Tench also banked from 'The Shallows to over 6lb.

Forecast: Showers arriving Wednesday before eventually drying up for the weekend. The wet weather will bring cooler temperatures although they are expected to recover by Friday with highs of 17C.

Non-member/angler visitors - Any members wanting a non-member/angler to visit them whilst on the fishery MUST request permission from the fishery bailiff before entering the site whether it be for five minutes or two hours. Failure to abide by this rule will result in visitor privileges being revoked and consequently further abuse of the rule will lead to a ban. There are no excuses.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

11th May 2016 - Seven of the best from 'Peg 1'!

It's been another hectic few days on the fishery as members shared more than a dozen Carp to 28lb+ were banked. Following a succession of big hits at the far end of the reservoir, the best result this week fell to an angler fishing 'Peg 1' at the Dam end of the fishery, taking seven fish including six twenties to 28lb+. Prior to the first capture the angler had seen several fish knocking about in the area, most of which were just patrolling high in the water off and around the dam wall and overflow. Once he'd banked the first fish, there was no looking back as the Carp really got their heads down and the bites just kept on coming. A massive well done to the captor on what was his very first visit to the water! Back down in 'Beginners' to a member who as of Friday had banked five Carp to 30lb+ wrapped up his session on Saturday with a six and final fish weighing just over 20lb. The previous weekend over during the May bank holiday saw the same swim produce a staggering fifteen fish to a single angler! Elsewhere captures to 22lb were made whilst 'The Shallows' produced a handful of Tench to 5lb+.

Forecast: Drying up from Thursday onwards but temperatures will drop for the weekend with mainly overcast skies and highs of 13C.

Click to enlarge:

A couple more from the six fish hit in 'Beginners' last week and a selection from the rout in 'Peg 1' this week.

17b 23b

p1 p12 lin

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6th May 2016 - 31lb 8oz Common mid-week best!

More than half a dozen fish have been banked throughout the four day week with majority of the captures falling to the wood side. The largest of them all was a 31lb 8oz Common and yes you guessed it... wasn't the 'Crocodile' surprisingly but instead another well known resident named the 'C Scale Common' which made her last appearance in December 2015 and was her only capture of that year. She was taken alongside four other fish between 17lb - 23lb and also became a new Personal Best for the member, a massive well done indeed! The Carp have been a lot more active over the past couple of days with several sightings and mud churning in the 'Shallows' as well as the odd back and dorsal fin off the dam wall. With temperatures expected to soar this coming weekend expect a large number of Carp to be patrolling the higher layers of water during the day, so consider playing about with a zig it may just save you a blank!

Forecast: Occasional thundery showers expected late Saturday afternoon otherwise it should be mostly dry with highs of 26C.

Click to enlarge:

Here's a couple from the mid-week action and part of five fish taken from the wood side, 19lb & 31lb 8oz 'C Scale Common!

19l 3108CSC

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3rd May 2016 - 'Crocodile' at it again!

A couple of residents taken from 'Gate 1' over the bank holiday weekend and unbelievably the 'Crocodile Common' was again part of the action. She was taken Friday morning at roughly 09.30 weighing 30lb 12oz and was followed by a cracking 24lb grey Mirror 48 hours later. The colossal Common had been a target fish for the member and can now be crossed off the list. A massive well done indeed.

'Beginners Peg' Booking - Members wanting to fish the 'Beginners Peg'/'Pole' must book the swim in advance with the fishery bailiff prior to your visit. A single booking runs for 24 hours on a twelve noon til twelve noon basis, consecutive night bookings can be made subject to availability. This system has always been in place but due to the recent success in the swim, it has become a little popular.

Many Thanks

Click to enlarge:

01.16may croc

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29th April 2016 - Wild week of weather!

An absurd week of weather has led to a few quiet days on the fishery with both the banks and reservoir seeing little activity. We've had pretty much every season of weather over the course of five days as well as consecutive heavy frosts. It's certainly looking drier and a little warmer for the lads visiting this coming weekend so hopefully we'll see the return of fish or two!

Field Side Parking: Please note that until further notice vehicles are still NOT permitted to drive or park on the grass for any reason whatsoever and should be left in the designated car parking area only.

Now just to get you in the mood for the bank holiday weekend, here are a couple more of the recent captures. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge:

One for the future 11lb Common, 21lb Common & a 22lb 12oz Mirror!

11fc 21c 2212

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

25th April 2016 - Weekend action!

