2015 Latest Fishery News!

December 23rd 2015 - Christmas Cracker!

A member fishing the field side bagged himself an early Christmas present Tuesday afternoon when the sort after 'Unattended' graced his net at over 30lb. The angler who was only on a short day session landed the chunky 32lb 6oz Mirror shortly after landing a brace of twenties & two unfortunate hook pulls! As you can imagine he was on cloud nine after such a great achievement for December but the pair have crossed paths once before when he caught her back in September 2013 at over 34lb, Top Dangling!

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Familiar face, the remarkable 'Unattended' in all her winter glory!


2015 review!

Despite a late-ish start to the season action wise, we've endured a fantastic nine months of fishing since that first capture in mid-April and obviously there's been a few surprises thrown in along the way. 'Unattented' was the year's first thirty in late April weighing 33lb 8oz which was shortly followed by the eating machine 'Crocodile Common'. At the beginning of June the water gained a new 30lb Mirror which was named 'Big Wilf' & was part of a memorable 48 hour haul in which several twenties were banked alongside three thirties. The following week the Carp began to spawn and the weed began to grow. In just over a fortnight the vast weed growth had covered most of the reservoir, the worst it's ever been. With help from a few of the members we managed to clear and make a number of the most popular swims fishable. After around three weeks the weed peaked and began to recede allowing even more swims to open up. It wasn't long before the nights began to draw in and the best period of the season was upon us. It began in style when a resident on pretty much every members wanted list made his first appearance in nearly four years, a Common known as 'Corporal' weighing exactly 30lb. The next couple of months saw several more of the reservoir's shy residents get caught including the 'Unknown Thirty' at 35lb 6oz, 'Baby Big Girl' at 31lb 12oz & 'C Scale Common' also at 31lb 12oz. 'Baby Big Girl' was part of a record haul for the fishery when a member took an astonishing thirty-three fish during a 72 hour session. It may have been a little milder than expected but this autumn through to December has been the best fishing we've ever known and it's not over yet!

On that note we'd like to send a big thanks to all of our members and wish everyone a very merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a prosperous fishing season for 2016! We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

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December 21st 2015 - December does thirty fish!

The weekend saw a member bank another four Carp to take December's tally to just over thirty fish! All the action fell during a 24 hour stint on the field side where multiples of fish had been showing prior to & during the session. Weights of the captures were as follows: 11lb Mirror & Commons of 10lb, 22lb 7oz & 23lb 12oz!

11dec15 207dec15 2312dec15

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December 16th 2015 - Latest action!

It may have been a 'wash out' weather-wise over the last week or so but the lads spirits refuse to be dampened as they continue to be rewarded with a fish or two. The largest & latest of the action fell Tuesday evening when 'Gate 2' produced a 26lb 10oz Mirror for a member on a quick overnight session. Large areas of bait remain the best approach. The persistent wet weather has left the reservoir more than six inches above normal & heavily coloured.

The Lower Pond has also been active this last week with several Pike being caught to 15lb+.

Forecast: Staying mild but unfortunately the showers look set to continue well into next week.

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Latest of the action, 26lb 10oz!


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December 10th 2015 - Action eases!

The reservoir has been a little quieter than expected during the mid-week after such an eventful weekend, only a couple of captures have been made. Fewer sightings have also been recorded since Tuesday as the fresher temperatures seem to have had a knock on effect. Despite the quiet few days we have been fortunate enough to have experienced one of the most productive December's in nearly twenty years on the fishery with more than twenty fish being taken during the first ten days of the month!

Forecast: Showers likely throughout the weekend with temperatures hovering around 6C or 7C.

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December 8th 2015 - Record breaking December!

We may be only eights day in but we're right on track to set a new fishery record for December after already seeing more than twenty fish grace the bank so far this month. Another five fish were landed by a single member over the weekend ranging from mid-doubles to low twenties. All the recent action has fallen to large beds of bait.

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24lb 4oz heavily plated Mirror taken during a quick overnight session last Thursday!


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December 4th 2015 - Seven more to 27lb!

Three anglers on have banked a further seven fish to 27lb during single night sessions over the last 48 hours. Wednesday night saw a member take four fish off the wood side to 27lb (Pictured below). Two anglers then shared three fish the following night on the opposite bank between 16lb & 22lb 12oz! With more mild but windy conditions expected this coming weekend, we should be in for an exciting few days!

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16lb 2212 27lb

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December 3rd 2015 - December action!

Mid-week saw the reservoir produce one of its finest ever winter displays as two members shared an impressive eight fish to 34lb! In less than sixteen hours the pair bagged two consecutive 30lb Commons, five twenties and a mid-double Mirror. The first thirty, 'C Scale Common' was banked for the first in more than eighteen months at a healthy weight of 31lb 12oz before the eating machine 'Crocodile Common' made what probably will be her last appearance of the year. After making most of the mild conditions, both members banked their first December fish from the water in incredible style and is somewhat a massive achievement. A huge well done to the lads, Top Dangling! More to come?

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Top: 34lb 'Crocodile Common' & 31lb 12oz 'C Scale Common'. Bottom: 28lb 8oz 'Creased Common', 26lb 1oz 'Black C Scale' & a mid-double Mirror.

croc34 csc3112

cc2808 bcs2601 middouble

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November 25th 2015 - Activity knocked back!

The wintery conditions over the weekend seem to have taken hold on the fishery with very few sightings being recorded since Sunday despite temperatures recovering well mid-week. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of this year's action as more mild weather is expected over the coming week but winds are likely to be wild. Who's on for December's first fish?

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November 20th 2015 - Seven more to 29lb 12oz!

It may have been a rough week weather-wise for the lads out on the bank but it certainly has been perfect for a bite or two. The action began on Monday when a member on his first of two mid-week sessions bagged a fine brace weighing 15lb & 20lb. He then returned after the storm on Wednesday for a 48 hour stint in which he banked three immaculate twenties to 27lb+ during a frantic 45 minute feed Thursday lunchtime. Later that afternoon another member just a couple of swims away landed the warrior that is 'Angry Annie' at 29lb 12oz, her best weight of the year & in great condition! She was followed by a second fish of 17lb a few hours later.

Forecast: Temperatures expected to plummet Friday night, snow showers possible with highs of 4C.

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(Top) 'Angry Annie' at 29lb 12oz & 2 x 27lb 2oz Mirror. (Bottom) 23lb 8oz Mirror & 24lb 2oz Common.

AA2912 2702wm 2702wm2

2308 2402c

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November 16th 2015 - 35lb 6oz top weekend action!

Another action packed weekend on the reservoir as a handful of members shared more than ten fish to well over 30lb. The best session on the wood side included the capture of the 'Crocodile Common' at 35lb 6oz Saturday night. She was taken along with a 21lb 2oz Common & a 24lb 12oz Mirror during a 24 hour stint. We'd like to congratulate the angler on the capture after breaking his Personal Best for the second time in as many months. Onto the field side and a member on a quick overnighter bagged four fish from the 'Shallows', fishing in just four feet of water! Weights were as follows: 12lb Common, Mirrors of 18lb, 22lb & 25lb.

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Four from the weekend: 18lb, 22lb 8oz, 25lb & the 'Crocodile Common' at 35lb 6oz!

18lb 22lb 8oz

25lb 35lb 6oz

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Novembr 12th 2015 - Half a dozen to 28lb!

After an emphatic start to the week the action unfortunately became non-existent from Wednesday morning onwards as the strong south-westerly wind drew the fish down to the far end of the reservoir. The bulk of the action fell on Monday when a member took five fish in the first sixteen hours of his session with all of them breaking the 20lb barrier. Tuesday night saw the week's only other capture when another member on a 48 hour session took a fish of 15lb which was shortly followed by an unfortunate hook pull. The occasional sighting has been made between 'Peg 3' & 'Dugout' since but numbers just aren't as high as they were during Monday & Tuesday. Swims between 'Stump' & 'Arena' look to be the obvious choice for the weekend ahead although we do fully expect the Carp to return to the deeper water by early next week with what is currently forecast.

