2014 Latest Fishery News!

30th December 2014 - Fresh & Crisp!

A few wintery shots of the fishery after arctic conditions over the Christmas period left parts of the reservoir frozen. 'Muds' down to the 'Reserve' is the largest unfishable area whilst most margins and a small section between 'Gate 1' & the dam wall are also capped with ice. Temperatures are expected to reach double figures later on this week so most swims should hopefully be clear for the weekend.

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Taken Tuesday morning whilst temperatures hovered around -5C.


Shallcold cold summerbay

Frozen Tight Lines

23rd December 2014 - Amongst the chop!

There have been more reported sightings on the reservoir early this week, again Carp were seen off the wood side in the 'Dugout' region. The activity was noted shortly after lunchtime on Monday when several heads were made out amongst the chop of a brisk south-westerly wind. A cold front is expected to return during the christmas break after what's been a reasonably mild ten days or so. Still plenty of time to bag one last fish of 2014, watch this space!

From us all at Greasley Estate we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a happy New Year and prosperous fishing season for 2015!

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18th December 2014 - Movement around 'Muds'!

Mild temperatures mid-week led to a little activity between 'Stump' & 'Muds'. In the span of an hour half a dozen sightings were made at roughly a 60 yard range and as proved last week activity such as this can be vital in locating fish during the winter months. The reservoir has gained another six inch of water after showers and a strong south-westerly also left the fishery with a heavy dark brown colour.

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12th December 2014 - Common Pics!

As promised a couple of snap shots of Thursday morning's scale perfect 16lb Common from 'Gate 1'.

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16c 16lbc

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11th December 2014 - 'Gate 1' Common!

At approximately 04.45 this morning 'Gate 1' produced the first fish of December in the shape of a 16lb Common. The angler had two takes overall during his 48 hour session but unfortunately the first managed to throw the hook. The member's success came after he located some fish by studying the reservoir for several days prior to his visit. Photos of the well deserved capture shall be posted on Friday! Recent showers have led to another level increase of roughly two inches.

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4th December 2014 - Water temperature drops!

The combination of a bitter north-easterly wind and low single figured temperatures has left a real chill on the fishery mid-week. Although clarity has made an improvement over the last week, the water temperature on the reservoir has fallen drastically meaning action is going to be a little more tricky to come by. Levels have dropped by a further two inches.

Field side parking - Due to the time of year anglers fishing the field side are not permitted to drive or park on the grass for any reason whatsoever (This also includes the grass verges besides the track). There are signs enforcing the rules upon arrival so please take note.

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28th November 2014 - 'Muds' sightings!

Again during the mid-week several sightings were made on the reservoir and all of which came in the 'Muds' region. Unfortunately after a slight change in conditions the activity dropped and little has been seen since. Clarity has improved whilst levels remain four inches above normal.

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25th November 2014 - Wintery feel!

With what looks like the start of winter upon us, both aquatic & bank side activity has been hit hard and on the decline for the last week or so. Another wet weekend saw levels rise again by more than four inches whilst plummeting temperatures during the early week saw the first real frosts of the season. Despite the poor weather, spirits remain high and one last chunk of 2014 just may be on the cards. Watch this space!

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20th November 2014 - A little activity!

The wood side saw a couple of hours of activity Wednesday afternoon with several sightings made between 'Dugout' & 'Back & Beyond'. Reservoir levels have dropped a little further after losing approximately three inches of water.

Forecast: Showers to move in Friday afternoon and last for the majority of the weekend with highs of 9C.

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18th November 2014 - Plenty of colour!

Fluctuating levels were again the main talk of the weekend after Friday's torrential rain left the reservoir nearly nine inches above normal and heavily coloured. Saturday morning saw the water at its highest and took roughly 24 hours before it began to recede. The few sightings made over the last couple of days have all been in the 'Dugout' region.

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13th November 2014 - 'Mini Dugout' delight!

Despite the poor conditions mid-week a member braved a 48 hour session in 'Mini Dugout' and was rewarded with an autumn cracker just hours before leaving. At roughly 08.00 Thursday morning a steady take produced a pristine 25lb 4oz Common. The capture came as a bit of a surprise for the angler who for two days hadn't seen a single sign of activity. Pics to follow. Clarity has improved slightly whilst levels have dropped by around four inches.

Worth the wait!

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25lb 4


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10th November 2014 - Weekend washout!

Another weekend of fishing hampered by dismal weather as some members had to cut their session shorts within hours of arriving. It proved rewarding for one angler who sat out the storm in 'Dugout' as a frantic feeding spell produced an impressive eight fish haul to 25lb+. By Saturday afternoon the reservoir had gained nearly eight inches of water after downpours persisted for more than 24 hours. Unsurprisingly the fishery has also coloured heavily whilst the Lower Pond is out of bounds.

Forecast: Mild temperatures returning mid-week though more showers are expected.

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6th November 2014 - 'Peg 3' brace!

The wood side again produced the goods mid-week after a member in 'Peg 3' took fish of 17lb 13oz & 25lb 10oz. Both Carp were taken during a 48 hour session in which the angler also lost a hefty fish during his first night. Pictures to follow. There has been a handful of sightings on the fishery over the last couple of days, most of which have been near/close to the dam wall. .

17lb 13oz Linear & 25lb 10oz Common.

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1713 lin 2510

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3rd November 2014 - Wood side doubles!

A brace of doubles to 18lb 8oz were the highlight of the weekend with both fish falling to the wood side. The weekend also saw a couple of sessions cut short after conditions took a downward spiral throughout Saturday. Activity looks set to take another battering this coming week as forecasters predict hard frosts and declining daytime temperatures.

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30th October 2014 - Quiet mid-week!

It's been a quiet few days on the fishery with only Tench gracing the bank since Sunday. There has been a fair few sightings mid-week even over baited areas but unfortunately it's just not happened for the lads braving the unsettled conditions. So let's hope the strong south-westerly wind forecast for this weekend brings us a bite or two!

Now back to last weekend's captures and here is the 'Big Lin' weighing 28lb 2oz from 'Gate 2'!

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big lin 2802 2802 biglin

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27th October 2014 - Autumn well upon us!

Although the fishery has seen a slight decline in action over the last week or so, our persistent and hard working members are making sure significant captures are still being made. The wood side continues to be the most productive bank with more fish heading for the deeper water now conditions are really starting to turn. With a few more weeks of comfortable weather on the cards, there should hopefully still be a surprise or two in store.

Forecast: A mostly dry week with mid-teen temperatures during the day but a possibility of a light frost or two after dark.

Now a few more pics from the duo on the field side a fortnight ago. Their session included two 37lb Mirrors, a 36lb Common and more than a dozen twenties to 29lb+.

(LTR) 23lb, 26lb, 'Angry Annie' 28lb & the eating machine 'Scruffy Common' at 36lb!

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23lbC 26lb m

AA28lb SC36lb

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24th October 2014 - Photos from the wood side rout!

Here's a selection of thirteen fish landed by a duo on the wood side last week, the majority were over 20lb.

(LTR) 22lb, 22lb 4oz 'Parrot', 22lb 8oz, 23lb, 25lb 'Baby Fat Common' & 27lb!

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22lb 22lb 4oz 22lb 8oz

23lb 25lb bfc 27lb

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16th October 2014 - Baker's dozen for duo!

The wood side has again been at its best mid-week after two members banked thirteen fish to 27lb. With only a single capture separating the duo, both anglers landed multiple twenties including fish of 25lb, 26lb & 27lb! Meanwhile the opposite bank produced a brace of commons to 23lb, 'Angry Annie' twice at 28lb & 29lb+ and the eating machine that is 'Scruffy Common' at 36lb!. Plenty of sightings still being made on the wood side between 'Peg 3 & Dugout'.