The reservoir produced another fine selection of Carp this weekend as members on both banks took fish to 26lb+. Firstly, an angler mentioned in Friday's report rounded of his wood side session on Saturday with a total of five fish under his belt. Included in the captures were 'Crocodile' & 'Octopus' as well as three further twenties to 22lb 12oz. Well done that man! Meanwhile we also reported that a large Mirror had been landed off 'Gate 2' on the opposite bank Friday afternoon and from the photos we discovered it was in fact the incredible 'Big Lin' at 29lb 8oz which was followed up by a 9lb scale perfect common Saturday morning as well as several Tench to 6lb. Another massive well done indeed. A few swims down in 'Gate 1' at roughly 07.00 the same morning another member took his biggest fish from the water so far this year in the shape of a chunky 26lb Mirror pictured below. Congrats to the angler on another successful session and as you can imagine there were huge smiles all round.

Forecast: A chilly week ahead with occasional wintery showers and the chance of further frosts. Highs of 9C.

Click to enlarge:

(Top) 26lb Mirror taken Saturday morning & 'Big Lin' taken Friday afternoon weighing 29lb 8oz. (Bottom) 20lb 2oz Common, 21lb 15oz Octopus & 'Crocodile' at 30lb 2oz.

26 biglin2908

2002 octopus croc

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22nd April 2016 - Handful to 30lb+!

Activity may have been quieter than expected throughout the mid-week but the lads have persevered and managed to bag a handful of fish to 30lb+. The largest of the bunch was the 'Crocodile Common' which was captured for the second time inside a week and was even taken from exactly the same swim. She graced the bank along with two other fish including another well known resident called 'Octopus'. The latest action fell Friday afternoon when the field side produced a stunning 29lb 8oz Mirror. A couple of Carp have been spotted in 'The Shallows' this week but the majority have been down in the 'Reserve' basking in the fine spring sunshine.

Forecast: Turning cooler this coming weekend, a couple of icy showers possible Saturday evening along with the chance of a frost or two!

Click to enlarge:

Now here's a cracking 23lb 5oz Linear taken just over a fortnight ago!

2305l 2305lin

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18th April 2016 - First thirty of 2016 banked!

The early hours of Friday morning saw a new member bank the year's first thirty in the shape of 'Crocodile' weighing 33lb 5oz. Amazingly the colossal common was the members second capture since recently joining the water and had only banked his first fish last weekend! He eventually wrapped up his session with a total of three fish & a new Personal Best under his belt! Elsewhere the field side produced a further three fish to just over 20lb. A fair few sightings were made throughout weekend especially on Saturday when a hacking wind & downpours drew a large shoal of fish down the reservoir towards 'Peg 1' & the overflow.

Forecast: Dry for most of the week with highs of 12C but occasional frosts are likely.

Click to enlarge:

The Scaley 26lb 8oz Mirror (x2) banked from the wood side last week & 'Crocodile Common' at 33lb 5oz!

2608wm 2608wm1 cc3305

Tight Lines

12th April 2016 - 26lb 8oz Scaley Mirror!

Tuesday morning saw another mid-twenty landed on the wood side as a member took a stunning 26lb 8oz scaley Mirror during 24 hour session. Pics will be posted when we get them.

Click image to enlarge:

A new member broke his duck over the weekend with this chuinky 20lb 8oz Mirror. Hopefully the first of many, Top Dangling!


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11th April 2016 - 'Angry Annie' makes first appearance of 2016!

There was little disappointment on the reservoir this weekend as a handful of members shared eight fish to 28lb+ as well as a couple of unfortunate loses. Anglers took fish from both banks with the wood side producing the best result during a quick overnighter. Three fish were taken in less than 12 hours from 'Beginners', all of which were twenties including two Commons & 'Angry Annie' at 28lb+. Pictures to follow. Majority of the remaining captures were 20lb+ although the field side did produce a pristine Mirror weighing 2lb.

Forecast: Dry for most of the week with highs of 15C.

Click image to enlarge:

The three taken Friday morning during a quick overnighter. 20lb 4oz, 21lb 8oz & 'Angry Annie' at 28lb.

2004 2108c AA28

Tight Lines

7th April 2016 - April Showers!

The recent unsettled weather certainly hasn't phased the lads on the reservoir this past week with a couple fortunate enough to winkle out fish or two despite the lack of activity. The majority of the action has fallen to the field side although that bank has proved much quieter over the last 48 hours since a change in wind and drop in temperature. Clarity has improved vastly whilst levels remain just above normal.

Forecast: More unsettled to come over the next few days unfortunately. The winds will be brisk but not consistent whilst there's still a possibility of a frost or two.

Don't forget you can keep up to to date on all the latest action via Twitter & Facebook! Also feel free to check out our Camp Site Facebook page, tucked away on a tranquil part of the Estate, ideal for pitching the tent or a caravan getaway.

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1st April 2016 -Action to kick off April?