Weekend Forecast: A mixture of sunshine & showers, strong winds with gust in excess of 50mph and a drop in temperature to as low as 4C after dark.

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(Top) 21lb 8oz Common, 22lb 4oz Mirror & a 23lb Common. (Bottom) 2 x 27lb 10oz Mirror & a 28lb Common.

2108c 2204m 23lbxc

2710 2710m 28c

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November 9th 2015 - Pig-up continues!

There has been a huge rise in activity since the arrival of the strong south-westerly winds on Saturday and has so far led to the capture of five fish. The reservoir saw just a single angler this weekend who after sitting out the dismal weather conditions was rewarded with a fine brace of Carp to over 20lb. The latest action fell on Monday when a member took three twenties in less than six hours whilst Carp crashed everywhere. In order of capture: 22lb 4oz Mirror, 21lb 8oz Common & a 27lb 10oz Mirror at 17.00 this afternoon.

Heres a couple from last week.

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17lb Mirror & 20lb 4oz Common!

17m 2004c

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November 5th 2015 - Seven to 20lb+!

Over the last 48 hours a total of seven fish have been landed and a further two lost as the winter pig-up continues. Weights averaged mid-doubles as two members shared the mid-week action taking Carp between 2lb & 20lb 4oz. Whilst showing continuously in open water the Carp have gradually crept further down the reservoir throughout the week.

Forecast: The mild but wet weather looks set to last well into next week. Strong winds are expected from Sunday onwards.

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November 2nd 2015 - Selection from last week!

Despite a decline in activity over the last few days members are still plucking out the occasional fish or two. Here's a selection from last week's action.

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(Top) 27lb 'Baby Fat Common' & 21lb 12oz. (Bottom) 19lb 12oz, 24lb 5oz & 26lb 5oz!

27lb bfc 2112

1912 2405 2605

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Ocotber 24th 2015 - 'Baby Big Girl'!

The largest of an astonishing thirty-three fish haul taken by a single member last week!

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31lb 15oz 'Baby Big Girl'.

bbg3115 bbg31151

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October 23rd 2015 - Pics from the mid-week!

We'd just like to congratulate member Andy from the local tackle specialists Planet Carp on his record breaking session after banking THIRTY-THREE Carp over three days including twenty-plus twenties. That's some serious angling!

Now a few snap shots from another mid-week session which saw the capture of 'Crocodile Common' and our very first Ghost Carp.

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11lb 10oz 'Black Spot' Ghostie, 18lb 4oz heavily plated Mirror & 'Crocodile' at 34lb 4oz.

11lb 10oz 1804 croc

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October 22nd 2015 - Member banks THIRTY!

A member on the wood side has endured an incredible couple of days fishing this week after banking more than THIRTY Carp in just over 60 hours. With bites coming round the clock exhaustion is starting to take hold but the angler is adamant of plugging through one more night to add further to his already record breaking session. A massive well done indeed. A little further down the same bank another member has also undertaken an exciting mid-week session which included a new Personal Best in the shape of the eating machine that is 'Crocodile Common'. A massive congratulations to the captor! The next significant capture may have been three times smaller than the 'Crocodile' but it is certainly one to look out for in the future, an immaculate 11lb 10oz Ghost Carp which to our or any of our regulars knowledge has never been caught before.

Now as promised here's a few from the session in 'Gate 1' where two lads took more than twenty fish over a ten day stay. The largest was a 29lb Mirror which proves to be another highly sort after fish and with its distinctive apple slice scale patterns there's no wonder why!

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Top: 20lb & 2 x 25lb. Bottom: 2 x Apple Slice Mirror 29lb.

20lbga1 25lb1 25lb2

29as as29

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Ocotber 19th 2015 - 'Unknown Thirty' at 35lb 4oz!

Just like last weekend another shy reservoir resident grabs the headlines as the 'Unknown Thirty' makes her first appearance in just over a year at a staggering weight of 35lb 4oz! She was taken on the first night of a three day session along with Commons of 15lb & 28lb. Both the Mirror & Common became Personal Bests during what the angler described as a session of a lifetime and kindly wrote us the following report.

"I received a steady run at around 01.15 Saturday morning which came on the middle rod. The rod was fished at distance over a bed of particle. After a good fight the fish came to a weed bed at fifteen yards out and had to be eased through it. Once through the weed bed I realised that the fish was going to beach due to its sheer size !!! so I had to wade out with my trousers rolled up to pull this magnificent fish other the net cord! At 07.00 the same morning, the same rod screamed off, this resulted in a beautiful 28lb Common to give me the best session ever, both Pb's broke inside 6 hours !!!!. I also managed to get another run in the early hours of Sunday morning which resulted in a 15lb Common."

As you can imagine when he wrapped up his session on Monday morning he left on 'Cloud Nine' and we'd just like to congratulate him on his fantastic achievement in what is his first season on the water, we're sure there's plenty more to come!

Elsewhere 'Gate 1' & swims down to 'Stump' have produced a barrage of fish, again to 29lb breaking two more Personal Bests! The first was briefly mentioned in Friday's update, a scale perfect 29lb 2oz Common which was taken Thursday morning along with two other fish. The second was part of a five fish rout on the wood side which included two doubles to 18lb, a 23lb Common, the 'Big Lin' at 25lb & another 29lb Common. Congrats to both anglers! Pictures will follow this report. A few other single fish were also banked including the 17lb Mirror below. As stated 'Gate 1' was also in on the action with two anglers taking more than twenty fish during a ten day stay. More details & pictures from the session will be posted as and when we get them.

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Top - 2 x 'Unknown Thirty' at 35lb 4oz & 28lb Common. Middle - 29lb, Big Lin at 25lb & 18lb Common. Bottom - 2 x 29lb 2oz & 17lb Mirror.

3504ut 3504utt 28lbc

29gh 25lbbl 18lb

29sy 29sy1 17lb

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October 16th 2015 - Plenty caught to 29lb+!

It's been a lively & exciting few days on the fishery as angler's mid-week shared more than fifteen fish to 29lb+. The week began well on the wood side with fish to 24lb+ being taken in just the first few hours before enduring a short lull in the action. In the meantime activity in 'Gate 1' increased and the lads present managed to bag a number of fish to well over 26lb. From Tuesday evening onwards the action returned to the wood side and up until Friday captures to 29lb+ were made including several twenties with angler's averaging three fish a piece. 'Gate 1' produced a couple more Carp Thursday afternoon and evening with two fish of 25lb being landed along with an 18lb 8oz Mirror. 'Jungle Point' did also manage to get amongst the action with a single fish being taken by a member on a quick overnighter. The majority of the mid-week sightings have been made on the wood side between 'Dugout' & 'Peg 3'.

Forecast: Mostly dry & overcast for the weekend ahead, expect mid-teen temperatures throughout the day and lows of 5C after dark.

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A selection from the wood side, 15lb 2oz, 24lb 4oz, 21lb & 28lb 2oz.

1502al 2404

21b&b 2802

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October 12th 2015 - 'Corporal Common'!

The main talking point of the weekend was the capture of the 'Corporal Common' which graced the bank for the first time in three and a half years! A pound in weight was only the difference in regards to his last appearance back in April 2011 as the needle this time settled on 30lb exactly. The member did also manage to bag a second fish shortly before wrapping up on Sunday in the shape of a plump 16lb Mirror. We'd like to congratulate the angler on his fantastic achievement with this being his third thirty of the season. Despite his lack of appearances, the immaculate Common is a well known resident and has been targeted by several members for a number of years. Elsewhere on the fishery swims on the wood side have produced Carp to 24lb 4oz, the latest of which was taken Monday afternoon at 16.00.

Click to enlarge:

The elusive 'Corporal Common' at 30lb & a chunky 22lb Mirror from Friday afternoon.

30cc 22p3

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October 8th 2015 - A couple more to 26lb+!