Now as promised the two 37lb Mirrors from last week and a couple of other chunks from the same session!

(LTR) Unknown Thirty (2), Unattended (2), 29lb & 22lb.

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UT UT 37 UA 37lb

UA 37lb 29lb c 22lb c

Tight Lines

14th October 2014 - Another busy weekend!

Half a dozen anglers shared nearly twenty fish this weekend as majority of the action fell to the wood side. Weights varied from low doubles to 26lb 8oz which was banked by a member in 'Peg 5' Friday night. Eight landed fish was the best result of the 48 hour period whilst captures of three and four were also made. After working the 'Dugout/Stump' region for most of last week, Friday saw the Carp move to a vast area of unpressured water on the wood side between Pegs '3 & 7'. Fish have continued to show in the same bay throughout Monday & Tuesday.

Forecast: Drying up from Wednesday onwards whilst temperatures are likely to return to the high-teens by Friday.

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10th October 2014 - Mid-week pictures!

As promised here are the five fish landed from the wood side during a 48 hour session.

Some absolute belters in order of capture: (LTR) 24lb 10oz, 26lb 10oz, 34lb 9oz, 25lb & 26lb 4oz!

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24lb 10oz 2610 3409

25lb 2604


Two more fish banked Thursday night, a low twenty off the field side and a 26lb+ off the wood side.

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9th October 2014 - Week of the whales!

A further three fish have been landed on the reservoir in last 24 hours including two twenties and another massive thirty! The THIRD whale of the week was taken by a member on the field side late Wednesday evening; she was identified as 'Unattended' at a record weight of 37lb! Congratulations to the captor and has now gained a new UK Personal Best. Now onto the wood side where a member bagged another fine brace of mid-twenties; firstly a Common of 25lb at 04.00 this morning followed two and a half hours later by a 26lb 4oz Mirror taking his session tally to five, four over 24lb & 34lb 9oz Common! Pictures of all this week's captures will hopefully be made available early next week!

Weekend Forecast: Odd showers during Saturday, feeling chilly with temperatures dropping to around 4C after dark.

Tight Lines

Breaking: 8th October 2014 - FIFTEEN fish in 72 hours!

The last 72 hours has proved rather exciting on the fishery after two of the reservoir's largest residents made an appearance, one at a record weight. A total of fifteen fish have been landed including a staggering thirteen twenties & thirties of 34lb 9oz & 37lb. It began on the wood side Monday evening when a member banked a 24lb 10oz Mirror. At roughly 07.00 the following morning the same angler got in on the action once again when a double take produced a 26lb 10oz Mirror & a 34lb 9oz Common! Meanwhile on the opposite bank another member was racking up his season tally by landing a dozen fish between 20lb 4oz & 37lb. The huge Mirror was the fish known as 'The Unknown Thirty' and is a new record weight! A massive well done to both anglers on their captures and fingers crossed there's plenty more to come!

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6th October 2014 - October up & running!

With the best part of the season upon us, members headed for the wood side this weekend and weren't left disappointed after landing several fish to well over 20lb. Carp have been working the wood side for a fair few weeks but the long and late summer has drawn majority of the anglers to the field side for success. Providing the winter doesn't arrive too early, it should be a very exciting couple of months on the fishery with some surprising results! So watch this space!

Forecast: A chilly week of sunshine, showers and possible frosts.

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2nd October 2014 - Plenty showing mid-week!

Despite the lack of action mid-week, there has been plenty of activity on the reservoir especially off the wood side bank where showing fish have been frequent. A few Carp have also been spotted in the shallow water between 'Teabag' & 'Jungle Point' after a couple of bright and mild mornings.

Weekend Forecast: Sunshine & showers for Saturday but turning dry on Sunday. Expect highs of mid-teens during the day and dropping to around 5C after dark.

Tight Lines

28th September 2014 - 28lb Common smashes Personal Best!

Not only was it the largest of the five fish caught this weekend but the 28lb Common also became a new Personal Best for fishery member Gary. The hefty Common came off the field side and graced the bank at roughly 06.30 Sunday morning. We'd like to congratulate the angler on his achievement and a prize snap shot shall follow this report. On the same bank 'Gate 1' produced a single fish along with four Tench. Meanwhile the wood side saw a trio of fish landed to 23lb with one member taking a fine brace inside 24 hours.

Forecast: A mostly dry week but temperatures are expected to deline from Wednesday onwards.

Now here's Gary with his new PB and a misty morning scenic shot he took a couple of weeks ago!

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28lbcom mistymorning

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25th September 2014 - Images of mid-week captures!

The 33lb Common that featured in Wednesday's breaking news was today confirmed as the well known 'Crocodile'/'Scruffy Common'. After a quiet night, the res' saw one other capture Thursday lunchtime in the shape of a stunning Fully Scaled mid-double. Pictures of both fish as well as a 19lb Common from Tuesday shall follow. Only a couple of sightings have been made on the field side since yesterday but still plenty showing on the wood side.

Forecast: Dull but mild with showers possible on Sunday.

'Scruffy Common' at 33lb, 19lb 10oz & one for the future, the stunning 14lb 8oz Fully Scaled!

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33lb SC 1910c 14lb fs

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Breaking: 24th September 2014 - 33lb Common Banked!

The reservoir has produced three fish in the last 24 hours including an unrecognised 33lb Common! It fell to a member on the field side after landing two doubles of 15lb and 19lb 10oz which came within an hour of casting out. More details and images of the Common shall be posted as and when we get them. As already stated there's been plenty of activity on the field side from mid-morning onwards but several sightings have also been made between 'Pegs 1 & 3'.

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22nd September 2014 - Wood side delight!

Majority of the weekend action fell to members on the wood side as it produced several fish to well over 20lb. Carp were taken from various swims along the bank including 'peg 5' where a fine brace was landed in less than 24 hours. The only known capture on the field was a 16lb Fully Scaled known as 'Black Eye'. The wood side action came after weeks of minimal pressure on a vast area of water and the decline of activity over the last ten days on the field side. Tench were again on the feed this weekend with half a dozen landed to 5lb+.

Forecast: Although the high pressure looks set to hang around well into October, evening temperatures are still expected to plummet with frosts also likely.

Tight Lines

18th September 2014 - Quiet end to the week!

After a lively start to the week activity on the reservoir began to filter out during Wednesday and has led to a quiet last couple of days. A fish of 24lb topped a handful of Carp caught early on whilst several Tench to 6lb were also landed as all the action fell to the field side. The wood side again hasn't been pressured mid-week and although sightings have been few and far between all over the res', it's certainly the bank to consider!

Weekend Forecast: Mild conditions throughout the day look set to continue but temperatures after dark are likely to drop well into single figures.

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15th Septemeber 2014 - Both banks producing!

Both banks were in fine form this weekend as members several fish to 23lb. 'Beginners Peg' proved most successful on the wood side after producing a fine brace of 20lb Mirrors for an angler on a short day session. Whilst on the field side productive swims included: 'Gate 1', 'Gate 2' & 'Goose Point'. Amongst the captures were a selection of doubles to just over 18lb and an immaculate single figured Mirror, certainly one to look out for in the future!

Forecast: Remaining mild but showers are possible from Wednesday onwards.

Tight Lines

11th September 2014 - Fish to 27lb Mid-week!

After a lengthy spell of bright and mild weather majority of the mid-week action has fallen to the field side with Carp being taken to 27lb+.The well known Mirror called 'Parrot' has again been on the bank for a SEVENTH time in a fortnight! Captures have come round the clock even though visual activity has only been in short periods during the afternoon.