A couple of lads on the field side managed to pluck out three fish to just over 20lb this week despite consecutive heavy frosts knocking back activity slightly. Two of the captures were again taken from 'Gate 1' whilst a member in 'Teabag' banked an immaculate 11lb Common shortly after setting up on Tuesday. A strong south-westerly wind returned on Friday and with temperatures likely to reach the high-teens, we should hopefully see a little more action this coming weekend.

Click to enlarge:

The larger pair of four fish taken from 'Gate 1' over the Easter weekend.

20lb+M 20lb+L

Tight Lines

29th March 2016 - Eleven to 25lb+!

The Easter weekend certainly lived up to expectation as several lads braved the adverse conditions of 'Storm Katie' and shared a total of eleven fish to 25lb+. The action began on the wood side Thursday evening and over the course of the weekend eventually produced three fish including two twenties and a mid-double. On the opposite bank in 'Gate 1' two anglers shared a further four to 25lb+. The best individual result also fell to the field side as a member took four immaculate fish weighing 16lb, 19lb, 21lb 8oz & 22lb, pictures to follow. After the weekend's downpours the reservoir gained nearly eight inches of water and was left heavily coloured. Levels have since receded to roughly two inch above normal.

Forecast: Becoming more settled from Wednesday onwards with temperatuers likely to reach 15C by the weekend.

Unattended Bivvies - Please not bivvies are not to be left unattended for more than two hours at a time without good reason. Recently a couple of bivvies have been left empty, 'stitching up' swims for more than 24 hours which is not acceptable nor fair on any other member. Please respect the rules and if unsure on any details please contact the fishery bailiff before vacating your swim.

Click to enlarge:

Four belters from the weekend, 16lb, 19lb, 21lb 8oz & 22lb. Check out the Linear!


2108L 22LBC

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

24th March 2016 - Easter action?

As the activity continues to grow a few fish of the non-Carp variety have been on feed this week as the reservoir produced some fine Tench to 4lb+. Even though they were not the target species they were very welcomed captures all the same. Hopefully we'll see a few of our larger residents over the bank holiday weekend as they continue to reappear from the winter depths. The latest sightings were made at the Dam end of the fishery where anglers witnessed Carp basking in the afternoon rays and having the occasional feed on small flies & insects. Saturday & Sunday are forecast to be the wettest of the four day weekend but we should see temperatures climb to nearly 15C.

Tight Lines

21st March 2016 - Activity on the up!

A week of settled weather has finally led to an increase of activity with plenty of Carp now visiting the shallower regions of the reservoir. A couple of days last week saw fish to high-doubles basking down the 'Reserve' on the tail end of a bitter north-easterly wind and most recently seen between the 'Spit' & 'Teabag' during a fine spell of sunshine Sunday afternoon. With feeding currently not the resident's main priority, we're hoping that'll all change this coming weekend when a few of the lads will hopefully entice out a fish or three! Temperatures should reach 10C or 11C most days this week but unsettled weather is expected to arrive on Thursday and last well into the weekend.

Field Side Parking: If you're planning on fishing the field side over the Easter weekend please take note that vehicles are still NOT permitted to drive or park on any grassed area whatsoever. Although parts of the land may seem dry, most areas are still too soft and will not support traffic.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

14th March 2016 - Has spring sprung?

With conditions somewhat like the start of spring, there were high hopes for a bite or two this weekend but unfortunately the residents proved more elusive than first expected. Despite temperatures reaching the sweltering heights of 14C on Sunday, only a couple of Carp were seen with even a lack of activity amongst the smaller fish. We may see a few fish visit the shallower regions this coming week as few bright & mild days have been forecast. Also if fishing the deeper water over the next few weeks wack out a zig, they don't get used half as much as they should plus you never know it may just save you a blank!

Tight Light

7th March 2016 - Cracking brace from 'The Shallows'!

The action returned to the reservoir over the weekend when two members took a fish a piece and lost a third during a frantic twenty minute feeding spell whilst pitched up in 'The Shallows'. They are two fantastic captures that not many would expect from that location this time of year especially after the freezing conditions we've experienced over the last fortnight. A massive well done to the lads, Top dangling! Warmer weather is expected to arrive by the weekend and last well into next week so hopefully we'll soon be seeing several more of our greedy residents grace the bank!

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1st March 2016 - Lower Pond Pike!

With the reservoir still proving to be a tough nut to crack, a member decided to venture down to the Lower Pond in search of Pike and hasn't left disappointed yet! By simply fishing a dead bait on both ledger & bung, the angler has bagged several Pike over the last week including a hard fighting 15lb+ female. The number of double figured Pike has risen over the past couple of years and the recent 15lb+ is the largest known to date. Cooler temperatures are forecast for the remainder of the week with snow flurries possible on Wednesday.