Despite the Carp showing continuously along the wood side no further captures have been made on the bank since the early morning action at the start of the week. Meanwhile on the opposite bank in 'Gate 1' where there has been little showing, a member has bagged a fine brace of twenties to just over 26lb with latest falling Thursday lunchtime. Conditions have been ideal throughout the week but the resident's just don't seem to be in full on eating mode yet, so fingers crossed that will all change this coming weekend.

Forecast: Remaining dry well into next week. Lows of 5C. Highs of 16C.

Click to enlarge:

'Big Wilf' a little down in weight at 26lb 10oz from 5am Monday Morning & a scaley 25lb 3oz Mirror 24 hours later.

2610bw 2610bw2

2508p8 2503p81

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October 6th 2015 - Wood side producing!

After a quiet couple of days last week, the reservoir sprung into life over the weekend as anglers took fish to 26lb+. The wood side produced the bulk of the action as Carp finally made their way down the bank after spending most of Friday sat high up in the water off the dam wall. 'Peg 3' was one of the active swims, producing three fish to 20lb+. The Carp then made their way down to the 'Dugout' & 'Stump' region where they have been holding & showing since late Sunday. Two fish have been taken since then, the first at 05.00am Monday morning weighing 26lb 8oz followed by another of 25lb 3oz Tuesday morning at 04.30am in the pouring rain. Odd sightings are being made on the field side but the cooler conditions just seem to have driven most of the Carp into a little deeper water. With October now upon us we've reached an exciting part of the season when hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be in for a surprise or two. Watch this space!

Forecast: Showers to fizzle out Wednesday morning before turning drier and brighter for the remainder of the week. Highs of 15C.

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September 29th 2015 - Weekend selection!

As promised a few photos from the weekend, all were taken in less than 36 hours and part of a six fish haul.

19lb, 21lb, 22lb, 25lb & 2x 'Unattended'!

Click to enlarge:

1905 21 22

25fc 29un bsgun

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September 28th 2015 - Several to 29lb+!

It proved to be another action packed weekend on the reservoir as members shared more than a dozen fish to 29lb+. Thursday night saw the first fish banked when 'Jungle Point' produced a fine 18lb 8oz Common before the activity began to drift over towards the wood side where majority of the captures were eventually made. The largest of the weekend was 'Unattended' which made her second appearance in as many weeks at 29lb. She became a new Personal best for the member and was part of a six fish haul consisting of two doubles & four twenties. A massive well done to the angler! The remaining captures included a mixture of high-doubles & low twenties to 24lb+. During Monday afternoon Carp continued to show along the wood side with swims surrounding the 'Toilet swim' particularly lively.

Forecast: Dry & bright for most of the week, daytime temperatures reaching 20C whilst evening could drop as low as 5C.

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September 24th 2015 - Changes to the field side!

Over the last week work has been undertaken on the field side and has led to a change in access to some of the swims along the bank. Access to swims between 'Teabag' & 'Jungle Point' remains the same, the grass track leading to 'Gate 2'/'Jungle Point' is wide enough to manoeuvre and provides room to park two cars a breast at the far end. To gain access to 'Gate 1' enter the field via the newly installed Gate by the toilet. Other than entering or leaving this field, the Gate MUST remain closed at all times. Once you have driven across the field to the 'Gate 1' area, you will be able to park your car in 'Gate 1' or if fishing 'Coconut' you will be able to park behind your swim via the new wooden gate, the area will provide room for two cars. Again when not in use, both of these gates MUST remain closed at all times as cattle will be grazing the field. If there are no vacant spots in either of these gates, your car should be returned to the car park provided and not parked or left in the field for any reason whatsoever. Access to 'Gate 1' will be made available from 15.00 on Friday 25th September. Announcements will be made in due course regarding any further changes.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

September 22nd 2015 - 'Scruffy Common' makes an appearance!

The highlight of the weekend was the capture of 'Scruffy Common' weighing 33lb 8oz from 'Weedy Bay'. She slipped into the net at 6am Sunday morning and even though she was a re-capture for the angler, he was just as happy as the first time he banked her back in May. Hopefully she'll have a good Autumn and just like last year with any luck she might just reach a new record weight! Plenty of activity between 'Muds' & 'Reserve' on Monday during the wind & rain but it soon fizzled out when the sun came out!

Forecast: Becoming drier & brighter from Thursday onwards, highs of 16C & lows of 6C.

Click to enlarge:

Not a bad wake-up call on a misty morning, eh?


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September 18th 2015 - Plenty to 29lb 10oz!

Over the last 36 hours there has been another three fish landed to 22lb+, two of which were taken off the field side whilst 'Peg 3' on the opposite bank produced the third Friday morning weighing 19lb. Thursday saw a lull in the action as fish by the Dam Wall began to slowly drift off, moving down the reservoir & over towards the wood side where there has been little pressure. Amongst the mid-week captures was 'Unattended' which was a little down weight at 29lb 10oz and was described as 'hollow' by the captor. Hopefully over the next few weeks she'll hit the feed hard and will be soon back at her best! The Tench have also been on the munch this week with anglers taking fish to 7lb+ on boilies.

Forecast: A dry & mild weekend ahead, rain moving in early next week.

Click to enlarge:

A handful of captures from the mid-week action: (Top) 20lb & 22lb. (Bottom) 20lb, 27lb 8oz & 'Unattended' at 29lb 10oz.

20lbc 22lbc

20lbm 2708 2910unatt

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September 16th 2015 - Scale Perfect Linear!

A brace of Commons have been banked over the last 12 hours, the first was a fish of 20lb Tuesday evening followed by one of 16lb at 5am Wednesday morning shortly after an unfortunate hook pull.

Now check out this impressive Linear from last weekend, 24lb on the nose!

Click to enlarge:

24lin 24lin1

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September 15th 2015 - 'Angry Annie' weekend's best!

There has been plenty of action on the fishery over the last few days as both banks continue to produce fish to nearly 30lb. 'Angry Annie' at 27lb 4oz was the largest resident to grace the bank over the weekend, she was taken off the wood side along with a selection of doubles and low twenties. On the opposite bank & 'Teabag' produced another fine 21lb Common after a warm easterly wind enticed a large number of Carp into 'The Shallows' Friday afternoon. At the other end, 'Coconut' had already got the weekend underway with the capture of a scale perfect Linear weighing 24lb. Over the last 36 hours three twenties have been banked & a further two lost. The trio of Mirrors weighed; 20lb, 27lb 8oz & 29lb 10oz. Most of the recent action has fallen to large baited areas with some takes only 20 minutes apart. The reservoir gained a little colour due to the rain whilst levels have barely altered.

Forecast: A mixture of sunshine & showers for the remainder of the week. Temperatures to drop as low as 7C.

Click to enlarge:

A couple from the weekend including 'Angry Annie' & a brace from last weekend.

21lb aa2704

21c bbc24

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September 10th 2015 - Active in 'Gate 1'!

It may have been a grey and dismal start to the week but surprisingly it's been 'The Shallows' that has produced the mid-week's only known action. The captures were made over a 36 hour period in which a brace of doubles and a low twenty graced the bank. Fish activity has not been as frequent as reported last week although during Tuesday shoals of Carp could easily be seen moving along and working the 'Gate 1' area. A quick catch up on last weekend when the wood side proved most successful after producing several fish to 25lb+ including the 'Baby Big Common' which bizarrely made her third appearance inside ten days!

Forecast: A showery and blustery start to the weekend, the easterly wind will eventually ease & turn south-westerly by late Saturday.

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Septemper 3rd 2015 - Playing hard to get!

Despite there being plenty of activity all over the reservoir for most of the week, anglers have struggled for bites as the Carp refuse to play ball. Several members have also witnessed fish showing over their baited for areas for lengthy periods of time to no avail. Could it be an unfortunate coincidence or the fact they're preoccupied on naturals, who knows? Either way let's hope the action returns for the coming weekend!