Forecast: Ideal conditions for a fish or two this weekend, mild temperatures and overcast.

Tight Lines

8th September 2014 - 33lb Personal Best!

A member fishing 'Beginners Peg' on the wood side landed his first UK thirty and gained a new Personal Best this weekend after banking 'Scruffy Common' weighing 33lb! The Colossal Common graced the anglers net at around 15.00 Saturday afternoon and was duly followed by Mirrors of 23lb 8oz & 27lb. Not only would we like to congratulate Dan on his success but also his young son who caught a few fish of his own & took the great photos below! Elsewhere 'Angry Annie' made an appearance just shy of 30lb and the field side produced a couple of fish with the latest falling Sunday night, a 24lb Common.

Forecast: Mild dry week but evening temperatures are expected to drop well into single figures.

Here they are, 'Scruffy Common' at 33lb & a 23lb 8oz Mirror!

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sc33 frontsc33 2308m 2308m1

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Breaking:September 5th 2014 - 41lb 8oz Mirror!

At around 21.30 Thursday evening a whopping Mirror weighing 41lb 8oz was landed by a member on the field side. It was believed to be 'Big Girl' our largest resident but certain scale markings have led to no confirmation just yet. The fish was taken on a 16mm Halibut pellet at a 40 yard range. A big congratulations to the angler after also gaining a new UK Personal Best. Carp remain extremely active between 'Peg 5' & 'Dugout' on the wood side.

Tight Lines

September 4th 2014 - 'The Bays' gone bananas!

For majority of the week Carp have been working a vast area of water between 'Peg 5' & 'Dugout' on the wood side also known as 'The Bay'. Multiples of fish have been seen only a few feet from the bank whilst the general activity has left the section heavily coloured. For the last 48 hours Clarity has also been poor in 'The Shallows' where Carp have been visiting from roughly lunch time onwards and slowly drifting off during the early evening. A member banked a total of five fish mid-week including a well known 23lb Mirror called 'Parrot' which graced his net twice inside 26 hours.

Forecast: Odd showers expected Friday but turning dry for the weekend and temperatures averaging in the mid-teens.

Tight Lines

September 1st 2014 - Action in 'Reserve'!

The wood side proved most successful this weekend, producing half a dozen Carp to 26lb+ as well seeing a handful of fish lost. After multiple sightings between 'Muds' & 'Arena' late last week, several anglers made their way down the wood side and weren't left disappointed. 'Reserve' saw the most action with fish to 24lb being taken whilst further down the bank fish to over 26lb were landed but unfortunately a few were also lost. Carp are still present on the wood side working at roughly 60 - 70 yards. There was one capture to report off 'Gate 1', a Common of 18lb.

Forecast: A mild week ahead with occasional showers expected from Friday onwards.

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August 29th 2014 - Showing off wood side!

After a lively start and producing a handful of Carp to 25lb, action on the field began to drop off during the latter stages of the week. From around Thursday onwards more and more sightings were being noted on the wood side especially between 'Mud' & 'Arena' with some activity at only a 30 yard range. These swims all the way back to 'Dugout' are renowned for producing big results during the late summer/Autumn and shouldn't be ignored.

Forecast: A dry but blustery weekend with temperatures in the mid-teens.

Now another well known resident that graced the bank last week, 'Little Fat Common' at 24lb 12oz.

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August 26th 2014 - Productive early week!

With rain forecast to start Sunday evening majority of the members cut short their bank holiday sessions, leading to a reasonably quiet weekend. It proved a little different Monday afternoon when a couple of anglers made most of a break in the rain and geared up on the field side. By the early hours of Tuesday morning both lads had landed a fish a piece, one 20lb & the second a few ounces over 25lb. Not long afterwards a third fish was banked, again weighing 20lb+ but the real surprise was the tail-walking Carp that followed the capture all the way to the net. Certainly something you don't see very often. There's been plenty of sightings on the res' over the last 24 hours though the recent showers have also left the fishery a little coloured.

Tight Lines

August 22nd 2014 - Pics from mid-week!

A further five have been landed on the fishery over the last couple days, two of which fell just short of 25lb! The most recognised fish on the bunch was 'Little Fat Common' which was taken off the field at around 15.00 Thursday afternoon and weighed 24lb 12oz. The member completed his five day session with as many fish. A few hours later a member further down the same bank netted a pristine Linear weighing just over 24lb and went to land another fine brace, a 15lb Mirror & a 21lb Common. He finished the session with a total of four fish including three twenties. The final Carp of the week, a high-double came off 'The Reserve' at around 13.00 Friday afternoon.

A couple to report from last weekend: A member again on the field side finished a two day session with two fish, a 14lb Leather and a stunning 22lb Linear. It began Friday evening and a first take at around 19.00 unfortunately ended in a hook pull but after re-baiting just ten minutes later saw the angler bag the best of his brace. The following evening saw the exact same turn of events only this time it proved to be one of the select few resident leathers. Find the 22lb Linear pics below.

Forecast: Saturday & Sunday look to remain dry though downpours are expected to move in early Monday morning.

(LTR) 20lb 4oz Common, 24lb+ Linear, Scruffy Common at 32lb, 22lb Linear from last weekend and finally a 21lb Common with a mysterious angler?, answers on a postcard please!

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20lb4 24lb lin 32lb SC

22lb lin 22lb ghost

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August 20th 2014 - Six to 32lb!

The field side has been centre of attention again mid-week after producing six fish in 48 hours to 32lb. The largest of the captures, a 32lb Common known as 'Scruffy Common' was banked during the first night of a lengthy session. More action followed for the member as he took a further three fish to nearly 23lb. On the same bank two members bagged a brace of twenties between them, one of which was landed within an hour of the angler arriving.

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August 15th 2014 - Another Twenty!

A member on a four day session bagged his third twenty of the trip Thursday morning, a Mirror of 21lb. This was his fourth Carp of the week and also ended up banking several Tench to 6lb. Sightings proved a little quiet during Friday but the weekend's outlook remains ideal for a bite a two.

Tight Lines

August 14th 2014 - Field side trio!

The field side has again proved most successful mid-week after producing three Carp to 25lb+ and half a dozen Tench in a single night. After a couple of Tench throughout the day, the first Carp arrived Tuesday evening, a Common of 16lb which was followed by a pristine 23lb Mirror a couple of hours later before a third take at around 3am Wednesday morning produced a hefty 25lb 6oz Mirror. Carp have been fairly active for most of the week whilst conditions have been pretty much perfect. The res' still remains a little coloured after several heavy downpours.

Forecast: A dry but dull weekend with cooler temperatures likely to drop into single figures after dark.

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August 12th 2014 - Rout in 'Reserve'!

The 'Reserve' provided the best result of a wet & windy weekend as a member took eight fish including 'Unattended' during a twenty hour session. The first fish came Friday evening only half an hour after setting up in a torrential downpour and it proved to be a hectic night ahead taking a further six fish to well over 20lb. The member then decided to rest the swim for a couple hours the following morning and within minutes of re-baiting, the alarm sounded a half-hearted run leading to the capture of 'Unattended' weighing 32lb 10oz. This was her third appearance of the year but a first for the captor, who as you can imagine left one happy chappy shortly afterwards. Elsewhere Tench were on the feed with nearly a dozen banked to 7lb+. Plenty of fish showing from 'Jungle Point' down to 'Muds' during Monday and Tuesday.

Forecast: Mid-teen temperatures with a mixture of sunshine & showers.

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August 8th 2014 - Activity all over!