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22nd February 2016 - Tough week!

It proved to be another challenging week for the lads on the reservoir after frosts and single figured temperatures pretty much ended all activity. Despite a mild weekend when temperatures peaked at more than 15C, just a couple of sightings were made & reported in the 'Peg 7' region Sunday afternoon. The frosty conditions looks set to return for this coming week, so we expect to see a little cat ice forming in the shallower areas.

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15th February 2016 - Cold snap!

Despite their best efforts fishing proved a little tricky for the lads on the reservoir during the second half of last week as cold and frosty conditions made a dreaded return. As the weekend approached the temperatures plummeted and the fish activity eventually fizzled out. There has been a handful of sightings made off the wood side bank over the last 48 hours between 'Pegs 4 & 7' at around 50 yards. We do expect some cat ice over the next couple days as temperatures are forecast to drop to a low as -5 after dark. A mild but unsettled band of weather should follow the cold snap and move in by the end of the week.

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Breaking: 8th February 2016 - Off the mark!

The first captures of the year were made on the reservoir over the weekend as a new member banked a fine brace of Mirrors weighing 16lb 2oz & 18lb 2oz. Shortly afterwards a member in the next swim along banked a third in the shape of a chunky 14lb 3oz Common. The fish were taken at approximately 40 yards out whilst fish had been seen even closer at around 25 yards. Prior to the action several sightings had been made on the wood side throughout Friday after the return of a strong south-westerly wind. Sightings are still being made in & around the bay on the wood side. The increase in levels and colour over the last 48 hours has not affected the activity whatsoever. We'd like to congratulate the pair on not only opening their personal accounts for the year but for also getting the 2016 season underway.

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The year's first brace & a chunky mid-double Common.

1602 1802v1503

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2nd February 2016 - The search continues!

Another half a dozen anglers visited the fishery during the weekend in search of the year's first fish but unfortunately the cold & wet conditions made fishing a little tricky. The recent warmer temperatures have led to a fair amount of activity on reservoir but with the weather being so up & down over the last week, fish movement & their whereabouts has been too unpredictable. Despite the gale force winds and rain the clarity continues to improve whilst levels remain pretty much normal.

Forecast: Another mixed bag for the week ahead, frosts & wintery showers expected before a milder weekend.

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26th January 2016 - Winter whacker?!

The reservoir saw a handful of members over the weekend and although very little graced the bank, there was still plenty of movement and activity. Due to the cold weather the Carp had gone a little shy but as the conditions turned they slowly began to reappear throughout Saturday and were at their most active Sunday afternoon. Clarity has gradually improved over the last week whilst levels have remained normal. The next couple of days may just be the prime time to be out on the bank as in the past strong south-westerly winds during the colder months have been known to really spur on the Carp and has produced some absolute crackers.

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20th January 2016 - Carp on the move!

Despite the low temperatures and frosty conditions there has been frequent activity on the wood side over the last week. Cat ice has been present in some marginal areas most mornings but it has not affected swim availability and has usually thawed by around lunchtime.

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13th January 2016 - Woodside activity!

Fish were on the move Wednesday morning when a member reported frequent activity on the wood side between pegs 'Three' & 'Dugout'. Reservoir levels are near enough back to normal whilst the banks and swims are slowly starting to dry out. Drier conditions are forecast from Friday onwards but it will be chilly.

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11th January 2016 - Quiet & extremely wet!

Unsurprisingly the past week on the fishery has proved to be rather quiet after further gale force winds and continuous rainfall. The reservoir has gained a vast amount of water over that period and as of Thursday lunchtime was at its highest point standing at nearly eight inches above normal but has fortunately dropped by around three inches since. Clarity remains extremely poor whilst activity has been minimal. Hopefully we should lose a little colour over this coming week as conditions are expected to settle out but become chilly.

Field Side Parking: Just a quick reminder that vehicles are NOT PERMITTED to drive or park on any grassed area until further notice. Signs are in place enforcing the rule so there are no excuses.

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4th January 2016 - Last of the December action!

Despite the dire conditions over the last fortnight, a handful of the lads still managed to get out on the bank during the festive break and the majority weren't left disappointed. A number of captures were made throughout the week with short day sessions producing the better results. The last of 2015's action fell on Wednesday when a member took fish of 17lb & 23lb in quick succession rounding off what has been a fantastic & record breaking December! Hopefully we'll hit the ground running in 2016 and it won't be long before the year's first fish is on the bank. The reservoir currently stands at around four inches above normal & is extremely coloured with more wet weather on the way.

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