Forecast: Light showers possible on Friday, dry & mild from Saturday onwards, highs of 17C.

Click to enlarge:

The two twenties landed Bank Holiday Monday. 20lb 8oz & 24lb 10oz.

2008 2410bbc

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September 1st 2015 - 26lb Common bank holiday best!

It proved to be another lively & exciting bank holiday on the fishery as members landed multiples of Carp from various swims around the reservoir. 'Baby Big Common' was the largest banked weighing 26lb+ and was part of a trio of twenties taken by one angler alone. Most of the lads finished their sessions with at least two fish in the bag as weights varied from 14lb to 20lb+. The latest action came on Monday when a member took a 24lb 10oz Common mid-morning before adding a 20lb 8oz Mirror to his tally later that afternoon.

You can now keep up to date with the latest action via our new facebook page as well as twitter. Get the news as it happen!

Forecast: Odd showers expected throughout the week along with cooler temperatures especially after dark.


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August 28th 2015 - Showing all over!

Carp have been showing all over the reservoir throughout the week, the most frequent activity was reported between 'Jungle Point' & 'Teabag' although open water sightings in front of 'Pegs 3 & 5' increased from Thursday afternoon onwards. A couple of captures were made on the field side mid-week with weights just ounces either side of 20lb. Weed still on the decline with more swims now available on both banks, some thick beds remain at distance off 'Arena' & 'Stump'.

Bank Holiday Forecast: Mainly overcast for the duration with occasional showers on Sunday & Monday. Highs of 20C.

Click to enlarge:

Three caught by a new member from 'Teabag' last weekend including a stunning 24lb 4oz Linear which became a Personal Best!

18lb, 21lb 8oz & the 24lb 4oz PB.

18tb 2108tb 2404tb

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August 25th 2015 - Personal Best delight!

After a an exciting mid-week in 'Teabag', the swim carried it's fine form into the weekend by going on to produce a further four fish including a Personal Best! All four captures fell to a new member who arrived Friday afternoon and was eventually lured into the corner swim after spotting several large Carp working the area. Weights ranged from mid-doubles to 24lb 4oz which became his new Personal Best, breaking his old one by more than 1lb. A great first session on the water and a huge well done! The far end of the fishery continues to hold fish with the current strong south-westerly pushing hard down the reservoir.

Now as promised a few pics from last week's action and the trio from 'Gate 1'. 16lb, 24lb & 26lb 8oz!

Click to enlarge:

16g1 24lbg1

chevmir chevmir1

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August 21st 2015 - Field side feed!

With more swims now opening up due to the dying weed, members have started to venture back over to the field side where there has been little disappointment. Carp have been taken from a selection of swims along the bank including 'Teabag' which produced the week's largest fish weighing 29lb 6oz! 'Gate 1' was another in on the action as a 72 hour session saw a member bag three fine Mirrors of 16lb, 24lb & 26lb 8oz, two fish were also unfortunately lost. Photos of the captures will be posted in next week's report.

Forecast: Warming up for the weekend with storms likely on Saturday before turning cool and wet Sunday afternoon, highs of 28C.

Tight Lines

August 14th 2015 - New wind, on the move!

As of Thursday morning Carp began to reappear at the Dam Wall end of the fishery due to a turnaround in wind and the arrival of a strong north-westerly. Most of the sightings were being made between 'Pegs 3 & 5' on the wood side at a 50 - 60 yard range. The weed has made a vast improvement over the last week or so with swims on both banks benefiting especially 'Teabag' which was fished earlier this week!

Forecast: Showers disappearing Friday night leading to a mainly overcast weekend, highs of 19C.

Tight Lines

August 10th 2015 - 'Arena' presents a six fish display!

'Arena' was again in fine form over the weekend, producing another six fish to 20lb+. All the captures were taken inside 48 hours and included a brace of twenties, a selection of mid to high doubles & a couple of chunky Tench. At the other end of the res', a member in 'Peg 6' also got on the score board with a low twenty and several Tench. Majority of the sightings are being made at the far end of the fishery due to the current mild south-westerly wind which continues to draw in and hold the fish. The Carp also seem to be making most of the dying weed beds in the shallower regions, rooting and ripping up areas where straggly patches of weed remain.

Forecast: Another perfect week for bite or two, mild & overcast with an occasional shower expected in the latter stages.

Tight Lines

August 7th 2015 - Carp very active!

Despite being quiet on the capture front mid-week, Carp have been active round the clock with sightings made continuously at either end of the fishery. Majority of the fish have again been working the wood side bank after starting off down the 'Reserve' earlier in the week and arriving back down by the 'Dam Wall' as of Thursday. The weed is now dying in most of the swims with plenty of clear spots emerging especially in 'The Shallows'.

Weekend Forecast: Dry, overcast & mild for the duration with highs of 21C.

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August 4th 2015 - Strong south-westerly!

Since the arrival of the south-westerly wind early Friday morning, Carp on the reservoir have been extremely active down the 'Reserve' end of the fishery. For the duration 'Arena' & 'Rockery' have both been popular due to the weed and have both produced fish to high doubles. Sunday morning saw a shoal of fish moving and working swims '3 to 5' on the wood side but as soon as the sun broke through during the early afternoon the activity began to fade out. Multiple sightings were again made throughout Tuesday from 'Muds' down to the 'Reserve, most of which were roughly at a 50 yard range. Although the weed continues to dominate large parts of the reservoir, the last week or so has seen a decline in growth with even some of shallower beds starting to die off! So we should hopefully start to see some clearer areas emerging over the next couple of weeks.

Forecast: Winds are expected to ease by Wednesday afternoon but conditions are to remain overcast and mild.

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July 31st 2015 - Sightings all over!

After a quiet few days on the bank, 'Coconut' came to the rescue and produced the first fish of the week Thursday night in the shape of a 16lb Common. The capture was taken by a member on his first night of a 48 hour session and followed three days of continuous activity between the 'Dam Wall' & 'Weedy Bay'. Early Friday morning saw a new south-westerly wind gain pace and by midday Carp were starting to show from 'Muds' down to 'The Reserve'. Later that afternoon several Carp were also seen wading through the weed and taking off the surface by the 'Spit' on the field side.

Forecast: Ideal conditions for a bite or two this weekend, overcast and mild with a strong south westerly wind!

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July 28th 2015 - 'Coconut' strikes again!

'Coconut' dominates the headlines for the second week running after producing another fine display over the weekend! The trio of captures included a brace of twenties and a high double as a member took all three fish during a 36 hour stint. Photos will be posted as and when we get them. Carp continue to show all over the reservoir with a few reappearing on the surface mid-afternoon. The fishery has risen by roughly three inches but hasn't gained much colour after a few days of wet weather. Hopefully this fresh flow of water encourages another frantic spell of feeding.

Forecast: Mainly overcast and mild for the coming days with the odd shower possible and highs of 18C.

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July 24th 2015 - 'Coconut' cracked!

After being part of the weed clearing work earlier this week, two members dropped into the 'Coconut' swim on the field side where they endured a productive 48 hours fishing. During the two day session three Carp were landed including weights of: 15lb, 17lb & 23lb 12oz. Three Tench and a Roach also made an appearance. This particular swim had been over looked for quite some time, even before the weed became such a nuisance whilst it is common knowledge that over the years it has produced some the fishery's biggest hits. Plenty of fish still moving up and down the wood side, most of which have been showing 30 - 40 yards out.

Forecast: Dry & bright for the majority of Saturday although showers are expected to return for Sunday.

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July 20th 2015 - Not a blank in sight!

The reservoir produced more than a dozen fish this weekend as every member present bagged at least a single fish. The best result fell to 'Arena' where an angler took a handful of fish to 30lb+ during a quick overnight session. Other active swims included 'Peg 3', 'Back & Beyond' & 'Muds' which were all part of the weed clearing work undertaken last Friday. Sightings were made all over the reservoir during Monday with some Carp rolling within 30 yards of the bank, just beyond the weed. Mild & overcast conditions have been forecast for the coming days so we should hopefully see a few more captures by the end of the week!