Theres been plenty of life on the field side mid-week as Carp continued to tear up 'The Shallows' & 'Weedy Bay'. Carp have also been working the wood side but sightings have only been made late in the evening and early morning till around 10.00. 'Gate 1' & 'Teabag' remain heavily coloured due to feeding fish.

Forecast: Rain is due to start Friday afternoon and is expected last throughout the weekend with a possibility of storms.

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August 4th 2014 - Good old bread!

Over the last week bread has proved why it's still one of the best baits around after producing several fish using a variety of methods. The most recent capture to fall to a faithful noggin' of crust was during Monday afternoon when a member in 'Coconut' took a chunky 22lb+ Mirror from around 35 yard on a five foot zig. Previous to today's action, the same swim produced a fine brace of doubles in quick succession for a member surface fishing early last week. An angler stalking the margins on the wood side then went onto bag numerous Tench and a couple of Carp to over 21lb.

Now back onto the boilies and 'The Reserve' produced the weekend's best result with a brace of twenties being taken during a 24 hour session. Although Carp have been showing all over the reservoir, the most notable activity on Monday was in the 'Shallows' and 'Gate 1'.

Forecast: A dry and mild start to the week with storms likely from Wednesday onwards.

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July 25th 2014 - 'Unattended' photos!

As promised yesterday a selection of snap shots this week's 32lb 12oz Mirror. Don't forget to check out our gallery page for more 2014 captures, click here!

Click to enlarge:

unatt unatt 32 unatt3212

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July 24th 2014 - 'Goose Point' delivers 'Unattended'!

A member fishing 'Goose Point' smashed his personal best on Wednesday after banking a Mirror known as 'Unattended'. She weighed a hefty 32lb 12oz and was her first appearance of the year. Photos shall be posted tomorrow and we'd like to congratulate the captor Alan for his achievement. Meanwhile the surrounding swims on the field side have produced several fish to nearly 25lb with the majority of visitors bagging at least a brace a piece. Despite the blistering heat captures are still being made throughout the day off well baited areas as shallow weed beds and margins continue to attract large quantities of fish.

Forecast: The settled weather looks set to remain with cooler temperatures expected from Saturday onwards.

Tight Lines

July 21st 2014 - Half a dozen to 31lb 8oz!

The field side produced another six fish this weekend including the 'Scruffy Common' for a second time in as many weeks. The colossal Common was taken off the surface in 'The Shallows' by a member who'd broke his Personal Best with her back in early June. The remaining captures saw a couple of new members get amongst the action on their first visit to the water as weights averaged 18lb to 22lb. The downpours and storms on Saturday brought the res' to life but by lunchtime the following day fish began to reappear on the surface and in the shallow weed beds. Even though the wood side has been a little quiet in recent weeks, we're approaching the time of year when certain swims i.e 'Muds', 'Arena', 'Stump' & 'Dugout' really start to produce and therefore shouldn't be ignored.

Forecast: Another dry and bright week with temperatures likely to break the 30C barrier once again.

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July 18th 2014 - Basking in the weed!

Unsurprisingly for the majority of this week Carp on the reservoir have been making most of the blistering heat by basking either in the weed on the field side or down the snags. With temperatures peaking at over 30c food just hasn't been a priority for the fishery's residents but nor has it been appealing for members to sit beneath the blazing sun. Hopefully a change in forecast this coming weekend might just encourage a fish two to get their heads down and on the move.

Weekend Forecast: Remaining mild with heavy showers and storms throughout.

Tight Lines

July 14th 2014 - 'Scruffy Common' smashes PB!

The 'Scruffy Common' graced the bank for the second time in 2014 this weekend, she weighed 32lb and became a Personal Best Common for the visiting member! The fish also known 'Crocodile' was taken from 'Goose Point' and proved to be the largest capture of the weekend. Elsewhere the reservoir produced a couple of high doubles, a 21lb Mirror and around a dozen Tench to 7lb+! After Thursday's report of four mid-week captures, the early hours of Friday morning saw a member take a fine brace of twenties in quick succession to 26lb 8oz.

Forecast: A dry & bright week with increasing temperatures throughout.

July 10th 2014 - Field side success!

Even though activity and sightings have been in short supply mid-week, two members on the field side weren't hindered after banking four Carp to 23lb+. The first capture of the week fell Monday night when a cracking 20lb Common graced a members unhooking mat on 'Jungle Point'. The following evening saw the action start for another member a couple of swims down, landing Mirrors of 18lb, 21lb & 23lb+. Unfortunately two Carp were also lost during the session including a 'right lump' Wednesday afternoon when the hook pulled after a ten minute battle! Tench have been extremely lively throughout the week with four anglers taking multiple captures to well over 6lb.

Forecast: A warm & bright start to the weekend but expect showers Saturday evening and the possibility of storms on Sunday.

Tight ines

July 7th 2014 - Nine from 'Beginners'!

A member fishing 'Beginners' on the wood side produced an impressive nine fish in less than 48 hours this weekend. After arriving late Friday afternoon it didn't take long before the action began and duly took four fish between 12lb & 19lb by the early hours of Saturday morning. The following five fish included a selection of twenties to over 25lb before wrapping up Sunday morning. Another great session & a big well done! On the opposite bank in 'Weedy Bay' one of the regular lads also left with a wet net after winkling out a pristine Common at just over 19lb. As reported last week, 'The Reserve & 'Gate 1' continue to hold large shoals of showing fish.

Forecast: Odd showers expected throughout the week but remaining warm.

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July 3rd 2014 - Quiet mid-week!

A couple of quick overnight sessions has led to little action mid-week as Carp continue to work up & down the reservoir. Throughout the week large shoals of fish have again been present in 'Weedy Bay', some feeding hard whilst others bask in the weed. Down the other end of the fishery sightings have been made off the far margin of 'The Reserve' & unsurprisingly in 'The Shallows' where they've been making mud.

Forecast: Apart from a few dry hours on Saturday, expect a wet weekend with mild temperatures.

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June 30th 2014 - Captures to 23lb+!

Yet again both banks proved successful this weekend as members landed half a dozen fish to 23lb+. Captures were made from 'The Shallows' after re-opening Friday afternoon and swims opposite on the wood side including 'Steps'. Carp have been showing all over the res' in the last 24 hours but most notably in 'Gate 1' where they continue to occupy and colour up 'Weedy Bay'.

Forecast: Another fine & bright week ahead with increasing temperatures throughout.

Now a few more snap shots from earlier this month!

Click to enlarge:

chunk 26lb 8oz chnky

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June 27th 2014 - 'The Shallows' re-opens!

'The Shallows' was re-opened for fishing Friday afternoon after a quiet 24 hour period without any spawning. Visiting members are to still fish this section of the field side with caution.

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June 26th 2014 - Second spawn coming to an end!

Throughout Thursday the number of spawning fish in 'The Shallows' dropped significantly though unfortunately this section of the bank will remain closed until at least Friday lunchtime. After finishing the deed some of the Carp have sat sun bathing amongst thick weed whilst others have headed to 'Weedy Bay' where they've gone on a feeding frenzy, creating a vast area of heavily coloured water. Don't forget you can keep up to date with all the breaking & latest news via our Twitter page.

Forecast: A wet start to the weekend but turning drier and brighter from Saturday afternoon onwards.

Now three fish from last week's rout in 'Back & Beyond', 21lb, 25lb 10oz & 27lb!

Click to enlarge:

21 mirr 25 com 27 com

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Breaking: June 24th 2014 - 'Shallows' closed!

Carp on the reservoir began to spawn for a second time during the early hours of Tuesday morning, so for safety reasons we have closed 'Summer Bay' down to 'Teabag' on the field side bank. The area will be closely monitored over the next couple of days and any further announcements will be made in due course. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

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June 23rd 2014 - Weekend action!