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July 16th 2015 - Severe weed growth!

The last five weeks has seen the weed on the reservoir grow at such an incredible rate that it is now dominating 95% of the swims. This last week alone has seen it take a firm hold at the Dam end of the fishery making it near on impossible to land fish, i.e. costing one angler three fish in less than 24 hours earlier this week. Over the next week or so we shall be undertaking work from both boat and bank in order to clear as much weed as possible. This will hopefully make fishing a little easier but more importantly make it safer and fairer on the fish. Further announcements will be made in due course. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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July 14th 2015 - Steady weekend!

It proved to be a reasonably quiet weekend on the fishery as members shared a handful of fish to 20lb+. With the majority of last week's captures falling to 'Pegs 3 & 4', the top end of the fishery produced the latest installment of action including 'The Arena' swim which as you may know, has been in fine form in recent weeks. A strong south-westerly wind is expected to develop over the coming days, so that along with the mild & overcast conditions should hopefully get those Carp back into gear. watch this space!

Click to enlarge:

The brace of twenties taken in quick succession from 'Peg 4' last week. 21lb 'Octopus' & 23lb 5oz!

21oct 2305lin

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July 10th 2015 - 'Peg 3' produces nine!

After dropping into a swim that hadn't been fished for several months, a member left Friday afternoon with a grin from ear to ear as four nights fishing in the wood side's 'Peg 3' added a further nine Carp to his season's tally. The action began Monday night when he took five fish in quick succession. The following 24 hours proved reasonably quiet, so on Wednesday afternoon he opted to stick out the remainder of his spod mix and free offerings. Just a few hours later he'd taken another three fish and had unfortunately lost four others to hook pulls. The last bite came Thursday morning when a 19lb Common rounded off another thrilling session. Weights to follow (In order of capture); 16lb 8oz Mirror, 18lb Common, 23lb Mirror, 18lb Mirror, 22 Mirror, 20lb Common, 14lb 4oz 'Blackeye Mirrror', 20lb Mirror & a 19lb Common. The next swim along, 'Peg 4', also produced a fine brace of twenties within two hours of the member setting up Wednesday morning. Some weed beds are present in this area of water but are of no threat when using a simple drop off lead system.

Click to enlarge:

(Top) Both 20lb on the dot! (Bottom) Three more from last week's sixteen fish rout; 20lb 8oz, 22lb & 26lb 8oz!

20lbc 20lb m

20lb 22lb 2608

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July 6th 2015 - Action packed weekend!

It proved to be another exciting weekend on the fishery as members took more than a dozen fish to well over 30lb! After seeing two thirties grace the bank mid-week, fishing remained steady until the early hours of Saturday morning when the reservoir burst into life after an intense storm. The wave of action produced action for almost every angler present with several 20lb+ fish being landed as well as 'Angry Annie' & 'Crocodile Common' for a SECOND time in side a week. The captor had only banked the colossal Common just 96 hours prior to Saturday's capture and was lucky enough to get a few more shots for the photo album. Below are all the weights of the sixteen fish taken from 'Arena' over the last week;

Mirrors of 24lb 'Angry Annie', 30lb 'Unattended', 2 x 19lb, 18lb, 26lb 8oz, 20lb 8oz & 16lb.

Commons of 2 x 32lb 8oz 'Crocodile Common', 3 x 16lb & 24lb.

Linears of 22lb & 26lb 8oz.

Reservoir Tench - For any members interested in going after the Tench, dozens of fish to almost double figures are being caught in various swims along the wood side bank. Some anglers have landed 20 fish a piece by fishing worm on feeder just beyond the weed between 04.00 & 10.00 in the morning. Over three consecutive mornings' two members landed a staggering 160 fish averaging 5lb+. One angler was even fortunate enough to land a brace of Carp weighing 16lb & 23lb!

Click to enlarge:

A selection from the 'Arena' haul including 'Angry Annie', 'Crocodile Common' (2nd Capture) & 'Unattended'!

AA SC3208 Un3008

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July 3rd 2015 - Brace of thirties!

The 'Arena' swim on the wood side was named not only for its sheer size but for also producing some of the fishery's largest residents and that's just what it's done over the last three days. Wednesday saw the first thirty landed when a spawned out 'Unattended' slipped into the net weighing 30lb. Less than 36 hours later, the second graced the bank when the greedy 'Crocodile Common' made an appearance and took the scales to 32lb 8oz. Prior to the brace the member had taken just a single fish on Tuesday morning in the shape of a mid-double Common. Congratulations to the angler on the achievement and producing yet another memorable session. Elsewhere more than twenty Tench were landed with one member taking a dozen to 6lb+ during a six hour frenzy.

Spawning: Some of the smaller Carp began to spawn in 'The Shallows' again on Wednesday. The area between 'Teabag' & the 'Spit swim' will be out of bounds until further notice.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

June 30th 2015 - Wood side warriors!

With the weed rapidly thickening up on the Field side majority of the lads headed down the wood side bank for the weekend where there was little disappointment. Fish to 25lb were taken as both open water and weed beds produced the goods. Unsurprisingly with the recent blistering temperatures, late evening through to mid-morning has been the most productive period whilst day time success would increase with a spot of surface fishing.

Notice: Could all anglers please report any lost line/terminal tackle to the bailiff before leaving the fishery. Due to the density of the weed, loss of gear will be more likely over the coming months which means a higher risk of fish becoming tethered. With the knowledge of trailing lines we have a greater chance of retrieving them before they can cause any harm. Many Thanks

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June 25th 2015 - Lean 'Jungle' Common!

Despite the Carp being extremely active over the last 72 hours, a lean 18lb Common from 'Jungle Point' proved to be this week's only Carp capture. A second member just a couple of swims away in 'Gate 2' also managed to get in on the action but an unfortunate hook pull early Wednesday morning resulted in a lost fish. There has been plenty of movement on the field side with fish continually showing and rolling on the back of the large weed bed that pretty much runs the full length of the bank.

Forecast: Warm & dry for the foreseeable future with scorching temperatures expected early next week.

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June 23rd 2015 - Margins & weed beds!

The Carp gradually got back into the feeding mode over the weekend as members took a handful of fish to 20lb+. With the weed beds still attracting large numbers of Carp, fishing up to or either side of the natural feature has proved more successful than open water. Also while the weed is at its peak don't forget to try the margins, they're closer than you think!

Forecast: Mainly dry for the remainder of the week, temperatures reaching 20C throughout the day but dropping as low as 5C after dark.

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June 19th 2015 - 'Shallows' re-open!

After no signs of spawning for nearly 48 hours 'The Shallows' was re-opened for fishing on Friday. A fair few fish remain in the area but the majority are just sat recuperating in the weed.

Now as promised a couple of shots of the 26lb 12oz Mirror taken from 'Back & Beyond' at 3am Monday morning.

Click to enlarge:

2612b&B 2612b&B

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June 17th 2015 - Still spawning!

Due to a large number of fish still spawning, swims between 'Teabag' & 'Goose Point' will remain closed for a further 48 hours. The spawning has led to little activity over the last few days with the most recent capture falling to the wood side at 3am Monday morning, a plump 26lb 12oz Mirror. The rapid weed growth in last fortnight has been a huge attraction for the Carp, providing plenty of naturals and cover during the warm bright days.

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June 11th 2015 - Captures before spawning!

Before the Carp began to spawn again on Wednesday, a couple of members managed to winkle out a handful of fish to 22lb. 'Gate 2' & 'Jungle Point' have provided the action with fish being taken both day & night. The spawning continued throughout Thursday and looks set to carry on until the weekend when conditions are forecast to change. 'Teabag' through to 'Goose Point' will remain closed for the duration. Updates regarding re-opening will be made in due course.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

Breaking: 10th June 2015 - 'Shallows' closed!

Swims between 'Teabag' & 'Goose Point' have been closed until further notice after Carp began to spawn Wednesday lunchtime. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but fish safety is our main priority!