Members banked Carp to nearly 25lb this weekend, the majority fell to the wood side whilst on the oposite bank in 'The Shallows' fish looked set to start a second stint of spawning. Since Sunday afternoon theres been a fair bit of chasing in and around 'Teabag', so a close eye will be kept on the surrounding swims over the next 48 hours. The area remains open for fishing but please be aware it may be closed at any time if spawning gets under way.

Forecast: A fine warm week ahead with only Friday showing the possibility of a shower or two.

Parking: Members are now permitted to drive on the grass on the field side. Once your gear has been off loaded please return your car to designated hard standing parking area and this does mean the grass verges either side of the track! In the case of another wet spell, please be sure to read the clearly placed signs stating whether the parking rule is in force or not when entering the fishery. There are no excuses!

Now a few snap shots from the Record haul earlier this month! Every one's a cracker!

Click to enlarge:

Stunning Mirror plump common

long common

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June 20th 2014 - Wood side seven!

The wood side produced another fine hit mid-week as a member fishing 'Back & Beyond' bagged seven Carp including six twenties. A couple of fish were also lost during the session due to a developing weed bed at around 30 yards but was still left a happy chappy as his captures ranged from 16lb to 27lb! Amongst the Carp he also landed Ten Tench that went to well over 9lb! For the majority of the week Carp have been moving on a north-westerly wind but during Friday more fish began to re-appear in 'The Shallows' which is open but to be fished with caution.

Weekend forecast: Bright Sunny periods with soaring temperatures.

Property News - One of the two vacant estate properties has now been made available to rent! Check out our property page for more details on 191 MOORGREEN.

June 16th 2014 - 'Shallows' re-opens!

'The Shallows' has been re-opened but is to be fished with caution after spawning came to a halt Saturday evening. Since the session ended majority of the Carp have been sat up in large shoals in various swims over the res'. There was a little action on the wood side during the weekend though, a Member in 'Steps' banked one and lost a big powerful fish at the net after a thirty minute fight! If any visiting anglers witness any spawning fish please contact the bailiff as soon as possible. Forecasters predict a dry week ahead with temperatures increasing from Wednesday onwards.

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June 12th 2014 - Quiet whilst spawning!

Unsurprisingly there's been little action on the reservoir mid-week due to the start of spawning in 'The Shallows'. The next fortnight is expected to be pretty quiet whilst the Carp get their annual deed out the way. Members fishing this coming weekend please be aware of any spawning fish and report any sightings outside the closed zones, currently 'The Shallows'. The fine warm weather looks set to last well into next week.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

Breaking: June 11th 2014 - Sawning commences!

Carp have started to spawn on the reservoir in the last 24 hours so there will be some temporary swim closures in 'The Shallows'. Until further notice 'Teabag' up to 'Summer Bay' shall be out of bounds and visiting members should be aware that more closures may be made if and when the fish start to move. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused but this procedure is solely done for fish safety.

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June 9th 2014 - Result on 'Reserve'!

A member fishing the wood side swim 'Reserve' produced a fine performance this weekend after banking nine fish in less than 48 hours. The first two captures were reported on Friday, 'Baby Big Girl' & a 23lb Mirror which were then followed by an upper double and a further six twenties between 23lb & 28lb. The swim has a popular far margin that the fish patrol on route to 'The Shallows' where over twenty Carp were caught last week and is the largest hit off the wood side so far this year. Streams and ditches were left gushing once again on Monday after a torrential storm around lunchtime gained the reservoir a little more colour. Conditions are expected to remain warm but turn settled from Wednesday onwards.

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June 6th 2014 - The rout continues!

Well what a week it's been, over FORTY fish landed incuding more than two dozen twenties and three thirties with the latest coming around midday on Friday. Firstly, the fourth thirty of the year fell to a member in 'Reserve' on the wood side and had only been fishing a couple of hours when he banked 'Baby Big Girl' at just over 32lb along with a Mirror of 23lb. Another great start to a session! Back on the field side and two lads in 'The Shallows' have had an five days fishing taking nineteen fish between them including 'Crocodile' at 33lb 12oz (reported on Monday), the 'Big Lin' late on Thursday, an unknown Common at 29lb 8oz that's been nicknamed 'Casper' and a further four fish over 27lb! One of the pair finished his session on Friday afternoon with ten fish and weights were as follows in order of capture; 11lb Common, 20lb 8oz Mirror, 29lb 8oz Common 'Casper', 16lb Common, 19lb Mirror, 28lb Common, 24lb Mirror, 29lb 4oz Linear 'Big Lin', 23lb Mirror and finally a 16lb Mirror. Fantastic result and a huge WELL DONE to them both!

Now following on from last weekend's report regarding the record breaking hauling duo, throughout the week they have seen their tally grow even further taking their standing total to an astonishing forty five fish, one of which banked his THIRTIETH capture Friday morning, an unbelieveable session and of course another mighty WELL DONE! This means last ten days has seen seventy-three fish landed on the reservoir, an all-time fishery record!

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June 5th 2014 - Unrecognised 29lb 8oz Common!

'The Shallows' has produced yet another chunk mid-week in the shape of an unknown 29lb 8oz Common. The capture tops off what's been a fine week's fishing on the reservoir after seeing two thirties and two high-twenties landed in less than 24 hours earlier in the week. Majority of the Carp moved out 'The Shallows' into deeper water during Wednesday after heavy rain and a change in wind direction. The downpours left the fishery a little coloured and now stands roughly two inches high. A mixed bag weather-wise for the coming weekend although temperatures are forecast to exceed 20C.

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June 3rd 2014 - Another four from 'The Shallows'!

Since Monday lunchtime 'The Shallows' has produced another four fish including a second thirty and two over 27lb! Three of the fish fell to a member in 'Teabag' who bagged an 18lb Mirror, The 'Grey Mirror' at 27lb & the 'Creased Common' at 27lb 8oz shortly after banking the colossal 'Crocodile' which happened to be the anglers new Personal Best Common. Another great 24 hours of fishing and a HUGE well done! Pics to follow. Just a few hours later at around 02.30 Tuesday morning another member fishing 'Summer Bay' banked the shy 'Unknown Thirty' for a second time in less than eleven months. She proved 12oz bigger than before and looked absolutely immaculate. It's been a fantastic week on the fishery that's seen THIRTY-EIGHT Carp caught and hopefully many more in the coming days and weeks!

(LTR) 'Crocodile' at 33lb 12oz, 'Unknown Thirty' at 32lb 8oz, 'Grey Mirror' at 27lb & 'The Creased Common' at 27lb 8oz!

Click to enlarge:

croc 33.12 Unknown thirty

grey m 27lb 8oz creased common

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June 2nd 2014 - 'Crocodile' banked!

The Common known as 'Crocodile/Scruffy Common' was the second thirty grace the bank this year after being caught shortly after midday on Monday. She was taken by a member in 'The Shallows' who had only been fishing around an hour and weighed 33lb 12oz. Couldn't wish for a better start than that! Now onto the weekend and there were five reported captures on the reservoir, one of which came off the wood side a fish of 13lb 2oz whilst the remaining four, that rights you guessed it, fell to record hauler Matt. The additional captures were all 20lb+ taking his total to twenty-two fish including twenty twenties! The action for the duo came to a halt Saturday morning when a change in wind direction dragged the fish down the 'Reserve' and into 'The Shallows'. Still nonetheless it's a record breaking session that they certainly won't forget in a hurry! Weather-wise the week ahead looks reasonably settled with only Wednesday showing the possibility of rain.

Field side parking - Due to the recent wet weather anglers are not permitted to drive or park on the grass for any reason whatsoever. Signs are clearly placed enforcing the rule so vehicles should only be left in the allocated car park until further notice.

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Breaking: 30th May 2014 - Record Haul?!

A member has banked a staggering EIGHTEEN (yes 18) fish in the last 48 hours and is not even half way through his five day session! What makes the result more astonishing is that sixteen of the captures ranged from 20lb to 28lb+ and even the remaining two fish were only a few ounces shy of the 20lb barrier. Who knows what the next three days has in-store for him but either way it looks to set a new fishery record, well done Matt. On the same session is his fishing partner Mick who has also been busy, bagging himself five fish to 25lb 8oz. Find out Monday what the pair finish up with and the way it's going it'll be somewhere in the region of a cricket score! Elsewhere two other members also got in on the mid-week action, one of which topped up his season tally with further four fish to over 22lb and the second banked a single Carp along with a nice Brownie. Tench have again been on the feed with a couple of the lads picking up a handful or so to nearly 7lb. Let's hope this hectic action runs well into the weekend which has been forecast warm and dry...finally!

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27th May 2014 - Wet & windy weekend!

Poor weather conditions meant sessions were cut short this bank holiday weekend and although majority of the lads packed up Sunday morning, most left with at least a single fish under their belt. 'Gate 1' & 'Weedy 'Bay' were again in the mix but also a couple of swims on the wood side proved productive. In the process of levels rising by nearly two inches, the fishery has been left a little coloured. Tench remain lively on both the res' and Lower Pond with males being taken to over 4lb and females averaging 5lb 8oz. Expect low to mid-teen temperatures and further downpours throughout the week.

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23rd May 2014 - Photos from the mid-week!

A selection of fish from the seven fish haul mid-week. A great session & some absolute crackers! Enjoy.

Click to enlarge:

21m 21c

23m 2802m

Property News - Two properties on Estate will shortly be available to let. One is a two bedroom semi, 191 Moorgreen and the second is a three bedroom semi, no.2 Oaks Farm. Once they are available an official announcement with details shall be made.

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22nd May 2014 - Seven Carp in 36 hours!

In less than 36 hours on the bank a member fishing the field side impressively bagged seven fish including three doubles and four twenties to over 28lb! After only setting up shortly before dusk on Tuesday, the first night saw him take a brace of doubles duly followed by five more takes throughout the day and second night. Weights in order of capture; 19lb Mirror, 16lb Common, 18lb Mirror, 23lb Mirror, 28lb 2oz Mirror, 21lb Mirror & a 21lb Common. Coincidently both Commons were taken off a near margin under some over hanging trees, an area that's often ignored. Carp began to move back into the 'Shallows' on Wednesday after spending most of the early week between 'Gate 1' & 'Goose Point'. A wet start to the bank holiday weekend has been forecast though it should turn much drier and warmer during Sunday.

Heres a one for the future, 13lb 12oz from Tuesday morning!

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13lb 12oz

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20th May 2014 - First thirty of 2014!

It's official the first thirty of 2014 has been landed on the fishery, it came from 'Coconut' in 'Gate 1' and weighed 31lb 4oz! The member had four bites in total but after unfortunately losing two good fish at the net, he went on to bag the Colossal Common and a 20lb+ Mirror. Elsewhere the swim that produced six fish last week saw another 'unrecognised' Mirror grace the bank Friday. evening weighing 28lb 2oz! Captures were also made from 'Gate 1' down to 'Jungle Point' with weights varying between 13lb 12oz & 24lb! Amongst the Carp numerous Tench and Trout were landed, both species went to well over 6lb!

Tench on the Lower Pond have also been lively in the last week or so but have been very selective when feeding. With usually corn, maggots, punch & cheese doing the business this time of year, this spring's proved a little different as a fat juicy lobworm seems to be the only effective bait from roughly lunchtime onwards.

Here's a couple more twenties from the six fish haul and a 26lb Mirror that was taken off 'Jungle Point' three weeks ago. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge:

22lb 21lb 26lb Jungle

Check out our gallery page for more 2014 captures!

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16th May 2014 - Eight to 27lb mid-week!

Two members shared an eight fish haul mid-week on the field side, with six of the captures weighing 20lb+. Five nights saw one member bank half a dozen fish between 18lb & 27lb bagging a brace every other evening. Pictures to follow. The final two fish fell to member Mark, an 18lb 2oz Common Thursday evening and then again Friday morning when a quick move to 'Weedy Bay' rewarded him with another scale perfect Common of 23lb! Pictures below. Carp were active from 'Gate 1' down to 'Summer Bay' for most of the week before gradually venturing back into the 'Shallows' Thursday lunchtime. Clarity is now back to normal. A scorcher of a weekend has been forecast before rain moves in early next week.

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Click to enlarge:

Just too Common, 22lb, 18lb 2oz & 23lb!

22lb 18.02 23lb

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12th May 2014 - Weekend captures to 25lb+!

Both banks got in on the action this weekend as Carp persisted to show up & down the fishery. Weights ranged from low doubles to just over 25lb with a couple of members netting fish in the pouring rain. Clarity has again been affected by the downpours though fresh running water in the 'Shallows' led to a couple of marginal sightings on Monday. Fine dry weather is expected from Tuesday afternoon onwards.

'Black C Scale' from last Thursday afternoon weighing 23lb 9oz!

Click to enlarge:

BCScale 2309

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9th May 2014 - Plenty of showing fish!

The field side has again been centre of attention mid-week after producing another handful of fish to 23lb+! Included in the captures was the hard fighting 'Black C Scale' that had been banked by the member for a fifth time. Towards the end of the week Carp gradually spread out on the reservoir and began to show between 'Dugout' & 'Muds'. A strong south-westerly wind and heavy rain has left the fishery a little coloured. A mild weekend has been forecast although further showers are expected.

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6th May 2014 - Bank holiday success!

The action continued on the field side over the bank holiday weekend with several fish caught to nearly 25lb. The latest capture came around 09.45 Tuesday morning to a member in the 'Shallows' who was just setting up and had only been cast out a couple minutes when he bagged a hard fighting mid-double Common. Carp are still patrolling the same areas of water as reported last week and from Tuesday lunchtime onwards 'Weedy Bay' held a large shoal of feeding fish. Mixed bag of sunshine and showers this week but temperatures are to remain in the mid-teens.

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2nd May 2014 - Four more banked!

The last 24 hours has seen another four fish taken off the field side including three twenties and a low double. 'Jungle Point' produced a fine brace with both fish weighing 22lb whilst 'Weedy Bay' saw a Mirror of 21lb landed. The low double of 11lb fell to a member in 'Crash Barrier' along with half a dozen Tench. Plenty of Carp showing all over the res' on Friday.

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1st May 2014 - 'Weedy Bay' beaut!

'Weedy Bay' produced the largest fish of the season so far jut after midday on Tuesday, it weighted 29lb 10oz and was unrecognised by a couple of the regular lads. The member then went on to land another two twenties; 21lb 8oz & 22lb 8oz. On the same bank a few swims down, 'Goose Pont' produced four fish to 26lb+ whilst 'Jungle' also saw a fish of 26lb landed shortly after the heavy downpours on Wednesday evening. There has been plenty of sightings throughout the week with activity ranging from the 'Shallows' right up into 'Gate 1'. Warm but dull conditions during the early week led to shoals of Carp holding high in the water and milling on the surface. Expect a cold and wet start to the weekend but it will eventually become dry and mild.

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April 28th 2014 - Trio from 'Beginners'!