Don't forget you can also find all the latest news & announcements on our twitter page, just click the link below and get following!

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8th June 2015 - Pig out!

The weekend saw anglers bag fish from both banks as the Carp went on a feeding frenzy before starting to spawn during Sunday morning. After taking two quick fish early on Friday, the member in 'Teabag' ended his session with a rout of nine fish to 25lb+ over a 48 hour period. On the opposite bank, swims between 'Arena' & 'Beginners' also produced thier fair share of action with a 26lb Mirror topping off a handful of fish Saturday evening. The captures soon came to a halt on Sunday when the Carp began to spawn off 'The Point' & in 'The Shallows'. The deed ended mid-afternoon the same day and there has been no sightings since. With bright warm weather forecast until at least Thursday, we expect the Carp to have another good go. As it stands the 'The Shallows' bank remains open for fishing but please aware it could be closed at any point over the next couple of weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but it is all in aid of fish safety.

Thirty Named: We are pleased to announce that the unidentified 31lb 8oz Mirror from early Friday morning has now been named courtesy of the captor and shall now be known as 'Big Wilf'! The majestic Mirror is a fine addition to reservoir's thirties club and will no doubt be a sort after fish for many years to come!

Click to enlarge:

A couple more from last week, 'Crocodile Common' & a 20lb+ scaley Mirror!

23lb 33lb 33lbh

Tight Lines & Many Thanks

7th June 2015 - Last weeks pics!

Correction: The 31lb 8oz Mirror that had been labelled as 'Unknown Thirty' in the last report was a in fact a mistaken identity. The fish in question is not a known 30lb resident but has been caught in the high twenties in the last 18 months. The true identity is yet to be confirmed but it's looking more likely that it is infact a new un-named thirty. Check out the pics below!

click to enlage:

17lb 14oz, 'Unattended' 32lb 8oz & 'Big Wilf' 31lb 8oz!

1714 3208un

3108 3108

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6th June 2015 - Three thirties in 24 hours!

Its been a manic 48 hours on the fishery after more than a dozen fish landed and another memorable session in 'The Shallows which some may say is a session of a lifetime. After a poor start to the week, Wednesday saw a complete turn around weather wise and although conditions weren't ideal for fishing during the day, there was always a possibility of sneaking one or two out of 'The Shallows'. But it wasn't until Thursday afternoon when the first Carp was landed, a 17lb 14oz heavily plated Mirror. Later that evening at around 21.30, the lump that is 'Unattended' graced the bank weighing 32lb 8oz! one down two to go. Either side of midnight then produced two more takes, unfortunately the first was lost but the second led to be a fine Mirror that went 23lb on scales. Up next was the one time elusive fish known as 'Unknown Thirty'. She made her first appearance of the year at roughly 05.30 Friday morning and weighed in at 31lb 8oz! The trio was finally complete the following evening when the well known 'Crocodile Common' slipped under the net at 33lb on the nose! However the action didn't stop there as the angler went on to round off a truly amazing session with another four fish between 19lb 4oz & 24lb! A massive well done the angler and the pictures shall be posted over the next couple of days. The remainder of the action fell to the same bank where two members took several 20lb fish, one of which landed a super quick brace shortly after arriving Friday morning.

Forecast: Bright & Sunny but winds are expected to gain pace throughout Saturday. Highs of 22C.

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2nd June 2015 - Increase in activity!

The field side proved most successful once again this weekend as members shared half a dozen fish to 25lb+. As in recent weeks, swims between 'Gate 1' & 'Summer Bay' produced majority of the action whilst a lack of warmth left the 'The Shallows' reasonably quiet. The wind and rain in the last 24 hours has led to an increase in activity with plenty of sightings being made at the top end of the fishery. The reservoir has gained a little colour and risen slightly due to the conditions.

Forecast: Brighter and warmer from Wednesday onwards, temperatures are expected to climb well into the twenties!

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29lb May 2015 - Mid-week gallery!

As promised a selection of captures from earlier this week including 'Crocodile Common' at 34lb 9oz. Every one a cracker!

Click to enlarge:

may15 mayc

cc3409 maym

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28th May 2015 - 34lb+ mid-week best!

The field side produced yet another memorable session during the mid-week as a member took four fish in just a few hours including a new Personal Best Common! Throughout Tuesday the reservoir burst into life as Carp began to show constantly all over the reservoir and as the hours of darkness approached they got their heads down on the feed. The following eight hours saw a member bag four fish ranging from mid-doubles to 34lb 9oz. The member finished his session Thursday morning with another fine brace under his belt, both fish fell shortly after sunrise. The 30lb Common was identified as the eating machine 'Crocodile Common' and was her second appearance in as many weeks! Not only that, it was the second thirty the angler had banked this season after already luring 'Unattended' into the net less than a fortnight ago. As you can imagine he's on cloud nine and we'd just like to congratulate him on the great achievement. Photos will be posted as and when we get them!

There has been no indication of spawning over the last 48 hours but please remain cautious when fishing. Many thanks.

Forecast: Saturday is expected to be the driest of the weekend but Thundery showers are likely on Friday & Sunday.

Click to enlarge:

Now a couple more from the bank holiday weekend, a double-take in 'Summer Bay' produced these crackers at 25lb & 28lb!

2528 25lb 28lb

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26th May 2015 - Bank Holiday mayhem!

It proved to be another successful bank holiday on the fishery with around fifteen fish landed and several multiple hits over the 72 hour break! Unsurprisingly the field side produced the majority of the action as the Carp continue to move into & work the shallower regions. 'Teabag' was one of many fruitful swims producing three fish to within an ounce of 20lb in just over 48 hours, pictures to follow. Other swims included; either side the spit, 'Goose Point', 'Gate 2' & 'Gate 1'.

Caution when fishing - Despite the water temperature being not quite high enough for spawning, a small number of Carp attempted the deed over the bank holiday as anglers witnessed commotion off 'The Point' & islands in 'The Shallows'. Hoping that majority of the residents don't start for at least another couple of weeks, could all anglers please be cautious when fishing the shallower regions & report any spawning like activity to the bailiff ASAP. When the Carp do eventually start, please be aware that certain swims/banks could be closed at any time until deemed suitable to fish. Many thanks.

Click to enlarge:

The 'Teabag' trio: (Top) 13lb 1oz, 17lb & 19lb 15oz! (Bottom) More Shallows success!

1301 17c 1915m

may shall

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22nd May 2015 - Rough weather, Tough week!

After last weekend's frenzy, it looked set to be another promising few days on the fishery but unfortunately that all changed when conditions took a turn for the worse. Visiting members were hit with rain, sleet and not quite snow during the early stages of the week as temperatures also dropped to within touching distance of frosts. With the Carp nowhere to be seen, location proved difficult for the lads so the majority headed for the field side. A tricky few days saw four fish landed with the largest, a 24lb Mirror being taken off 'Goose Point' Tuesday afternoon. As the bright & warmer weather returned, Carp began to reappear in small numbers to the shallower regions throughout Thursday.

Forecast: A mainly dry & overcast bank holiday with temperatures reaching highs of 18C. Sounds ideal!

Click to enlarge:

24lb Mirror from 14.00 Tuesday afternoon!


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18th May 2015 - Carp to 32lb 8oz!

It's been another action packed weekend on the fishery after multiple captures saw fish to 32lb 8oz landed. Starting with a mid-week round-up and the captor of 'Crocodile Common' added a third fish and final to his trip on Friday morning in the shape of a chunky mirror weighing 18lb 9oz. Several more captures followed over the next 48 hours with a range of field side swims producing Carp but the most notable session fell to a member in 'The Shallows'. The angler in question landed fish of 16lb, 21lb & 32lb 8oz which was identified as 'Unattended' and happended to be her second appearance of the year. Congratulations to the angler and yet another Personal Best smashed! As just mentioned the fish known as 'Unattended' was banked three weeks ago making her the year's first thirty weighing 33lb 8oz!

As promised pictures of the trio from last week including 'Crocodile Common' as well as 'Unattended's' April appearance!

Click to enlarge:

23lb 4oz, 'Scruffy Common' 32lb 5oz, 18lb 9oz & 'Unattended' at 33lb 8oz from three weeks ago!

23lb 4oz 3205sc

1809m 3308U

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Breaking: 14th May 2015 - First thirty of the year!

At roughly 13.30 this afternoon, the year's first thirty graced the net of an ecstatic member on the field side! It was a fish known as 'Crocodile Common' and weighed 32lb 5oz which breaks the anglers current Personal Best Common record! She was the captor's second fish of the session after already banking a 23lb Mirror Wednesday night. A huge well done on the capture and the photos shall be posted as and when we get them! Earlier in the week another member on the same bank took three Carp in 48 hours with weights of 12lb, 18lb & 19lb 2oz. Around a dozen Tench to 5lb+ have also been landed throughout the week, the majority were taken on waggler!

Forecast: A dry and mild weekend ahead, expect temperatures to reach the high teens.

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11th May 2015 - 'Shallows' Success!

Another five twenties were landed this weekend, four of which fell to the same angler in just a few hours of fishing. After locating a few feeding fish early Saturday morning, member Andy wrapped up his gear and made a short trip down the field side into 'The Shallows'. It wasn't long before a plump 25lb Mirror graced his net, followed by a further three fish including a second 25lb Mirror, 29lb Mirror & a 29lb Common! As dusk approached, the Carp began to drop into the deeper water and so the hook baits followed, eventually producing a fifth take but unfortunately resulted in a hook pull. A session to remember and some fine angling along the way, a huge well done! The final twenty was taken off the same bank, just a couple of pegs away and weighed in at 22lb. Elsewhere Carp continued to show but not in the numbers as reported last week.

Forecast: Dry and mild for the majority of the week, showers possible during Thursday.

Click here to enlarge:

2 x 25lb & 2 x 29lb!

25lbm 25lb lin

29lbc 29lb m

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8th May 2015 - Trio of twenties!

Conditions may have been rough over the last 72 hours but it hasn't stopped the lads getting out on the bank and getting amongst the fish. The field side has produced all the action including three fish over 20lb+, Five tench and an unfortunate lost Carp. Tuesday saw the first capture in the shape of a fine Mirror weighing 21lb 7oz which was taken shortly after arriving along with a 5lb Tench. Casting to showing fish in the early hours of Thursday morning produced the second twenty of the week another chunky Mirror weighing 22lb 2oz. The largest and final fish of trio fell to a member at 2am Friday morning, again a pristine Mirror just two ounce shy of 28lb. Pictures to follow! Unsurprisingly the gale force winds proved motivational for the Carp as from Tuesday afternoon onwards countless sightings were made all over the fishery.

Forecast: Odd showers expected Saturday afternoon before turning dry and mild on Sunday!

Click to enlarge:

Immaculate Mirrors of 21lb 7oz & 22lb 2oz & 27lb 14oz!

217m 2202m

2714m 2714m

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5th May 2015 - 'Jungle' joy!

The main talking point of the weekend was the capture of 'Angry Annie' Friday afternoon weighing 27lb 7oz. She was taken by a member on 'Jungle Point' and not only is she the largest fish to be banked so far this year but also became an English Personal Best for the angler, A huge well done! Due to a change in pressure & conditions, Carp on the reservoir have been more active over the bank holiday weekend than they have in recent weeks. A large shoal of fish was seen off the 'Reserve's' far margin Tuesday afternoon, it began with a few rolling fish before a substantial mud cloud appeared around 15 yards from the bank.

Forecast: Wet again on Wednesday but then turning drier from Thursday onwards.

Click to enlarge:

The raging resident that is 'Angry Annie' at 27lb 7oz!

Angry Annie

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1st May 2015 - Playing hard to get!

It's been another tricky week on the fishery as the Carp continue elude baits either on the bed or surface. Activity was at its most frequent last weekend when majority of the anglers witnessed fish over several baited areas but unfortunately just nothing developed. Conditions have played a huge part in the lack of action after the return of heavy frosts and strong bitter winds. The few sightings during the latter stages of the week have all been in the 'Stump/Dugout' region. It's only a matter of time before the frenzy begins and with any luck it'll be over the bank holiday weekend!

Bank holiday on the wood side - Through use of the camp site this coming weekend some personnel have been granted permission to walk the bank but without a doubt as normal please remain vigilant when fishing and report any untoward activity to the bailiff ASAP.

Many thanks & Tight Lines

26th April 2015 - 'Beginners' produces again!

'Beginners' again proved most successful Friday afternoon after producing another fine brace of Mirrors to just over 20lb. Both fish were taken during a short 24 hour stay and took the member's season tally to seven.

Click to enlarge:

A cracking 20lb 10oz Linear & 19lb 2oz Mirror!

2010m 1902m

Tight Lines

23rd April 2015 - Fine spring sunshine!

With the Carp still making most of the fine spring sunshine, action on the reservoir has been a little quiet over the last week. Majority of the fish have been sat high in the water or cruising on the surface, some of which have been munching on small flies and fresh hatches. A band of low pressure is expected to sweep the country this coming weekend, hopefully encouraging a few fish to get their heads down. In the meantime don't forget your floater gear and give zigs a go as they just don't get used enough!

Forecast: Warm on Friday but temperatures will decline throughout Saturday and turn unsettled.

Tight Lines

15th April 2015 - Another brace off 'Beginners'!

'Beginners' has again been centre of attention during the early week after a member took his season tally to five fish in as many days. Shortly after arriving Monday morning the angler had his first take but unfortunately a hook pull at the net prevented him from landing what looked to be hefty 20lb+ Mirror. It wasn't long before he was back into action, landing a scale perfect little common weighing 12lb. The second half of his 48 hour stay produced the next fish, a familiar capture for the member but well worth waiting for as he banked the 'Black C Scale Mirror' four ounce shy of 25lb. The run-in to the session proved a little quiet as the sightings gradually thinned out and the fish began to move off the area. Overall it's been an exciting few days on the fishery and a taste of what's going to be another action packed season!

Click to enlarge:

Familiar face, 'Black C Scale' at 24lb 12oz.


Tight Lines

11th April 2015 - Pics of Friday's trio!

The member who banked this year's first brace managed to bag a third fish during his Friday afternoon session, another Mirror weighing 18lb+.

Click to enlarge:

A pristine 14lb 8oz Common, 18lb 10oz near Leather & an 18lb 12oz warrior!

1408c 1810L 1812m

Tight Lines

Breaking: 10th April 2015 - And we're off!

The first Carp of 2015 finally graced the bank this afternoon to a member in 'Beginners'! The angler took two fish in quick succession to just over 18lb so hopefully there's a few more on the way this weekend. A huge well done for the captures and getting us off the mark.

Tight Lines

9th April 2015 - Sunning it up!

Carp on the reservoir are still proving stubborn and tricky to catch after a fine week of weather has attracted them to sit in higher layers of the water. For the majority of this week Carp have been teasing anglers by cruising around over baits (even zigs) as well as visiting marginal areas just feet from the bank. Also another hindrance is the wintered litter that continues to lift in masses off the lake bed which can be pain when presenting baits. Despite the lack of Carp other resident species have been feeding well on the field side with Trout to 2lb 8oz landed and Tench to 3lb 2oz.

Lower Pond - After hitting the bank at every given opportunity one of our member's has had a pretty productive winter on the little estate lake landing multiple fish including Pike to 15lb+. Also like the reservoir Tench have become more active over the last week with fish to 4lb 8oz caught.

Forecast - An unsettled but mild weekend with drier conditions returning early next week!

Tight Lines

2nd April 2015 - Rough stuff!