'Beginners Peg' proved most successful yet again this weekend as a member left Sunday with a huge grin and three fish under his belt. The captures included two Twenties and a pretty unique 18lb Mirror which had a fully scaled left flank but only a handful of scales on the right, certainly one to look out for! Further up the wood side a couple of hefty Tench also graced the bank. A gradual decline in weather is forecast for the coming week with frosts likely by Friday.

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April 24th 2014 - Showing in the 'Shallows'!

Carp have been drawn to the 'Shallows' and 'Reserve' for the past couple of days thanks to a rough but mild south-easterly wind. The chop has churned the marginal areas off and around the point providing food and a little colour. Elsewhere theres been odd sightings of Carp milling just under the surface. Showers are forecast from Friday onwards along with a change in wind direction to a not so strong north-easterly.

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April 22nd 2014 - Bank holiday action!

The action continued over the four day weekend with another handful of fish landed to nearly 25lb. As temperature crept throughout, Carp held high up in the water during the day but come dusk they soon began to drop that little deeper. A large shoal of Carp was seen down the 'Snags' on Friday but was mostly made up of low to mid-double figured fish. Forecasters predict a warm but dull remainder of the week.

Membership payments - Any EXISITNG members wanting to renew via standing order before their membership renewal date, please contact Peter for a form.

As promised photos of last week's brace from 'Beginners', 16lb 12oz & 20lb 4oz!

Click to enlarge:

16lb 12oz1 16lb 12oz 2 20lb 4oz

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April 17th 2014 - Four banked mid-week!

'Reserve' & 'Beginners' proved most productive mid-week after seeing four fish to 20lb+ landed between them. The first brace fell to 'Beginners' where a member bagged Mirrors of 16lb 12oz and 20lb 4oz on a quick overnight session. The following couple came from the 'Reserve', two doubles to just over 19lb. Plenty of sightings throughout the week, majority off the wood side bank around 'Dugout' but have also been seen down the 'Reserve' and in 'The Shallows'. Apart from the odd shower on Sunday, it's looking to be a fine and mild Easter weekend!

Flash back to mid-March and the first three fish of the year! (LTR) 18lb 4oz, 16lb 2oz & 26lb!

Click to enlarge:

18lb 4ozC 16lb 2oz 26lb

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April 14th 2014 - Tench lively!

Carp again proved active but elusive this weekend as half a dozen members tried their up most to get amongst the fish. Tench did provide a little action for a couple of the lads as one netted three to over 5lb. There were several reports on Saturday of Carp showing between 60 - 80 yards off the wood side bank. Clarity is still improving daily though the wintered dead matter has now started to surface. A dry and bright week forecast with increasing temperatures throughout.

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April 10th 2014 - Activity persists!

Although there's been no reported captures mid-week, the Carp remain very much active showing all over the reservoir. There has been a handful of Tench caught whilst a hatch of tadpoles may have preoccupied the Carp. Clarity has started to improve once again after the downpours early week. Dry and mild weekend forecast though evening temperatures are expected to drop a little chilly.

Since levels have receded the Lower Pond has produced several Pike to 12lb+ on both spinners and dead baits.

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April 7th 2014 - Fish showing but no captures!

It proved a little quiet on the fishery this weekend with no captures reported but plenty of active fish. Majority of the sightings made were in the 'Gate 1'/'Weedy Bay' area and between 'Pegs 1 & 5' on the wood side. During Monday half a dozen fish were also spotted in 'The Shallows' milling about in the coloured run-off water after nearly 24 hours of heavy rain. A mostly dry week ahead but evening temperatures are expected drop for a night or two.

Below are a couple of snaps of last week's 25lb 10oz Linear which turned to be the immaculate 'Big Lin' slightly down in weight! shortly after the capture, a member a few swims up bagged another fish of 19lb.

Click to enlarge:

25lb 10oz big lin 25lb 10oz big lin1

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April 3rd 2014 - 25lb 10oz Linear!

The field side produced yet another mid-twenty on Thursday in the shape of a scale perfect 25lb 10oz Linear. The fish graced the bank early afternoon around the same time that a large shoal of Carp were seen patrolling the area. Although winds have proved a little chilly, the overall mid-week conditions have been ideal. Zigs may be worth a shot this weekend after several sightings were made of fish working the higher layers on Wednesday & Thursday. The mild overcast weather looks set to hang around for the next couple of days with rain likely on Sunday.

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March 31st 2014 - Brace of twenties!

There proved further action on the field side this weekend after two members bagged a brace of mid-twenties. 27lb was the largest of the pair and came off 'Gate 1' to angler who had also caught the fish of 26lb reported on Friday. The second fell to a new member in the swim opposite 'Weedy Bay' and also weighed 26lb! Carp have been making most of the warm and bright conditions with several seen basking in various sections of the res'. The fine weather looks set to last throughout the coming week.

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March 28th 2014 - 'Jungle' on fire!

Two doubles and a mid-twenty were landed mid-week as 'Jungle Point' proved most successful once again. Mirrors of 19lb & 19lb 10oz were taken off the in-form field side swim whilst 'Gate 1' produced a fish of 26lb Friday morning. Sightings have dropped over recent days with most probably the up and down conditions to blame. Even after some freak downpours the reservoir's clarity has vastly improved over the last week. Fine weather returns for the coming weekend, bright and sunny with high teen temperatures likely on Sunday, so zigs just might be worth a shot!

Now, the first lot of pictures for 2014! All twenty plus off 'Jungle Point'!

Click to enlarge:

22lb 24lb 26lb

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March 24th 2014 - Five more to the tally!

The weekend saw two members bank another five fish including four twenties and a mid-double. The best result came of 'Jungle Point' where Mirrors of 22lb, 24lb & 26lb were taken in 48 hours. A great way to start the new season being his first session since last October! The brace capture also fell to the field side with fish weights of 15lb & 21lb. Elsewhere a couple of Carp were lost and several sightings were made down the 'Reserve'. Odd showers are again expected throughout the week with temperatures getting progressively warmer by Friday.

Parking - Until further notice anglers fishing the field side are NOT permitted to drive or park on the grass for any reason whatsoever. Signs are clearly placed enforcing the rule so vehicles should only be left in the allocated car park.

Many Thanks & Tight Lines

March 20th 2014 - Single fish mid-week!

Tuesday night saw another fish grace the bank, it weighed just shy of 20lb and was again taken off the field side. The Carp have really woken up during the last couple of days with signs of activity all over the res'. There has also been further improvement to water clarity this week even after Tuesday's adverse downpours. Bit of a mixed bag weather wise for the weekend ahead with evening temperatures expected to drop once again.

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March 17th 2014 - Weekend produces another trio!

The action continued on the reservoir throughout the weekend as a member fishing the field side bagged three Carp and a Tench in 48 hours. The trio included a low double and two twenties; a 21lb 8oz Common & a 23lb 8oz Mirror. Activity also persisted between 'Dugout' & 'Muds' as reported on Friday but no captures were reported. A dull but mainly dry week forecast though frosts are expected to return by Friday.

Tight Lines

Breaking - March 15th 2014 - The deadlock has been broken!

The season has officially got under way after 2014's first three captures were finally taken by a member fishing the field side mid-week. The opening fish was a pristine Common weighing 18lb 4oz which was shortly followed by two Mirrors of 16lb 2oz and 26lb. Two Carp were also lost during the session but he still left one happy chappy on Friday! A huge well done. Elsewhere an angler in 'Dugout' witnessed several Carp show during his day session on Friday! What will the weekend bring?

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March 14th 2014 - Activity Grows!