To no-one's surprise it's been a reasonably quiet week on the fishery as gales force winds and torrential rain kept anglers off the banks. Hacking westerly winds were recorded at more than 50mph whilst downpours rose levels by nearly six inches leaving the reservoir heavily coloured. Conditions may have been dire for us anglers but for the reservoirs residents it was a different story. Countless sightings were made off the wood side during Tuesday, some within 40 yards of the bank between 'Peg 5' & 'Muds'.

Wood side Easter weekend - please be aware that there may be the occasional couple walking along the bank. They have permission to do so through use of the camp site but as normal please remain vigilant and report any untoward activity to the bailiff ASAP.

Field side parking - Unfortunately due to the recent weather driving on the grass is strictly prohibited until further notice. Signs are clearly in place when entering the fishery so there are no excuses.

Forecast: Turning dry and mild after Good Friday with temperatures expected well into the high teens.

Click image to enlarge:

mmwind mmwindy1

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

27th March 2015 - Spring sport!

They may not be everyone's cup of tea but over the last week Tench on the reservoir have been providing some great spring sport. The majority have been taken on boilies during the hours of darkness with some weights pushing the 6lb barrier. The action comes as a huge boost that all the residents are finally waking up after the long winter. March 20th produced 2014's first Carp so hopefully this year's will be just around the corner!

Field side Parking - Anglers are now permitted to drive on the grass but only to drop off gear/luggage. Cars must be returned to the designated parking area and not left on any grass verges. Some areas remain a little wet/soft so please drive carefully and if unsure at any point please contact the fishery bailiff.

Forecast: A wet and windy weekend with temperatures expected to peak in the high teens.

Tight Lines

20th March 2015 - Frosty action!

After a lively start to the week, a surprisingly heavy frost Wednesday morning left the fishery in a bit of chill and a lack visual activity. Despite the challenging conditions, Wednesday afternoon saw the year's first capture made on the field side in the shape of a plump 4lb+ Tench. They all count!

Forecast: A breezy and cloudy start to the weekend turning brighter on Sunday with temperatures reaching highs of 11C.

18th March 2015 - Sightings between 'Stump' & 'Steps'!

There's been a handful of sightings on the reservoir since the weekend. Majority of the Carp were seen between 'Stump' & 'Steps' which have been on the tail of the current north-easterly wind. Clarity continues to improve daily along with a slow rising water temperature.

Tight Lines

12th March 2015 - On the up!

Despite the occasional frost both water and air temperatures have improved over the last week or so as spring takes step closer. The reservoir may still feel a little chilly but to how it felt seven days ago certainly is a huge boost. The wintered lake bed litter has also started to appear on the surface in places, another encouraging sign of warmer weather as well as the possibility of fish activity. If chance whack out a zig on your next visit, they don't get used as often as they should and also it's that time of year!

Forecast: A slight dip in the weather this coming weekend, cold & wet but the frosts should hold off.

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A choppy but mild Thursday afternoon in March!

Choppymar choppyg2

Tight Lines

5th March 2015 - Sense of spring!

There's certainly been a sense of spring in the air throughout this week and although temperatures have dropped below freezing, the long periods of sunshine has really woken some the fishery's smaller residents. Gusting winds have made fish spotting a little tricky over the last 24 hours and even though no Carp have been seen up to press we're hoping the mild conditions this coming weekend brings one or two out of the woodwork!

Tight Lines

26th February 2015 - The pursuit continues!

The hunt for the first fish of 2015 continues after a quiet and unsettled week on the fishery. Both waters have seen anglers over the last seven days, the majority of which visited the reservoir whilst one member spent a few hours on Wednesday on the Lower Pond in search of Pike. Levels have fluctuated roughly six inches throughout the week leaving a handful of swims submerged.

Forecast: Further showers are expected for the coming weekend though temperatures will creep back into double figures.

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19th February 2015 - Waking up!

With conditions on the up the fishery has seen several anglers mid-week and although nothing graced the bank there was some certain fish activity. Despite a strong south-westerly battering down the reservoir for most of the week levels have managed to drop a couple of inches whilst clarity has also made a vast improvement.

Forecast: A dry but chilly start to the weekend with unsettled weather expected to return on Sunday.

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13th February 2015 - Free from ice!

Friday morning saw the last of the ice disappear on the reservoir as the winds gained pace and temperatures rose to nearly double figures. Majority of the swims were clear by Thursday morning but several large sheets of drifting ice could have hindered fishing in some areas. Hopefully the weather improves from here on forward so the new season can finally get underway!

Forecast: Expect the occasional shower over the next few days with temperatures reaching highs of around 8C.

10th February 2015 - Slow thaw!

After completely freezing over Sunday night, the fishery has been gradually thawing out ever since. The clearest area of water is the middle of the reservoir where it's been most exposed to the wind as well as bird life. Even though temperatures finally broke the double figured barrier on Monday afternoon, it's going to be a slow thaw for the remainder of the week as forecasters predict thermometers to barely climb above freezing until at least the weekend.

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5th February 2015 - Patchy ice!

Wind and rain throughout Thursday gave a huge helping hand in allowing the fishery to thaw out in time for the coming weekend. A small area of cat ice remains in 'The Shallows' and by the Dam Wall with neither hindering any significant swims. Although the weather for the next few days looks a little chilly, no real hard frosts are expected so hopefully the reservoir will remain clear enough for anglers to get out and wet a line or two!

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2nd February 2015 - Re-freeze!

Unfortunately the fishery froze over once again Sunday evening after the winds eased and temperatures plummeted to around -4C. Hard frosts are expected for the remainder of the week with snow flurries also likely during the early hours of Wednesday.

Frozen Tight Lines

30th January 2015 - A little fresh!

As of 15.00 on Friday 'Gate1' on the field side was the only unfishable area on the reservoir due to a large sheet of ice. Although temperatures have been sub-zero for the past three days a strong and bitter north-westerly wind has prevented the fishery from another major freeze. Conditions are unlikely to change until at least the middle of next week so hopefully the winds keep the ice at bay for just a while longer.

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A chilly end to January.

chilly jan

Frozen Tight Lines

26th January 2015 - Thawed!

48 hours of mild weather has finally allowed the fishery to completely thaw out. Levels remain at roughly seven inches above normal whilst the arrival of a north-westerly wind will also help the water recede. Unfortunately conditions are forecast to decline throughout the week with freezing temperatures returning by Thursday.

Frozen Tight Lines

23rd January 2015 - Still frozen!

After partially thawing during Thursday another hard frost saw the fishery completely freeze over by Friday morning. More frosts are expected throughout the weekend but day time temperatures are set to climb.

Frozen Tight Lines

20th January 2015 - Fishery frozen!

Both reservoir & lower pond have been left frozen after several days of temperatures barely creeping above freezing. Some marginal areas became clear on Tuesday due to bird life activity but as the day drew to a close ice gradually began to reappear. A thaw out is unlikely until at least the weekend when rain is expected to move in. We'll keep you up to date on any changes throughout the week and don't forget to also follow us on twitter for all the latest action!

Frozen Tight Lines

15th January 2015 - Amongst the chop!

It's been another wet and windy week on the fishery after the passing of several storms left the fishery eight inches above normal. A south-westerly wind has been hacking down the reservoir for most of the week so levels have struggled to drop. Although there has been little action reported, 'Dugout' to 'Muds' would be highly recommended this coming weekend after the recent persistent gales. Plummeting temperatures are expected over the next few days with snow possible on Saturday.

Tight lines

9th January 2015 - Unsettled!

It's been a quiet and unsettled week on the fishery after the reservoir rose a further five inches. The big thaw out and heavy showers have led to the vast level increase which has also left clarity extremely poor. More wind and rain is expected this coming weekend with gales forecast to reach 80mph.

Tight Lines

2nd January 2015 - Let the season commence!

After nearly 48 hours of mild conditions the fishery has completely thawed out and is now fully fishable. The strong south-westerly wind that's currently hacking down the reservoir is expected to ease in the next few hours but cold and wet weather is forecast for the coming weekend.

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Frozen Tight Lines & A Happy New Year

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