Activity has flourished on the fishery throughout the week, not only have fish been on the move but so to have the members. One of the most notable sightings came shortly before midday on Thursday when half a dozen Carp were seen basking off the 'Reserve's far margin. Meanwhile further up the reservoir occasional sightings have been made. If as predicted the bright and mild conditions stick around for the coming week, be sure to keep an eye out in the shallow regions where you might just bag a cheeky fish or two. Who will claim the year's first capture?

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March 11th 2014 - Losing colour!

The fine spring conditions have made a huge impact on the fishery over recent days with a vast improvement to bank sides and clarity. Soggy Pegs & paths on both Res' and Lower Pond are drying out really well after being saturated/submerged for such long period of time. Activity remained a little quiet over the weekend but with more anglers out on the bank during the early week, fingers crossed we'll soon be reporting 2014s first capture. The current weather looks set to last well into next week but frosts are still likely.

Tight Lines

March 6th 2014 - Mixed bag mid-week!

A few days of up and down weather has led to the visit of only a couple of members' mid-week. Fish activity also proved reasonably quiet even more so after the plummeting evening temperatures but there has been a significant improvement in clarity. Forecasters predict a dry weekend with highs of 15c.

Tight Lines

March 3rd 2014 - Bring on Spring!

Several lads out on the fishery this weekend and although it proved quiet for most, the arrival of spring has given spirits a huge boost. There had been a vast improvement in clarity by Saturday but adverse conditions on Sunday reinstated poor visibility. Another dry start to the week with frosts likely and by Friday temperatures are expected to rise but turning wet.

Meeting - As previously stated a fishery meeting had been scheduled to take place sometime in March but after a few requests from members it has been postponed until conditions pick up and warmer weather arrives. Another announcement shall be made in due course and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Many Thanks and Tight Lines

February 27th 2014 - More sightings mid-week!

A few more sightings reported mid-week, majority came on the field side with Carp seen rolling off 'Gate 1' and basking in the winter sunshine. A member on a quick overnight session earlier in the week did manage to bag a capture in the shape of a 'massive' Roach. Conditions took a turn on Wednesday as temperatures dropped and rain/sleet began to fall. A Chilly forecast for the weekend ahead with the possibility of a snow/sleet shower or two.

Property news - Two semi-detached houses currently vacant on the Estate, visit our properties page for more details or just click here!

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February 24th 2014 - Handful on the bank!

A handful of members visited the fishery during the weekend and although action proved a little quiet, everyone made most of the drier conditions. Levels have dropped further on the Lower Pond whilst the res' remains stable at three inch and heavily coloured. Rain has been forecast for later in the week though double figured temperatures are expected to last throughout.

Tight Lines

February 20th 2014 - More activity during Thursday!

A dry and bright spell on Thursday led to a little activity off the 'Gate 1' bank as sightings were made at no more than 60 yards. Over the past few days temperatures have been pretty consistent in reaching double figures and are really starting to show an impact. Levels have dropped further on the Lower Pond but remain at three inch on the res'. A reasonably dry and mild weekend has been forecast, so hopefully there's more action to come.

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February 17th 2014 - Fish on the move!

The fishery has gradually woken up over the last week with several sightings being made despite the persistent wet and windy weather. Majority of the activity occurred 60 - 80 yards off the wood side bank between swims 'Peg 1' & 'Stump'. Meanwhile on the Lower Pond numerous Pike, mostly Jack's have been seen hanging around flooded marginal areas. Levels on the Lower Pond continue to drop whilst the reservoir still hovers around the three inch mark. Drier conditions expected later in the week along with an increase in temperature.

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February 7th 2014 - Bird life on the Estate!

Below is a link to a news piece from the Nottingham Evening Post regarding wildlife on the Estate including the reservoir.

Greasley Estate Wildlife

The fishery has risen slightly over the last 24 hours after heavy rain late on Wednesday and throughout Thursday. Occasional showers are forecast for the coming weekend but hopefully they're tame enough to let members get out on the bank and get some fishing done.

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February 5th 2014 - Calm before the storm!

The recent settled weather has allowed the fishery to drop several inches of water though areas on the Lower Pond that were submerged remain saturated and muddy. The reservoir had lost nearly two inches by Tuesday evening but throughout the night more rain fell and a strong southerly wind gained pace. Gusts swept across the fishery during Wednesday, turning the clarity another shade of brown and unsurprisingly later that afternoon the heavens opened once again. Unfortunately showers are forecast well into the weekend when temperatures are also expected to plummet.

Tight Lines

January 31st 2014 - Rain and snow, when will it go?

A quick level update; The reservoir currently stands at over four inches while the Lower Pond nears ten inches with both still rising after Friday's showers. More rain expected in the next 24 hours so water clarity is likely to decline even further. Oh the joys of British weather! Let's hope conditions improve vastly during February.

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January 27th 2014 - Members brave dismal weather!

Late last week and over the weekend saw a couple of members brave the dire conditions which left parts of the fishery flooded once again. The Lower Pond has been hit the hardest, gaining close to seven inches of water whilst the reservoir took on another three and became a real muddy brown colour! There was little activity to report from the visiting lads but they remain optimistic of bagging an early 2014 fish. Further rain has been forecast for the week ahead along with a tumble in temperatures from Wednesday onwards.

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January 21st 2014 - Chill in the air!

The settled weather has made a significant impact on the fishery in the last 72 hours after levels finally stabilised on the Lower Pond and water clarity vastly improved. For the majority of Monday & Tuesday the reservoir was flat calm with beaming bright sun but there proved little activity. Although it's been a bit of a washout, it's been a reasonably mild winter so far so you'd expect a fish or two to still be on the hunt for food! Turning wet from Wednesday onwards but temperatures are set to perk up and possibly reach double figures by the weekend.

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January 16th 2014 - Not long til summer!

The heavy showers mid-week caused another level increase on the fishery which again has left some swims and paths submerged on the Lower Pond. Further wet but mild weather has been forecast for the weekend ahead.

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January 13th 2014 - Res' recedes!

A reasonably dry weekend allowed the fishery to lose a little colour and drop several inches of water. The reservoir now stands at three inch whilst a handful of swims on the Lower Pond remain water-logged. Clarity and levels are likely to fluctuate again later this week as forecasters predict more heavy rain from Wednesday onwards.

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January 10th 2014 - Levels begin to drop!

Thursday saw the reservoir peak at more than five inches after torrential rain throughout Wednesday night. Also matters were hindered by the gusting multi-directional winds that restricted the rate of which the levels were dropping. A couple of swims in 'Gate 1' are still partly submerged but the Lower Pond remains out of bounds as it now stands at well over a foot high. Thankfully forecasters predict a few dry and calm days ahead, so hopefully by early next week the fishery should have lost a significant amount of water and a little colour.

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January 6th 2014 - Lower Pond floods!

Some swims on the lower have been left a little soggy after the weekend's rain rose levels by nearly a foot. The reservoir remains heavily coloured and currently stands at over two inches high. Hopefully the dry and mild spell forecast for later in the week tempts an angler or two out onto the bank!

Meeting - As mentioned shortly before Christmas, we are looking to organise a meeting at a local venue for all the fishery members. It was preliminary scheduled for mid-February but to make it feasible for all parties, we're holding it back a month and planning for mid-March. An actual date and venue will be confirmed nearer the event.

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January 2nd 2014 - Quiet Christmas period!

Little action to report from the Christmas period as appalling weather conditions held off anglers and led to further fluctuations in levels. A couple of swims on the Lower Pond had been left submerged by the vast rainfall earlier in the week but are now back fishable. The high winds and rain looks set to last throughout the weekend ahead.

Tight Lines for 2014 & a Happy New Year!

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